Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ready To Live

Sometimes you honestly have to be reminded how short life really is. I heard that last Tuesday, a girl named Brynn Barton was riding her bike and hit by a car. The car just drove away leaving her there dying. She was still alive and they called an ambulance, which she later died in. No, I didn't know her personally, but a lot of my friends were friends with her. They only have wonderful things to say about her. Apparently she touched the lives of so many and went to Africa numerous times to help the children and families out. I honestly hope the person that hit her and just left her dying in the road, is thinking to themselves how horrible of an act they committed. Accidents do happen, and maybe they truly didn't see her (even though she had all the night gear on), but just do drive away and leave the poor 24 year old lying there rips me apart.

I also saw on Friday, Soul Surfer. The movie was beyond inspirational and amazing. If you don't already know the story, Bethany Hamilton was only 13 years old living in Hawaii where she was born to be a surfer. One day while surfing, she was attacked by a shark and it took her arm from her. Not even in the hospital, did she feel sorry for herself. She was brave and still wanted to get back up on the surf board. That takes courage, more than that in my opinion. She wouldn't let that obstacle stand in her way and she has made such an impact to everyone worldwide. I bought the book Soul Surfer which she wrote and that was what inspired the movie...let me tell you, it's amazing. She has such faith in God and hope that she can make a difference. Well Bethany, you have. You opened my eyes. 

After my step-dad was diagnosed with ALS, I began to realize how short life truly is. Why have I let opportunities pass me by? What's the point? Sometimes I care about what people think of me and I come to realize in these type of situations, how stupid that really is. Be yourself. Be proud of who you are. That's a lesson I really need to understand. Sometimes you do need to see these situations for what they truly are. I don't want to waste anymore time. I want to truly live, even if the past year was one of the hardest of my life for a lot of personal reasons. I'm trying to move past certain areas and I keep beating myself up for mistakes I've made. That is life and I'm a better person because of these barriers life threw my way; in my path.

So thank you Brynn and Bethany, for showing the courage and grace you did. You lived life fully and so did you Greg. I'm going to take these examples of living life and apply it to myself. I'm ready to live.

I'm ready to live.


  1. This is a super awesome post! I love the way you write :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - send your friends over!

  2. Life is so short. A 22 year old woman from my city who was in the army was killed in action in Afganistan just last week. She died doing something I'd never have the courage to do. She died defending America.

  3. A high school classmate died in a tragic bicycle accident last summer. The girl who hit him was texting and not paying attention, and she also turned out to be a classmate from our high school (which was very small and everyone knew everyone). It was so sad and a reminder that life is so precious and short. I am working on an email back to you-I will include how I made my blog design :)