Monday, September 19, 2011

The Late Night Owl Emmy Post

Well I haven't posted a blog post this late in quite some time, even though remarkably I stay up at all hours of the night!! I even start my new job tomorrow for Brick 4 Kidz (not going to make a career out of this job, but something to do before I get my teaching job that I'm desperately trying to find) this is probably not wise, but I'm a night owl true and true. Speaking of owls, lately I've become obsessed. I think they are absolutely adorable!!
Look how cute the Oreo eyes are!
My friend Nicole made this for my other friend, her sister Lexi for her birthday. It might be the cutest cake I've ever seen. 
She also made these for Lexi as well (she likes owls as well) - they are rice crispy pops!
I bought this from my good friend Katie the other day who makes incredible jewelry check out her Etsy page 
There was a point to this post, besides randomly putting pictures of owls...I promise :)

The Emmy Awards 2011 was on tonight...well, actually now it's Sunday; yes, they were on Sunday and I watched it from the red carpet, till the end of the show. Can I just say I love Jane Lynch? She will always be Sue Sylvester on Glee to me! Perfect host. 
So I wanted to post some actresses who I thought looked absolutely stunning tonight. I'm saving my favorite for last: 
Red was definitely the color tonight
Such a cute picture of Heidi and Seal - love her dress
Jennifer Carpenter looks fabulous in this dress; loving her hair as well-how come I cannot part my hair in the middle?
Kate Winslet is one of my favorite actresses - so happy she won!
Katie is stunning in blue
Love Melissa (especially when she won)..need to go buy Bridesmaids 
The newest Angels (Minka is gorgeous)
My favorite was one of these....
For a bit, I couldn't decide who looked prettier out of the two: Nina Dobrev or Lea Michele (mainly probably because I love them both so much...but then I was like, okay, the answer is obvious even though they are both BREATHTAKING).

My favorite was:

Okay but seriously, how can a woman be so beautiful? I'm so jealous of her beauty. And the best part? She's beautiful on the inside as well as the out. You can just see her kindness as she speaks with others. Plus she's a talented, talented actress (yes, I am referring to Vampire Diaries). But wait...there is another reason why I'm jealous of her...could it be...yes...
"Best looking couple in Hollywood right now" -that was said from a interviewer from E!
I completely agree

Having Ian Somerhalder as your, speechless. They are both arm candy to one another as well. And they both look stunning and amazing. I just cannot get over how beautiful Nina looked though. That red-mermaid dress is amazing and it fits to her curves so nicely. Did I mention I'm jealous and want to be her? 

It was also wonderful to hear Ian present an award alongside Lea. I really cannot get enough of him. Seriously. I've tried. 

Well with the beautiful ladies, you can't forget those sexy men (already mentioned Ian of course). Here are some of my favorites:
Chris Colfer "Voice of an angel" or shall I say Kurt from Glee
My main love from Glee Darren Criss...or shall I say Kurt's other half, Blaine! Mmm.

(Cannot wait for Glee to be back on Tuesday!!!!)

Oh'll always be Fez to me
Obviously there were other incredibly handsome men there, but cant forget my boys from Entourage:
Oh Adrian...
Who could forget Lonely Island and Michael Stamos...Akon...wait what? Yea, it was hilarious and I love the song "Captain Jack Sparrow."

So great!!

I'll write a post about how my first day at work wahoo! And I'm so excited to go on a "roomie girl date" tomorrow with my girls. We are going to a restaurant called Sunset Boulevard Cafe and is decorated to look like the old days - with old music, old black and white pictures, old movies, everything. But mostly amazing because they serve amazing grilled cheeses: at least 6 different kinds to choose from. Then we're going to go see Lion King 3D...omg I cannot wait!
I'm going to cry like a baby. I always do; numerous times
I was 7 years old when I saw it in theaters. I just love that they're bringing back the old school Disney Movies that we grew up with. I'd be in blissful heaven if they brought back: Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. I did hear they are bringing back Titanic to theaters, but in 3D. Hmm, Jack Dawson 3D. Sure! I loved that movie too. Always will.

Well I better go to bed now...for some reason writing this took me a while, even though I didn't write a whole lot. And it's officially 1:58 am. Yikes. I'm crazy!!

But I have to say one more thing before I end this lovely post for the night: GOOD JOB UTAH UTES...and um BYU can you say FUMBLE? Okay. That's all. The Rivalry Speaks the Truth.


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  1. I haven't even watched the show yet (it's recorded!) but I love that blue dress Katie Holmes is wearing and all the amazing red! :)

  2. hi love!
    how was your weekend?!

    :) lol your comment was so cute
    i have a crush on pauly d too <3
    sexy thing right there so high
    five for that one haha

    wilmer <3 oh god hottest thing
    on earth .. i went to Wisin Y
    Yandel concert two years ago and
    he is really good friends with
    them .. saw him there .. i totally
    melted .

    Every time i look at him ..
    i cant help it but to think
    of his accent in the 70s show
    he cracks me up haha

    happy monday doll!


  3. I am inlove with owls, I believe they bring Goodluck. I'm also excited about the bluray/ dvd release of the lion king its one of my all time favorite movies! I cry too! Lovely blog, hope you check out mine so we can keep in touch.

  4. hey i love owls! especially owl necklaces! sweet post :)

    - <3

  5. So many gorgeous people! And I'm so so so excited for Glee on Tuesday! I've missed it. :] Haha.

  6. I love owls too..especially those cupcakes. Adorable :)

  7. I love all of the red that pops up!

  8. I am such a night owl too. I'd much rather stay up late, even if I have to be up early the next day.

    I'm bummed I missed the Emmys. I didn't realize it was on last night. But thanks for sharing the pictures! Now I don't feel so left out!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. thanks for sharing the emmy photos, haven't seen any others yet! ha love the combination of owls & the emmy's :) cute cute. <3

  10. there were beautiful dresses at the emmys and im loving the fall pictures, specially that gorgeous road! thanks for stopping by my blog, now following yours :)

  11. i am a total night owl too!! hence the comment left at 12:30...okay I need to hit the hay :)

    and loved your picks from the red carpet. I didn't watch the emmy's live, but I did google the fashion from the evening on Monday :)