Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"We Are Family" - Labor Day Weekend

So the family came in town from Idaho this Labor day weekend, and it was just awesome. I love it when they come in town, because of my nephews. They honestly are the most adorable nephews in the world, and I've really missed them growing up because they live in another state. I was sad because only my two year old nephew Jaxon came. My other nephew Isaac, was with his dad this weekend (divorce...hard, hard times). 

It was a great weekend, especially because we got together with my Big Fat Greek Family ;) for our annual Labor Day breakfast BBQ in the Milcreek Canyons! It's always so fun to get the whole entire family together again. And a bunch of people didn't even come...so you can only imagine what our weddings are like. 
Jaxon Gregory Sprinkel
(Yes, his middle name is after my step-father Greg)
Annual Family Breakfast BBQ in the canyon
My mom and Yiayia (Grandma in Greek)
Mah boy!! The only boy I need in my life
Me and the bro
Scolding the cat apparently
Uhhh...nice look bro
Ultimate Ute Fan
My little Utah Ute :)
Playing with his Aunt Jessi's toy from 1987
It is sad when everyone returns home from their weekend together. My family left today and it really makes me sad. But with that I have good friends and...well, a bunch of other family members like my cousins who I'm extremely close with.

I hope you all had such an amazing Labor Day weekend!! Tell me about it :)


PS: If you haven't already noticed, I love love love changing my blog layout. I'm somewhat obsessed with it and I love this one. It's funky fun - just like me!! I still wish I could expand it though by making it look more professional and customary...so if anyone knows how to do stuff like that, let me know.

Oh! And I created another page on this blog, which I talk about my other blog The Written Word - so check it out ya'll...because my writing journey is going really, really well. It's the real deal - let's put it that way.


  1. hey sweetie!

    first of all i love love your
    new layout :)

    i am so happy you got to spend
    the weekend with your family

    :) i had a great weekend myself

    your nephews are adorable!
    i wish my sister was older
    so she can give me some nephews
    already lol :)


  2. He is adorable :) Looks like so much fun!

  3. Saw my big Greek "family" this weekend too :) Aren't they (and especially yiayia's) the best?? Looks like so much fun!!

  4. I love family weekends! And holy heck your brother is so much taller than you! Also, your nephew is adorable and I love that everyone is a super Ute fan! :]