Friday, July 8, 2011

Overloading Tid-Bits

Whoa I haven't written in a while! Sorry about that, but I've been crazy busy. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!! Mine was definitely interesting. The fourth was fun, but the 3rd was insane. I had a delicious BBQ with my family and swam :) Lovely. Even got a little tan which makes me very happy because I was white for so long. Looked like Casper the Ghost! Then my cousins and I watched the second Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets). Our goal is to watch all of them before the final installment which premiere's next week; we aren't doing very well. I also wanted to re-read all the books again...that too is not going so well. But I love the books, so that's okay. Anyways, so we go out on my balcony because it overlooks all of SLC which is breathtaking and that we could watch the fireworks. There weren't too many, but they were still beautiful. Then right before we went in, my mom looks down and says, "Is that a fire?" We all look where she is looking, which is 50 ft away and sure enough it was a flicker. It's actually against the law to do fireworks by my house because we live in the this was our biggest fear coming to life. We all were in shock for a moment and then quickly it started spreading. That's when we had to take real action real fast. We called 911 and by the time we got off the mountain, half the hill was already on fire. I honestly thought I was going to have to evacuate my house. I actually ran down the neighborhood screaming fire haha. But eventually, an hour later, they put it out. We found out the next day that it was deliberate and that they continued all the way down the road (about six of them). And then Red Butte Garden, up by the U of U, was on fire really bad. Then another fire happened last night around my house. Not sure what's going on, but the fire loving crazy person needs to stop! I posted the video so you can kind of get an idea how scary it was. It's turned and I couldn't figure out how to turn it the right way, but you can still hear and see. My voice is really loud so sorry about that whoops! I was panicking and first - thought a house was on fire. In the video it looks far away, but in reality, it wasn't at all.

Another not so good thing happened, yes I have my Mac, but I still have and love my Dell. Plus it has all my information on it...even though I'm in the process of converting it over to my Mac. Unfortunately it crashed the worst to the point I can't even get it to start - well it just has a black screen come up and says, "Windows configuration system corrupted" blah blah blah. It sucks because it wants me to put in the Windows Setup Disc that I got when I received the laptop, only problem was that that was almost 4 years ago. I looked everywhere and can't find that disc. What makes matters worse is what I lost. I saved most of my pics and videos so that's okay, but itunes I lost most of that and something that is really crushing is that story I was writing and got so far on, I didn't back it up and now it's gone. Just makes me sad and I tried to re-write it and just got angry because it wasn't nearly as good. Guess I'll have to wait for inspiration to come knocking on my door again.

Then this last week I got food poisoning or the flu really bad, and have been really sick. I haven't been able to keep down much so that really sucks. Today I'm feeling better so I've been taking it easy and eating small amounts. Don't want to overdue it. I decided that throwing up probably is the worst thing in the world. No matter what you do, that feeling won't go away. Horrible. Just horrible.

So that's the overloading tid-bits in my everyday life - other than that, things are going well and I'm going to the Jazz festival tonight which I'm really excited about. And then boating this weekend also!! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. xo.


  1. That's crazy about the fires! Feel better :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe the mountain was on fire!! YIKES! Glad you didn't have to evacuate! Sounds like you had a pretty action packed 4th! :)