Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ashley Herbert

 So last night was the season finale of the Bachelorette. I remember it as though it was yesterday when my mom yelled upstairs, "Jess, the new season is going to be on, let's watch it together every Monday!" I definitely wasn't interested. I used to love this show, and after they never stayed together (and busy worrying about my own love life) I was definitely not feeling it. But of course, I watch every episode with my mom and I'm glad I did. I really liked this season. I think that Ashley is adorable, cries a lot and is ridiculous over the foul low-life Bentley (who is sadly from SLC like me and if I ever see him on the streets, I'm going to punch him...yes PUNCH!), but adorable. She's cute and petite and I loved the outfits that she wore!! She did spend way too much time spent on mooning over Bentley that it kind of drove me up the wall, but out of that came her relationship with JP. Oh...JP.

Okay, so I have thee biggest crush on JP...omg. And I totally called it! From the very beginning to their first one-on-one I knew that they were meant for each other. He saw her during her "rock-bottom" over Bentley and did everything to cheer her up. The man is beautiful and usually I'm a big hair girl...but that shaved head...wooww. And their kisses! You can just feel the heat coming from them! They have so much passion and he was so in love with her, even though he was guarded a lot of the show.
Oh my goodness, then there is Ben. At first I didn't really even care about this character, I was like whatever. But soon enough his compassion, the cutie, really hit me. Especially because we have something in common: we have both lost our fathers. Every time he spoke of his dad, I seriously cried so hard...like we're talking massive dose of tear-leakage!! My mom loved Ben. She thought they had it all, and maybe they did...but I still felt like she had something unique and strong with JP. Ashley's whole family saw something my mother did, and loved him. Her sister ripped JP apart and it was really hard to watch to be honest. Definitely seemed defeated by it. I do like how silly Ashley could be with Ben. And I love that he owns a vineyard; he truly is my perfect guy after watching this.
But when it came down to it, something that he felt, wasn't there on her side. It wasn't returned. I have come up with a theory that the first person who talks with the main person first, will be sent home. So when Ben stepped out, I wasn't surprised, but I was heartbroken for him. Especially as he spoke about losing his father but gaining Ashley. In all the years watching the finale of Bachelorette/Bachelor, this was the hardest one to watch. As he got down on one knee and seemed so confident, my heart shattered when she closed his hand. He was completely and utterly stunned. My mom at one point left the room because she couldn't watch it anymore. I'm not surprised he left the way he did, because honestly I would as well. He was just so shocked and stunned with what had just happened. I feel like that day would be so bitter-sweet and to break someone's heart like that...I don't know. Don't think I could do it.
Ben we love you!! You should be the next Bachelor - girls would line up to be with you...I know I would, and apparently my mom ;)
With the bad, does come the good however. At first I was afraid that JP wasn't going to propose because he seemed so unsure about her feelings for him. But when they were together at the end, I knew as she must have known, that they were meant for each other from the beginning. It was the cutest thing I'd almost ever had seen!! I loved their time together and I loved when she finally said she loved him. And they kept saying "baby" to each other. Aw. Then I got all sad because I wan't that love story.
I am just glad that Ben is okay and doesn't hold any grudges and that they are still engaged. I feel like it's so right for them after the show to just be engaged and officially date off camera. They don't want to rush into anything, because that's when I feel like it falls apart. Already the tabloids are playing their stupid games. I hope that Ashley and JP ignore what they say and stay together, I truly do!!

Funny story I have to add on. During the show, I developed a tiny crush on Blake. And like a crazy creeper, I looked him up on Facebook and wrote him a message. I just told him that I thought he was a great catch and deserved happiness (I felt like she didn't really give him a chance and I felt bad for him). After I pushed send, I felt so stupid. He probably thought that was so weird and I wanted to take it back. A day later he wrote me back and said thank you and that he really appreciated that. Hmm..my mom was like, there you go! I didn't write back, wanted to leave it where it was at. Kind of weird we have a mutual friend in common when he lives clear across the country though. Oh Facebook.

Speaking of love, has anyone seen Crazy Stupid Love? I absolutely loved that movie, and no, not just because Ryan Gosling was in it even though that's a huge reason why I loved it! Of course the greatest movie he did will always be the Notebook in my opinion...probably the greatest love story besides Titanic. Emma Stone is so cute to! I just love her. I love the scene when she goes into the bar and just kisses Ryan. So awesome and to be honest, I've always wanted to do that. Just go up and push a guy against the wall and kiss him. Then walk away. It would be hilarious!
And never saw the ending coming..even though the little boy in love with his babysitter was a little strange especially as she gave him naked pictures of herself. But whatever. 

Anyways Happy Tuesday; I get to go study math before getting my hair done. Yay! Just getting a haircut, nothing too exciting, but I love getting my hair done. So nice. 



  1. I didn't see the Bachelorette, but I saw the Bachelor and felt so bad for Ashley. Now after reading your post she seems pretty happy.. much better off than with Brad! Hope they stay together.. it's always sad when they don't make it!

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  2. Ben was my favorite too.
    He was just so adorable.
    My mom and I watch Survivor together, thats our show!
    Love your blog!

  3. Haha okay EVERYONEEEE on blog land is talking about the Bachelorette. I haveeee to start watching it!

    Belly B :)

  4. I thoughtnthe ending was freakiy too!