Monday, September 26, 2011


Was the title enough words for you ;) Well hello bloggers!! I've missed blogging...I know it was only last Wednesday that I posted a post, but still, I've sadly become obsessed with blogging. I've also missed reading your posts; well actually I have been on my phone, but it's too hard to comment that way. So I'll be catching up shortly.

I hope everyone's weekend was awesome, because mine sure was. I went to Meridian Idaho for my nephew Isaac's 6th birthday!! I haven't gone up to Idaho in a really long time, and the last time I did, my step-father Greg was still alive. So it was hard to go without him, but it was wonderful to see the family. I just cannot believe how big Isaac and my other nephew Jaxon are getting; it's unreal to me how fast they grow up. I'm sad that a lot of time I have to miss things, but glad I could share this special day with the sweetest little boy in the world.

So here is a picture overload of my fantastic weekend in Idaho!
Here we go:
New Family Dog - Bella

Isaac's Parents - Birthday Celebration at School
Me & Isaac
Cute Kindergarteners :) Hopefully my future
Buffalo Wing Grille 
Love these sayings! 
Brotherly Love
Me, Colette, Isaac and Jaxon
Mellow Yellow
Possibly the cutest picture ever!!!
Isaac's Flag Football Game! "Go Broncos!" 
The Little Pro!
Isaac's 6th Birthday Party Cake: Captain America. Yes, we did make this. Yes, it took a while. 
Mom, Colette, and a fussy Jax
Me & my older bro Cameron
Chocolate Face
Such a big boy
Happy 6th Birthday Isaac :)
Sitting by the fountain
Looking for ants
Picking up ants
Sleepy baby
Overall it was a fantastic little getaway, and I'm happy that my sister-in-law is coming by herself for a girl's weekend pretty soon here!

Random, but I finally got Pinterest before I left Utah, and oh my, I'm already extremely obsessed with it. It's perfect. I'm always finding random pictures, but my computer is going on overload, so this way...well, it's just fabulous and I can post whatever I want, whenever I want. So go check me out: Search - Jess Ruud, or here is the link - Jess :) I've already pinned a lot...and they're going to keep on coming. Just know that I'm random, so that shines through.

Another random, but I love this song and it was on Vampire Diaries last Thursday during a Damon & Elena scene, so I had to post it. It's called Echo by Jason Walker (obsessed with it).
Hope you all had such an amazing weekend, because I did. Now let's not let this Manic Monday drag us down...but up Up UP! Okay that was cheesy and the cheerleader inside I'll clearly never be but you get what I'm saying!



  1. Gorgeous photos!! Love Vampire Diaries too :) xx

  2. Thank you!! Yes, it's amazing :) I'm sadly extremely obsessed.

  3. Aw! Sounds like such a fun weekend! :) what cute pictures. I love your outfit! You look super cute

  4. a fabulous weekend indeed :) Spending time with of cute nephews...and yay for birthday parties, loved his cake!!

    PS - that leopard dress (i think that's the print) is fabulous! :)

  5. awww i am so happy for you!

    looks like you had a blast in

    love the cpitures .. the kids
    are adorable .. they are smiling
    at all times

    the puppy sleeping how cute is that!

    :)happy monday love


  6. thanks for sharing ! great blog !
    how did you create that hairdo ? let me know !!!!

    great blog, wanna follow each other ? have you seen my new post ?

  7. Wahoo! COOL captain america party! Looks like a fun weekend :)

  8. That looked like a fantastic birthday! Getting me excited for my birthday in a few months...although I'll be 18 instead of 6...The new dog looks like a keeper. :P

  9. so many cute people around you! looks fun.