Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The End of August

How did everyone's weekend go? Mine was lovely. Had fun at Kaeli's goodbye party (so sad to see her leave but I wish her the best), went to a Bees Baseball game with the girls, and had a swim BBQ with the family at my house. I didn't take very many pictures, but a few at Kaeli's shin-dig:
Well here we go...another month is almost done and over with; one more day until it's September. But we are entering fall...which I must say is my favorite season (besides spring of course).

I feel like today is almost officially the last day of summer (I didn't know until a little bit ago that there was 31 days in this month...whoops). But still, summer is coming to a close and with it, I have to ponder and say even though there were bad times this summer, there were a lot of good as well.

I do miss going to the U of U though; fall semester there was always the greatest, and the campus is so beautiful as the leaves start to change their colors. Plus, my sorority is going through recruitment now and I must say, I miss them all so very much. They made a lot of cute pictures this year that they've been putting up on Facebook. Had to share some:
Love this one because I love the saying (just ordered a bracelet from etsy that says: "Keep Calm & Write On")
I wish them well and hope they get a wonderful group of baby angels :) It's so exciting that my little brother is rushing too. I feel as though it's an end of an era and you really see how life moves along...so you better keep up as Ferris told us.

With fall semester, also comes football...and with that brings The Utes and we are entering the Pac 12 which is so exciting. The first game is on Thursday and I simply cannot wait!! There is something about tailgating and football that just brings a big smile to me face (maybe it's the alcohol...maybe not).

Writing has also come to a screeching halt. I've been trying to apply for as many jobs as possible, that I haven't had a whole lot of time to write. I feel though, even if I did have a lot of spare time, I would still have...dun dun dun: writer's block. I just wrote a post about it on my writing blog: The Written Word . I really dislike writer's block, but I think it belongs to the territory and is bound to happen. Just feel like I have all the ideas, yet getting on the paper is not working the way I'd hoped it would. Of course you cannot give up, and I'm not, but it puts me in a little funk if you will.

Anyways, today I totally bought Vampire Diaries Season 2 on DVD. I needed some Damon Salvatore in my life...and I absolutely loved the second season!! But what I really cannot wait for is Season 3 which starts Sept 15th. Eek!! I'm hoping for some Delena...because I'm sick of Stefan and Elena (where is the chemistry? Oh right. They don't have any).
I still need to watch the VMA's, I taped it, but have yet to witness it! However, I did witness The Hunger Games preview and OMFG...it already looks so amazing. Katniss is better than I hoped she would be. Least they are doing one series right ;) (besides Harry Potter of course). I wish they would work more on The Mortal Instruments, because I'm just praying that Jamie Campbell Bower can truly pull of Jace.

Well that's all I can blab about for now, but one last thing. I want this puppy:

Seriously. Why won't my mom just let me get a dog??! All I hear is, "When you move out, you can do whatever you want." Believe me mom, I'm in the process. Or not...I'm not entirely sure. But until then, I guess I can just "pretend" that is my puppy Toby!

Have a great day everyone. xo.


  1. The VMA's werent too good :/ I miss going back to school too, i get sad around this time. College really is the best days of your life!!!

  2. Why are we not real life friends?? Seriously. haha! LOOOOVED the Hunger Games teaser!! AH! So good! I had chills. :) And please tell me more about this "mortal instruments" I have never heard of it, but I need a new book to read. I used to love vampire diaries... then i stopped. :P I just always forget what's on when. haha!

  3. Good luck with applying for jobs! That is seriously what I am most scared of for when I graduate college. I don't know how to find a job!


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  5. I am so ready for fall. Definitely my favorite season.

  6. So ready for fall! The best part about the VMAs was Beyonce. Loved. Oh, and that puppy made me melt!!! I want one so badly. Cute post!

  7. very nice blog!!!! :)


  8. exactly!!
    where did august go?
    went by so fast ...

    anyways :)
    i am exited for september!

    i had a great weekend myself



  9. Such FUN pics! I love happy weekends with friends and fun! :)

    The VMAs were kind of boring this year...but there were some pretty good parts. I was super excited about the Hunger Games preview....it's going to be SO GOOD!!!!

  10. i haven't watched the vma's yet either. but all my friends keep telling me about chris brown's ridiculous performance. i'm gonna make an effort to watch it this weekend. cute blog layout by the way!