Saturday, July 30, 2011

You've Got to Be Kidding Me!

[Warning: Negative Blog Post Below]
Do you ever just feel frustrated with life? Because I sure do. I feel like sometimes no matter how hard you try, it just isn't good enough. I've been really optimistic for the past few months...especially considering how hard the last two years have been, and certain days it's as if God is sending me a break, but the majority of the days in my life...just seem to be killing me ever so slowly.

I did "walk" in the Spring and graduated, but I am officially done in a week..a WEEK (Summer graduate - they only do two ceremonies). Once again I'm taking Math 4020 (yes had to retake it). If anyone has been reading my blog for some time now, they'll know how much I despise math. It's honest to God been my nemesis since I was little. I have the creative mind...not the logic mind. The math that I'm required to take is absolutely absurd too. It's high upper division when all I want to do is teach kindergartners and write novels. I just don't get it. The beginning of retaking this class, I felt positive and happy that I knew what was going on; thought it was going to be breeze. Boy was I wrong. It quickly escalated once again and this just might be the math that I might never be able to pass. I have tutors, made study groups, checked about 4 books from the library...nothing helps. A big problem is that I have anxiety when taking tests. This summer class is consisted of quizzes that count for a lot of points. I just took one yesterday and really thought I did good...nope, did the worst yet! I need all the points I can get and my grades are declining. I am OVER COLLEGE. I'm not retaking it once again. I absolutely refuse.

I'm seriously just at a loss. I even emailed the professor, but they never really help that much...especially the math teachers. They never do extra credit and just say "Keep studying! Need to get blah blah blah to pass." I have to get a straight C in the class in order to be done; it's not looking good.

So after crying, throwing my phone...I'm sitting here ranting and raving, wishing sometimes I had a different brain. Well there goes my happy-go-lucky-weekend.

Hope everyone else is having a better day than me.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daily Development

I'm starting something new called "The Daily D." This will be life's little thinkers that well, I think about or accomplish. Just anything that develops during a period, or in a day. I have a huge Daily D to share with everyone: I'm writing a novel. I've been saying this for a while and I mentioned it in my last blog, but this is the real deal folks! As I wrote before, I got inspired after watching the J.K Rowling movie. It made me want to stop waiting around for pigs to fly and get my butt into gear! There has been this developmental idea that has been floating around in my brain for quite some time now, but as of late, I decided that this was it. I took my old idea and new thoughts came crashing into my mind; it was incredible...truly it was. (Wonder if that's what love at first sight is??) I couldn't believe my fortune was finally coming true and since then I cannot stop writing!! The ideas are flowing in and I can't stop it...not that I want to stop it. As long as they are coming, I'm going to let it happen.

Look how serious I am about this - I went to Barnes & Noble and got practically every writing book they own! (Forgot to put the grammar book I bought as well).
The clutter of writing tools
Very helpful so far
Where the magic happens
To me this is it. This will be my debut novel and I'm going to do it. The Secret & The Power both say to be positive in your every day life-style...well that's what I'm doing. I'm still going to become a Kindergarten Teacher, but this is the other part of my dream and I'm going to pursue it!

I don't want to give anything away from my book, but it will be a series and I believe it will be a total of four books (maybe five). Then again...writing one is tough enough. Just will have to see how the finish product will turn out. It is fantasy fiction (love the imaginary worlds you can make in your mind) and let's just say that it's something that hasn't been done before. People might start doing something similar, but I still think mine will be different and stand out.

I'm kind of embarrassed to tell friends what I'm doing because a lot of people, even those really close to my heart, don't know my passion for writing. They know I'm creative, imaginative and have a talent for writing, but they don't know how big of a passion it truly is to me. Well it is a passion. It's a BIG passion. People might think my story is "different" or "odd" but it makes sense to me. It's almost personal in the sense that it's something that I used to make-believe as a child. The crazy thing is, this book is based on a game I'd play with my cousin Nicole when we were younger.

After reading a lot of these books however, I'm still confused about the promise. My question is, yes you write your book...great, fantastic, superb; problem is, it probably isn't very good because you don't have an editor. When do you get one? My mom thought it was when you are sending your story to agents. But what agents will take you if you need a lot of editing and the story is just so-so? Sure it makes sense that they help you once they're interested in the novel, but I want it to stand out! Catch the eye of a lot of people and have them thirsting for more. Also, I know the publishing topic is a tricky one. It's a long, long, did I already say it...long process, but how is it truly done? I suppose an agent helps you with all that. Something else that is concerning me is that I have all these concrete ideas; have written in my notebook almost 20 pages of thoughts, characters, chapter ideas, etc. Yet, when I start writing it down, I purely fit in the mold of an "amateur writer." I am mad at myself that I didn't take any creative writing classes in college, only Writing 1010 and Writing 2010 which basically just helped you write an essay. Great. I would like to join a writing group and have some lessons that will make me expand the style of my writing. Not sure where you find one though... so as you can see, I have some setbacks, questions and concerns, but I won't let it stop me. If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions - PLEASE HELP!!

