Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cambridge Cottage

So last night I had a girl's night with my step-mom Kim! First we did Zumba, and I must say, that it's my new favorite type of workout. I just love to dance, and you practically shake your booty for an entire hour...never stopping!! I was a gross mess, and loved every step I took! Just so fun. I even did it this morning too :) Definitely didn't have as much energy though.

Then we went and got a bunch of snacks to take back to the cottage. I spoke about it slightly in my last post, but Kim is an interior designer and has this cottage with a lot of items for sell. She also goes in people's houses and decorates. She's brilliant at it! The cottage is called Cambridge Cottage, but her business is called "In and Out Designs." However, with the economy doing so poorly, she hasn't had a lot of business. She was going to shut it down, but my brother Landon and me both agree we need to keep this cottage in our family.

So that leads us to the exciting part. She knows I'm a writer, and I told her the other day that I feel as though there are no places for writers to go in Salt Lake. Then all the sudden it clicked! Why not turn Cambridge Cottage into a coffee house/bookstore, place for people to write, boutiques, and even somewhere she can still sell her items!

We want to call it "Common Ground," and we spoke about it a lot last night as we had our girl's night. It was great fun. We ate a bunch of yummy food and watched Bridesmaids (hilarious). The point though, is that we can turn this into something really great I think, we just need to get it up and running. But we are going to do it. I'm not going to be her partner because I did go to college to become a teacher and that's what I want to do with my future; that and write novels of course. But if she found a partner, I would definitely help manage it on the side as well.

Anyways, I took some pictures of this adorable, perfect cottage to show you all. Honestly, if I could, I'd live there! It's so perfect and it's quite old as well. You get a sort of London feel when you're inside of these walls.
Look at that spread!
Oh just me being weird...and looking gross from Zumba :)
So obviously we will have to change the place around. In the basement is where we would sell the coffee & have a cafe type area. Then upstairs would be the "hangout" spot! It's still going to be classy and in the winter we're going to light fires because this place has about 5 fireplaces! But also in the summer, the front yard has great lawn, so we could set a bunch of chairs and tables out there!

I cannot wait to get this started - what an adventure :) But until then, Kim is going to give me a key and said anytime I want to go in there and write, I'm more than welcome. This place has a certain feeling, and a quaint one at that. I feel as though I'm transported into another time era when I'm in there. So to be able to write, sign me up!

Anyways, I'm so thrilled that I have not only 200...but 202 followers! It honestly made my day. I remember for a year that I had my blog, I had about 5 followers. But to be honest, that was okay as well. I didn't need to impress anyone, and I still dont. A blog is our own area where we can share anything. There's something important in that I think. 

But I did promise information about my novels if you would all like? I'll probably focus a whole post on that tomorrow or something if you are! 

Now you can leave comments and ask questions what you'd like to know about the book. It can be any question! Or I can just write about them, and then you can ask questions if you'd like! Either way :) This is your time. I just want you to all know, that this is the real deal. And I've never wanted something more than to become a published author. I already know a few authors, agents, and a publishing company. So I'm so excited! Just hope everything works out in the end. 

I'm so excited tonight I'm going to Songfest! If you were in a sorority you might know what that is. It's basically all the houses, singing and dancing - and singing about the other sororities/fraternities. Not necessarily saying the nicest things either...but it's all in good fun of course! It's my first year I'm not in it :( I miss Pi Phi so much; have to go support my girls though. 

And yes, I'm SO excited for tonight's episode of Vampire Diaries. It's a flashback episode going to Stefan's ripper days in the 1920's. Eek! So exciting (yes I need to get a life - no it probably won't be for a while). 



  1. what an adorable cottage so cute and quaint! looks like a terrific place to write, hope you get lots of ideas when you go there

  2. I love the idea!! It looks like such a great place... very inspirational. You're blog is so cute, so I can understand the 200 followers! Congrats! I'm a new follower as well.

  3. Ooh I think that's a fabulous idea!! The cottage is just adorable. Hope that this happens for all of you :)

  4. Awwww thank youuuu <333!! :)

    Firstly I wanrt to do zumba and you are convincing me even more!

    That cottage sounds BLOODY amazing & if you want to give it a London vibe I can maybe help there ;)

    Congrats on 202 followers! :) We're NEARLY at 100 woo lol. Our followers arent showing up atm but follow us if you arent already please :)

    M x

  5. I love the cottage! It's so charming and you guys can't let it go. Your idea is wonderful and will benefit many. Best wishes with your awesome plan!

  6. Oh my goodness! Cambridge Cottage is GORGEOUS! :] I love the little coffee shop idea! BRILLIANT!!

  7. Sounds wonderful, looks great too!! I've heard of zumba, I do hip hop abs, lol. Mega fun. Hope you have a great weekend!! xx

  8. hi love <3
    how cute is the cottage!
    i love every single detail
    in the pictures ... decoration
    is amazing!

    great idea .. i hope you make
    it happen :)

    Zumba!! i loveee zumba classes
    Best workout of my life .. you
    are dancing like crazy and you
    forget you are working out and
    sweating like there is no tomorrow

    i hope you have a wonderful weekend hun!

    fly with me ♥

  9. That cottage is absolutely perfect and charming! & I can definitely see why it would be a wonderful place for writing!!

    & I LOVE Zumba. I hate working out...but I love Zumba. ;) Feels a lot more like dancing than actually working out. So that's how I trick myself into doing it. :)

    Congrats on over 200 followers, you totally deserve 500 more!!

    Happy Weekend!!

  10. That would make such a great coffee house! SO adorable.