Monday, July 18, 2011

HP Review


Okay...had to let it out, sorry ya'll :)
I loved every second of it, even though I thought it went to fast. Here are some pictures from the night. And yes, I did get a shirt, and yes, it does say MUGGLE. And it was awesome seeing everyone go all out on dressing up like that Voldermort!

Alright now I'm going to talk about my favorite moments from HP Part 2. I warned you all I'd be doing this, and I am ha! First off my two favorite parts in the entire movie:

Ron and Hermione's kiss
(Even though Ron's head was in the way)
Snape's Memory
(The Tale of the Prince)
I'll start with the kiss; yes it was different in the books, however, in the movies they haven't talked about how Hermione was obsessed with house-elves and wanting to free them (S.P.E.W) - so if they had stuck to the book in the seventh one, I'm not sure people would "get it." So for following the movies, the kiss was wonderful. Everyone said it was so random and too quick, but to be honest I thought it was just right on both accounts. They almost had died...again. And they just stare at each other and hold nothing back. I think they are finally wanting to let it out and just do what they have wanted to do since year 4!! Yes, the angle  of Ron's head kind of sucked, but at the same time, it was a "private kiss" and you could tell they were so shy. How they smiled at the end was totally Rupert / Emma. So adorable and I'm glad they left it in, because it shows even though Ron and Hermione are in love, they'll always be the best of friends as well.
Secondly was pretty much anything to do with Snape. He's incredible in this movie and his memory stuck so closely to the book that I was balling like a baby in the theater. They even kept my favorite line "always" in aww.
Yes, they did leave out when he is begging for Lily's forgiveness after calling her a Mudblood, but they truly did a fantastic job and when he holds her after she is dry eye in the house?? I always had wondered if it was Severus that had found the Potter's dead. Poor little Harry...

Another part I loved, was when Harry is "ready to die" and the resurrection stone shows to him his parents, Sirius and Lupin. Omg, they stuck so close to the book on that as sad :(

Okay with the good comes the bad of course, and here are some things I wasn't too happy with:
  1. I really, really disliked the final battle between Voldermort and Harry. I love in the books how everyone is watching and they are surrounded. They keep walking in circles and Harry keeps calling him "Tom Riddle" just to show him that he's not special and then goes on to tell him that Snape was "never his" that he always loved his mother. I felt like such an important moment wasn't even shown...oh well, least Voldy's gone ;) 
  2. At the end when Harry just snaps the Elder Wand. I love in the book how he uses it to repair his own wand and then puts the Elder Wand back with Dumbledore in his tomb. 
  3. They didn't show how Fred died. Fred was such an important character, and just to show him gone...I don't know wasn't too thrilled about it, but it was sad enough that I didn't care. 
  4. Snape didn't die in a boat house, but oh well. 
  5. It was really emotional, but I didn't like how Harry told Hermione and Ron he was basically about to go die. It was like I said, really emotional and I cried, but at the same time, I like how he just goes and doesn't tell them. I feel like in the books, they would've never just let him go sacrifice himself. And I like how he speaks to Neville and hides under the cloak and watches Ginny from afar. 
  6. Just the whole Ginny and Harry relationship. Love it in the books a lot more. 
  7. How Crabbe ends up dying, not Goyle. But then again Crabbe wasn't in this one or the last movie. 
Okay, done complaining Some other things I liked:
  1. Practically anything Ron says...oh how I love him. Such a crush :) I love when he sees Ginny after all that time and she ignores him. The line he says is awesome and Seamus says, "There's only one Harry Potter." Ron, "Shut up." 
  2. Gringotts, awesome awesome. 
  3. Mrs. Weasley, also bad ass and I'm so glad they kept that line: "Stay away from my daughter you bitch!" :)
  4. The battle in general, it was awesome it really was. 
  5. King's Cross scene with Dumbledore was also dead on and awesome. Love how they kept Dumbledore's sayings from the book and that creepy little Voldermort/Horcrux on the ground - yikes!
  6. The Trio is also the final scene at school on the bridge and final scene in movie. How it should be. 
  7. The mourning over Fred, Tonks and Lupin. Wow. Just wow. 
  8. Hermione stabbing the Horcrux and Ron helping sweet. Love them. 
  9. Luna and Neville; didn't happen in the book, but adorable and they would make such a weird/cute couple. 
  10. Ravenclaw Ghost, she was way creepy and they did a great job. 
  11. Hagrid carrying Harry...aww. 
  12. Neville killing the snake: bad ass Neville (PS: When did he get so hot??)
  13. Even though they all looked a little weird, loved the ending and it made me cry also - playing the music and watching their children go off to Hogwarts. It really hits you hard that it's over. 
Overall, it was a fantastic movie and they did the book justice, just like they did the rest of the series. I honestly got so sad, because I grew up with Harry Potter. I was 11 when the books came out, just like Harry was when he first found Hogwarts. I loved every minute of the magical world, and luckily I can keep re-reading the books (like I'm doing right now) or pop in one of the movies and be taken away to Hogwarts once again.
So thank you J.K Rowling for creating such a world and being an inspiration to an aspiring writer. I hope to achieve any measure of your gift one day. And thank you Harry, for showing me there's so much more than just the ordinary world we live in today. Harry Potter, you'll all live in my heart forever.
 What did you think of the movie?? xo. 


  1. OMG. This was wonderful. I just watched all the HP movies in the past two weeks, and now I'm obsessed. I haven't read any of the books, but I think now I'm going to start :)

  2. You said it!! :D And seriously just reading this little review brought tears to my eyes... haha! I am so glad that I can always read the books or watch the movies and still be just as swept away as before. :) I agree on the entire post. There were the changes but I understand that they couldn't stick exactly to the book. It wouldn't make sense for those who haven't read the books and then there's the time restraint. :P (I'd be fine with a 6 hour movie honestly... haha!) But I didn't not like the changes, it was just different. :)

  3. You did a great job with your review post! I thought the same thing about Neville haha. I haven't read the last book in over 2 years I think, so I was wondering for sure what was kept the same. I knew the battle scene was a bit different, I thought that everyone watched H and Vold.
    I'm so sad it's over too, non-HP fans don't get it!!

  4. Definitely agree with you on all your good points about the movie. You picked out all my favorites as well. (Also, Crabbe isn't in the movies because the actor was in jail during the filming.)


  6. Where can I find this book you post about writing your first novel it's interesting to me! Thank You=)