Next topic is still on the topic of books, but has to do with a certain movie that will be coming out: The Hunger Games! Such an amazing series, and I actually need to go back and soak up the fighting scenes for my book *wink wink* Reading a lot definitely also helps your writing skills and that isn't a problem because I am the definition of a bookworm. After I wrote the Harry Potter movie review, I realized reviewing is a lot of fun! Might do it from time to time.

THE POINT IS... Look at the new pictures below of Peeta and Gale from EW:
Let's just say first and foremost, that I'm beyond thrilled with how the two of them look. At first I wasn't sure about Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, but after seeing these pictures, he looks fantastic and sexy!! I'm glad they didn't over-do the blonde hair because a lot of the time when actors have dark hair and they change it to blonde, it looks bad and cheesy. But Josh looks great and he's a fantastic actor; he'll do great! Liam of course looks hot as hell (he's always good looking) and going to dark hair is much easier. Gale isn't my favorite character, but I still like him and Liam will do a great job as well. 

This movie will be huge and I'm excited to be a part of it. What are your thoughts? Do you like The Hunger Games?

That's all for The Daily D. Have a great rest of this Thursday and ta-ta for now!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Busy Bee Blogger

Wowza, I cannot believe I haven't written since last week! That's really bad for me; I usually write at least twice a week. Shame, shame on me! But honestly, lately has been extremely busy and finding the time to write on the blog has become scarce.

I had such a fantastic weekend though!! My older brother, sister-in-law, and the two cutest nephews in the world were in town from Idaho - so I spent so much time with them. Also, on the 24th, it's a Utah Holiday. The pioneers settled that day Days of 47' it's called. So it was BBQ galore and fireworks once again.

My family and I went to an amusement park in SLC called Lagoon. It's nothing compared Six Flags or anything, but it's still fun. Here are some pictures from my lovely weekend!! We were also celebrating my nephew Jaxon's 2nd birthday :)

 (Don't worry, it's Root Beer)
 Then on the...well yesterday, because for some reason in Utah they decided to celebrate the 24th on the 25th, I went to a BBQ at my Aunt's house and did some fireworks with my cousins and our friend Lex!!
(worst Sparkler in the history of Sparklers)
(And the rain begins...)
 (Expecto Patronum!! Couldn't resist...)
 (And it continues...stupid rain!!)
 The rain wouldn't let up, so instead we ate delicious ice-cream in waffle bowls; the ice-cream was Pineapple Coconut - seriously, to die for!! Then for some reason we started talking about scary stuff, and Paranormal Activity came up. I haven't seen any of them because that stuff freaks me out...a lot, even though I'm weird and love to watch Ghost Adventures all the time! It interests me, but freaks me out! Demonic stuff is a whole different level and that's why Paranormal Activity turns me off so much. They showed me the scene from the first one when the girl stands up for like three hours over the guy's yea. So of course last night I couldn't sleep and every time I woke up, I refused to look beside my bed!! ONE SCENE and I was that scared. Pathetic really, but true!

Sad story though to go along with that: this weekend when my family was in town, my sister-in-law was holding Jaxon, and they were next to all these pictures, and he pointed to them and said "papa" that's what they used to call Greg before he died. Greg was sad because he didn't think Jaxon would ever remember him. So we were all surprised, and she took him closer to the picture and asked where he was, and he pointed directly to him in the pictures. I'm so happy that he will remember Greg. I really miss him lately, but I felt his presence while they were here. It was definitely a happy feeling; nothing to be frightened over.

Now for the exciting tale!! I watched Magic Beyond Words: A J.K Rowling Story, on Lifetime this weekend. Let's just say it really inspired me to really get rolling on my writing!! J.K Rowling is one of my favorite authors because she created such a magical world--that's seriously something I hope to do someday. Well that day came sooner than I thought. I have been trying to force myself to create a story...I wrote some stuff but never stuck with it, because I wasn't excited about it and like I said, it felt way too forced. But then something just clicked, I cannot explain it, but it was amazing. It was there in front of me from the beginning. You can use examples from your every day life and your past! It's something that has never been done with fantasy fiction as of yet...I'm sure once I'm finishing my book it will have been done. I don't want to give too many details - not just yet, but I'm really getting down to writing and let me tell you, this is the one. I'll definitely talk about it more - so keep your eyes and ears open for it!!!

Anyways, have a great Tuesday bloggers!! xo.

Monday, July 18, 2011

HP Review


Okay...had to let it out, sorry ya'll :)
I loved every second of it, even though I thought it went to fast. Here are some pictures from the night. And yes, I did get a shirt, and yes, it does say MUGGLE. And it was awesome seeing everyone go all out on dressing up like that Voldermort!

