Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Night Out On The Town

So I rarely go to bars anymore, and I'm not entirely sure why...just kind of over it. I feel like you can't meet a respectful guy there, nope. I wasn't drinking so at the bar Gracies on Friday, people were all over me and it was claustrophobic - but it was still wonderful to spend time with my Greek girls who I love so much. We went to Squatters to eat before, two bars, and then an after party where sadly we played Jenga and had the most amazing time ever ha. I used to be such the partier who would stay up at all hours of the night, but on Friday when it was rolling into 3 am, I was half-asleep; must be getting old. Humph.
Is this not the correct way to play? 

Saturday I took it easy and went and saw Larry Crowne with my mom and grandmother. Not sure how I felt about the movie, it was cute, but I don't think I'd see it again. I really want to see Crazy Stupid Love (hope that's what it's called). Ryan = so sexy and it just looks awesome! Today I went swimming in my pool and laid on floaters (sounds gross) with my mom. It was so relaxing, but I needed to work out a bit so I did laps for a while. Seriously swimming is such a good work out! It works out every part of your body and even though I work out about 4 times a week, I got tired fast. I think I'm going to start adding that into the work out routine! But now a storm has moved in and it's raining and thundering out there so loud. I must say that I do love summer storms - they are my favorite. The rain is all warm and well that's about it...but I love it :)

Tonight my cousins and I are watching the 6th Harry Potter movie (Half Blood Prince) which is my favorite. We are watching them all before Part 2 this week - ahh! Can't believe it's so soon. I'm going to be crying like a baby I already know it. But I'm going to do a whole post on HP this week so I'll wait to write about how important it is in my life.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Muah. xo.


  1. sounds like a blissful weekend! love that one shoulder top :)

  2. looks like you had a great weekend! uuuuh im jealous. mine was not so eventful. :)

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  3. i love playing Jenga as after party!!!! glad you had a great weekend!

  4. I'm trying to watch all the HP movies this week too. Although I'm not doing nearly as well as you :)