Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daily Development

I'm starting something new called "The Daily D." This will be life's little thinkers that well, I think about or accomplish. Just anything that develops during a period, or in a day. I have a huge Daily D to share with everyone: I'm writing a novel. I've been saying this for a while and I mentioned it in my last blog, but this is the real deal folks! As I wrote before, I got inspired after watching the J.K Rowling movie. It made me want to stop waiting around for pigs to fly and get my butt into gear! There has been this developmental idea that has been floating around in my brain for quite some time now, but as of late, I decided that this was it. I took my old idea and new thoughts came crashing into my mind; it was incredible...truly it was. (Wonder if that's what love at first sight is??) I couldn't believe my fortune was finally coming true and since then I cannot stop writing!! The ideas are flowing in and I can't stop it...not that I want to stop it. As long as they are coming, I'm going to let it happen.

Look how serious I am about this - I went to Barnes & Noble and got practically every writing book they own! (Forgot to put the grammar book I bought as well).
The clutter of writing tools
Very helpful so far
Where the magic happens
To me this is it. This will be my debut novel and I'm going to do it. The Secret & The Power both say to be positive in your every day life-style...well that's what I'm doing. I'm still going to become a Kindergarten Teacher, but this is the other part of my dream and I'm going to pursue it!

I don't want to give anything away from my book, but it will be a series and I believe it will be a total of four books (maybe five). Then again...writing one is tough enough. Just will have to see how the finish product will turn out. It is fantasy fiction (love the imaginary worlds you can make in your mind) and let's just say that it's something that hasn't been done before. People might start doing something similar, but I still think mine will be different and stand out.

I'm kind of embarrassed to tell friends what I'm doing because a lot of people, even those really close to my heart, don't know my passion for writing. They know I'm creative, imaginative and have a talent for writing, but they don't know how big of a passion it truly is to me. Well it is a passion. It's a BIG passion. People might think my story is "different" or "odd" but it makes sense to me. It's almost personal in the sense that it's something that I used to make-believe as a child. The crazy thing is, this book is based on a game I'd play with my cousin Nicole when we were younger.

After reading a lot of these books however, I'm still confused about the promise. My question is, yes you write your book...great, fantastic, superb; problem is, it probably isn't very good because you don't have an editor. When do you get one? My mom thought it was when you are sending your story to agents. But what agents will take you if you need a lot of editing and the story is just so-so? Sure it makes sense that they help you once they're interested in the novel, but I want it to stand out! Catch the eye of a lot of people and have them thirsting for more. Also, I know the publishing topic is a tricky one. It's a long, long, did I already say it...long process, but how is it truly done? I suppose an agent helps you with all that. Something else that is concerning me is that I have all these concrete ideas; have written in my notebook almost 20 pages of thoughts, characters, chapter ideas, etc. Yet, when I start writing it down, I purely fit in the mold of an "amateur writer." I am mad at myself that I didn't take any creative writing classes in college, only Writing 1010 and Writing 2010 which basically just helped you write an essay. Great. I would like to join a writing group and have some lessons that will make me expand the style of my writing. Not sure where you find one though... so as you can see, I have some setbacks, questions and concerns, but I won't let it stop me. If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions - PLEASE HELP!!

Next topic is still on the topic of books, but has to do with a certain movie that will be coming out: The Hunger Games! Such an amazing series, and I actually need to go back and soak up the fighting scenes for my book *wink wink* Reading a lot definitely also helps your writing skills and that isn't a problem because I am the definition of a bookworm. After I wrote the Harry Potter movie review, I realized reviewing is a lot of fun! Might do it from time to time.

THE POINT IS... Look at the new pictures below of Peeta and Gale from EW:
Let's just say first and foremost, that I'm beyond thrilled with how the two of them look. At first I wasn't sure about Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, but after seeing these pictures, he looks fantastic and sexy!! I'm glad they didn't over-do the blonde hair because a lot of the time when actors have dark hair and they change it to blonde, it looks bad and cheesy. But Josh looks great and he's a fantastic actor; he'll do great! Liam of course looks hot as hell (he's always good looking) and going to dark hair is much easier. Gale isn't my favorite character, but I still like him and Liam will do a great job as well. 

This movie will be huge and I'm excited to be a part of it. What are your thoughts? Do you like The Hunger Games?

That's all for The Daily D. Have a great rest of this Thursday and ta-ta for now!!



  1. Writing a novel is a life goal of mine too. It's hard to know where to stary! I have a few small ideas but I feel like they would only be for short stories.
    Um that's so cool you did Greek dancing! I'm not even sure what it is, a lot of belly dancing? haha The gyro was delish! I'm glad i didn't get lamb, I didn't know that was the "norm" meat for it.

  2. I saw these pictures earlier! But somehow I missed that second one! SO glad you posted it! I'm so excited for the movies! AH!

    And I think you are awesome for writing a novel! You'll get the hang of it and Things will just sort of fall into place-I'm sure of it!

  3. Jill - ha, no actually real Greek Dancers don't do belly-dancing...not at all. I'll write a post about it!

    Gentri - Glad you were able to see all the pictures hun!! And thanks for the kind words about writing. I hope so too!


  4. I love peeta! Cant wait for the movies!

  5. I love the Hunger Games. And I'm with you on the casting I wasn't sure about Peeta until I saw these pictures and he looks great. I can't wait!

  6. I interned for two publishing houses in college, and let me tell ya, it's a cruel business for sure. However, it you have the drive, talent, and passion, you can definitely go far. It is true that an agent is key, at least for the big publishers. Some places will take unsolicited manuscripts, but like any business, it's all about who you know. And in my opinion, no amount of books or classes can buy talent, so if you've got it (which I'm sure you do) you will be fabulous!

  7. Wow! good luck! wish I could just start writing already too :)