Alright now I'm going to talk about my favorite moments from HP Part 2. I warned you all I'd be doing this, and I am ha! First off my two favorite parts in the entire movie:

Ron and Hermione's kiss
(Even though Ron's head was in the way)
Snape's Memory
(The Tale of the Prince)
I'll start with the kiss; yes it was different in the books, however, in the movies they haven't talked about how Hermione was obsessed with house-elves and wanting to free them (S.P.E.W) - so if they had stuck to the book in the seventh one, I'm not sure people would "get it." So for following the movies, the kiss was wonderful. Everyone said it was so random and too quick, but to be honest I thought it was just right on both accounts. They almost had died...again. And they just stare at each other and hold nothing back. I think they are finally wanting to let it out and just do what they have wanted to do since year 4!! Yes, the angle  of Ron's head kind of sucked, but at the same time, it was a "private kiss" and you could tell they were so shy. How they smiled at the end was totally Rupert / Emma. So adorable and I'm glad they left it in, because it shows even though Ron and Hermione are in love, they'll always be the best of friends as well.
Secondly was pretty much anything to do with Snape. He's incredible in this movie and his memory stuck so closely to the book that I was balling like a baby in the theater. They even kept my favorite line "always" in aww.
Yes, they did leave out when he is begging for Lily's forgiveness after calling her a Mudblood, but they truly did a fantastic job and when he holds her after she is dry eye in the house?? I always had wondered if it was Severus that had found the Potter's dead. Poor little Harry...

Another part I loved, was when Harry is "ready to die" and the resurrection stone shows to him his parents, Sirius and Lupin. Omg, they stuck so close to the book on that as sad :(

Okay with the good comes the bad of course, and here are some things I wasn't too happy with:
  1. I really, really disliked the final battle between Voldermort and Harry. I love in the books how everyone is watching and they are surrounded. They keep walking in circles and Harry keeps calling him "Tom Riddle" just to show him that he's not special and then goes on to tell him that Snape was "never his" that he always loved his mother. I felt like such an important moment wasn't even shown...oh well, least Voldy's gone ;) 
  2. At the end when Harry just snaps the Elder Wand. I love in the book how he uses it to repair his own wand and then puts the Elder Wand back with Dumbledore in his tomb. 
  3. They didn't show how Fred died. Fred was such an important character, and just to show him gone...I don't know wasn't too thrilled about it, but it was sad enough that I didn't care. 
  4. Snape didn't die in a boat house, but oh well. 
  5. It was really emotional, but I didn't like how Harry told Hermione and Ron he was basically about to go die. It was like I said, really emotional and I cried, but at the same time, I like how he just goes and doesn't tell them. I feel like in the books, they would've never just let him go sacrifice himself. And I like how he speaks to Neville and hides under the cloak and watches Ginny from afar. 
  6. Just the whole Ginny and Harry relationship. Love it in the books a lot more. 
  7. How Crabbe ends up dying, not Goyle. But then again Crabbe wasn't in this one or the last movie. 
Okay, done complaining Some other things I liked:
  1. Practically anything Ron says...oh how I love him. Such a crush :) I love when he sees Ginny after all that time and she ignores him. The line he says is awesome and Seamus says, "There's only one Harry Potter." Ron, "Shut up." 
  2. Gringotts, awesome awesome. 
  3. Mrs. Weasley, also bad ass and I'm so glad they kept that line: "Stay away from my daughter you bitch!" :)
  4. The battle in general, it was awesome it really was. 
  5. King's Cross scene with Dumbledore was also dead on and awesome. Love how they kept Dumbledore's sayings from the book and that creepy little Voldermort/Horcrux on the ground - yikes!
  6. The Trio is also the final scene at school on the bridge and final scene in movie. How it should be. 
  7. The mourning over Fred, Tonks and Lupin. Wow. Just wow. 
  8. Hermione stabbing the Horcrux and Ron helping sweet. Love them. 
  9. Luna and Neville; didn't happen in the book, but adorable and they would make such a weird/cute couple. 
  10. Ravenclaw Ghost, she was way creepy and they did a great job. 
  11. Hagrid carrying Harry...aww. 
  12. Neville killing the snake: bad ass Neville (PS: When did he get so hot??)
  13. Even though they all looked a little weird, loved the ending and it made me cry also - playing the music and watching their children go off to Hogwarts. It really hits you hard that it's over. 
Overall, it was a fantastic movie and they did the book justice, just like they did the rest of the series. I honestly got so sad, because I grew up with Harry Potter. I was 11 when the books came out, just like Harry was when he first found Hogwarts. I loved every minute of the magical world, and luckily I can keep re-reading the books (like I'm doing right now) or pop in one of the movies and be taken away to Hogwarts once again.
So thank you J.K Rowling for creating such a world and being an inspiration to an aspiring writer. I hope to achieve any measure of your gift one day. And thank you Harry, for showing me there's so much more than just the ordinary world we live in today. Harry Potter, you'll all live in my heart forever.
 What did you think of the movie?? xo.