Friday, August 26, 2011

The Next Step

Well now that I'm done with college, I've been evaluating my life and where I want to go now. Yesterday I met with a woman named Monica who runs Bricks 4 Kidz.
It's a hands-on-approach (after-school program) where teachers teach the children a lesson, then they build what they learned out of Lego's. They can work as teams and even motorize their creations! I think it's an excellent idea, and obviously I'm not going to make a career out of this, it goes for 8 weeks and it's good experience. Also, I'm going to teach preschoolers and their mom's will be there. A sort of bonding experience! And a two day camp which will be really cool. I pretty much have the job so that's exciting.

But then I was looking up adds in the newspaper, and I found a preschool position at the private school Challenger. It's really nice and a lot like Rowland Hall (another private school that I did my teaching-lab). So, why not? I'm going to apply there as well. Luckily Bricks 4 Kidz is an after-school program, so I could do the teaching beforehand. We'll see how it all plays out. I still really want to move to Oregon, or now Columbus Ohio is in the mix (because my best friend is moving there after graduation and I need to get out of this state for a while).

I just hope I know the right direction to go in. You picture being a teacher ever since you were five, and now that it's become's scary. I just want to do this right and be happy with where ever I go! Hopefully fate will help me out. I love these little teaching sayings; they make me smile:

Speaking of the next step, a good friend of mine, Kaeli is moving to L.A to go to fashion school. She was in my pledge class in our sorority Pi Beta Phi and is the sweetest girl in the world! We even went to Forks, Washington together once for Fall Break :) (Yes, we are nerds). I'm really going to miss her, but I admire her wanting to do bigger and better things!
Forks Washington
"Attempting to be vampires" in Forks
Toga Party
Spring Formal with PC 07' (my pledge class)
Abduction 10' with Pledge Class
Good luck Kaeli I love you!
So I realized, I'm rather obsessed with's gotten to the point where I cannot go a day without it. Um, what's wrong with me? I'm not sure. Been wondering that for years ;) Look at this cool owl picture though:

Owl made from coffee beans, cups and coffee
I just love random pictures too. I seriously go everywhere online, but especially We Heart It & Pinterest.
So you know what? I'm going to post some more because they make me happy on this lovely, rainy Friday here in SLC:
Not just cake bites...cake pops!
It's just cool
No words describe how adorable this is
Obsessed with this. I would love this area to write
...or this...
And one more thing. Where do I want to go so badly right now? Well here is a picture that will tell the tale:
Yup, England. I loved London so much...I think I fit in there pretty well. And I'm sorry, but I love the accents (I want one).

Was this post packed-action-full for you? I think so too. So I'm going to end it now.

Happy Friday everyone!!! Have some fun. It's the weekend. I know I have an action packed weekend and I cannot wait :)

xo - J


  1. Good luck with everything! I can't even imagine life after college yet. I have one year to go but I just don't feel like I will be ready for ANYTHING! I'm also excited to heaer all about your adventures!

  2. That owl picture is awesome. As is the one with the cat and the mouse.

  3. Love all the quotes you posted!! I think being a teacher would be so much fun! Have a great weekend

  4. I always thought you were in highschool haha! wow! congrats! I love these pictures!

  5. cute pictures :) BTW great blog,i'm your new follower.I hope youll follow back :)

    P.s I'm having two giveaways on my blog as well.

  6. fun images! loving your cute blog :)