Friday, July 1, 2011

"Life Moves Pretty Fast"

Yay today is July 1st! I honestly think it's crazy how fast time flies by! Just yesterday it was last fourth of July, then Halloween, Christmas, my 24th birthday, now rolling back into July. I think Ferris Bueller was right when he states, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." That's so true; life does move pretty fast and I already feel like I am missing certain occasions and opportunities. What are we waiting for? An invitation to start living. Nope, not anymore.

It's actually really cool, because everyone who has read my blog knows besides teaching children  my other passion in life is writing. I want to become an author and I've been working on some pieces for a while now. Every now and again however, you hit a wall and the inspiration falls away. Well yesterday I was just online browsing when I came across a certain picture. For some reason this whole story and the plot line just slammed into my brain and I started writing. I already have 20 pages written and a few chapters. It's impressive that one visual aid can make a difference and I really think this could be the real deal. I spoke to the woman who did the picture and she said that she would work with me to make that picture my cover art. That's extremely exciting because it was that exact picture that helped me out so much! So here is to living in all the right ways :)

Something really exciting about today is that the Utah Utes (my college) is officially in the Pac-12 Division now as well as the Colorado Buffalo's. Wahoo. I have math, and I know that the campus is going to be swarming today because everyone is going to celebrate. Here is what was said, "For Ute fans, this is something we've been dreaming about for a long time. We just never believed it would happen. Too many times we heard Utah's name mentioned as a potential candidate for Pac-10 expansion and every bit of speculation would pass without any substance. Over time, it became a joke among the most ardent Ute fans because it just did not feel believable. Utah to the Pac-10...will only happen when Pigs Fly. Well somewhere, I guess, pigs are flyin'." Congrats Utes, I'm so proud of you!!
(Had to show my Ute pride today!)

What are every one's plans for the 4th? I'm actually having a huge swimming BBQ at my house this Sunday and then on the 4th my whole family is going to a Bees baseball game. Their fireworks are extraordinary. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend full of patriotic joy and summer loving!


  1. I want to write more too! I am writing a post now about it.
    Um that deer is ADORABLE!!! HOpe Sunny D is ok soon!

  2. I'm LOVIN your blog, girlie!! You are TOO CUTE!! I love writing too!! Can't wait to read your book one day soon!! Happy 4th of July!!