Friday, September 16, 2011

Rainy Days

There is just something about a rainy day that I love. I've always loved the rain. When I was little, I would sit on my aunt's porch with my cousins, and we would watch the thunderstorms. I love to bundle up, hear the rain pitter patter, watch the lightening, hear the rumble of the thunder, and the smell of rain. You know that smell? The fresh smell...ahhh...
Today is rainy day, and all I want to do is curl up, drink my coffee, watch a movie, and write. Perfect? Yes, I believe so.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?
 I also love umbrellas. I have about three, and my rain boots of course. I love to walk around and twirl my umbrella. Maybe that's why I love Oregon so much. I love the rain and I really love how green everything is in result of the rain.
Wouldn't these be perfect little spots to curl up and read...write...etc?? I need to get a better little area on these rainy days. Because I have no where to go. I'd love to have a huge porch like the one on the notebook so you wouldn't get wet, but you could hear, smell and watch the rain storms. 
Perfect "nook"
This one would be awesome, you could watch the rain fall on the little house of your surroundings
You could smell the fresh rain
Now I'm going to rant & rave about some random stuff:

So yesterday Vampire Diaries Season 3 premiere was on and OMG it was awesome. I love Damon and Elena, but there was a truly sweet moment between Stefan and Elena. Who by the way, is ten times hotter now that he's disturbingly bad "The Ripper." Another sexy pairing was Caroline and Tyler...W.O.W. I totally called it that they were going to make out in the first episode, but to go that far...and to have his mom shoot her down? WTF?! It wouldn't be TVD without a huge moment at 7:59. They are totally going to be like the "Romeo & Juliet" Couple.
Also, when in the world did Jeremy get so hot?? Whoa. Looking good!!
And nothing would be more complete, then to see Delena get together this season. Everyone is always saying blah blah blah...they won't be end game. But what I say is, things that move slowly...last. Yes, their love is based on finding Stefan and this friendship, but I just think it's going to grow, especially when Stefan really loses himself. I just love them and their moments together on the show. And can you say sexual tension. Always. They have so much chemistry it's unreal. I actually blushed when I watched the necklace scene for some reason. It's probably because they are dating in real it shows through. They are going to make some beautiful babies one day.
I also don't want to get obsessed with a new show, but L.J Smith (same author of Vampire Diaries) has a new TV show on the CW as well called: The Secret Circle. I think I'm a sucker for witches. I used to love them a lot more than vampires...and then Buffy & Twilight changed that. But back in the day it was all about Charmed. And can you say Hocus Pocus?? Love watching that movie, and luckily it's almost October (which by the way, I need to start thinking of Halloween costumes).

I watched the pilot episode of The Secret Circle because it was on right after Vampire Diaries, and it was actually pretty good. So we'll just see how it goes.
I think people are really starting to get sick of vampires, witches, etc. That's why I'm really excited about the book I'm writing. Yes, it's fantasy fiction, but it's something that is barely coming to show and with a twist. No one has seen what I'm writing sometimes I feel as though I need to hurry and get it out there before someone takes the idea...but it's writing a novel. There is no easy way to "hurry" if you want it to be truly great.

I'm just so happy it's the weekend! This is a big weekend too because now that the Utes are in the Pac 12...they are playing our ultimate rival BYU early on...meaning, tomorrow. It kind of makes me sad because I like playing BYU at the very end. I just hope we beat them! Ah. I'm going to my good friend's house and we are all eating and watching the game. Should be a good time. But after the Greek Festival last weekend, I don't want to do anything big. Kind of want a "chill" weekend if you know what I mean.
Speaking of Utah though, everyone who has read my blog, knows I want to move out of Utah - desperately. I love Oregon or anything on the East Coast. But if....if, I stay in Utah, there is no question about it, I'm moving to Park City. 
I have always loved Park City. It's my favorite place to go in Utah. The Olympus were held there in 2002 and of course I was at the Opening Ceremonies :) So awesome!! I love that you see so many movie stars there as well and main street just reminds me of being a little girl. When my dad lived in Texas and would come visit me, we'd always stay up in Park City. Just brings back wonderful memories. The only thing I don't like about Park City...the snow. I do love snow, don't get me wrong. But only for Christmas and then it needs to go away. Up in Park City you get ten times more than in the valley. But the skiing is quite fun and people come around the world to go on our slopes. 

So anyways, that's my secret of the moment. I'm moving to Park City if I stay in this state. I was there yesterday and just realized it would be perfect. There are so many people from out of state there, I would have space, etc. Love it. Perfect place to write as well; beautiful in every way imaginable. 
Main Street
Well I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and their weekend! I'm going to enjoy the rain (even though it's not raining anymore...took me a while to write this post), and I think I'm going to a local bookstore King's English with my good friend Mary, then getting coffee, and she's going to help me edit & share ideas for my novel. Sounds fabulous.



  1. I love just listening to the rain. Although I do have two pairs of rainboots for puddle splashing so I love doing that as well! Oh, and kissing in the rain is fun!

    Those nooks are just perfect! I will have a comfy reading nook someday!

  2. thank you for your comment on my blog sweetie! it encouraged me so very much* i'm going to check out your other blog too.
    happy to see another girl that's excited about college football and blogging about it too! roll tide roll! ;)

  3. Thanks for the comment! (And I love purple, too, if that wasn't obvious).

    I love the rain. I live in Texas so we don't get much here during the summer season, but last night, for the first time in awhile, it didn't just rain--it POURED. It was so peaceful. I curled up in my bed and read a book for a few hours while listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops against my windows...nothing like it.

  4. I agree, those are some perfect spaces to spend rainy days! I especially love the open house with only framing. Unless those are all windows? and if they are all windows then I would like to live there!!

  5. Such a gorgeous collection of photos and such a lovely post :)

  6. I love taking walks (with an umbrella) in the rain :) I agree that rainy days are also perfect for curling up and drinking coffee.

  7. I love that fresh scent after the rain as well! I wish I had a covered porch too. :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Umbrellas and rain boots are the best :) Along with rainy days! There is nothing better than a day stuck inside with a good book/movie and a cup of coffee! I'm glad you had a good day!

  9. Hi hunni, thankyou for stopping by my blog. Yours is adorable! I'm in love with your background & layout. :D

    Now following xx

  10. I love rainy days! Always gives me an excuse to stay in and be lazy! Bake, clean, eat, relax! I always end up breaking my umbrella's! :(

  11. Rainy Days are my absolute favorite...I love to snuggle inside and watch it rain. Probably because I am VERY much a homebody. Rain just sets off the most perfect homey vibe. :)

    I hope you get to move to Park City! It looks like the most picturesque and perfect place to live!! Love the lights!

  12. Today was a rainy day here too, I love it when you hear the piter pater of the rain on the roof.
    Perfect day to read a good book :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment xo

  13. wow! such a compliment! thank you so very much! I love the little orange polka dot ribbons on your side bars! so cute! following you! <3

    love, polly :D

  14. Rainy days here in San Diego are very rare, so I love when they arrive!