Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I haven't done a "What I Love Wednesday" in quite some time. So I thought, hey, why not?? I love being random enough, so this will keep the concept running! 
  • First, I love all of my wonderful readers/blogger friends! In the past two days, I have 17 more people "following" me! Thank you so much. I'm glad you are taking a liking to my blog! I'll definitely check out all of yours as well. We can learn so much from one another, and that's what I love about blogging. 
  • Hanging with friends; or shall I say my group: "Jassolexina" yes, we did put all our names together to create that. We are dorks and I love it. These are pictures from the other night when we went to Sunset Boulevard Cafe. We are eating delicious cake bites.  
I screamed at first when I saw this in the elevator
Yes, that says "Scary Basement" And, yes, it was very scary I checked
  •  Random, but true. Elephants. Saw these pictures, and fell in love!
  • Glee last night was...alright. The best part was all the Blaine scenes, well "Klaine" for that matter. They are my favorite couple on the show. And I'm obsessed with Darren Criss. He's pretty much my perfect guy, well Darren Criss is, because Blaine is...oh you know, gay ;) But his voice makes me melt. He's beautiful. 
Darren Criss
  • Random house pictures. You have to love the uniqueness of them. I like things that stand out. 
Can you imagine?
Desperately want a huge library in my house; a secret area would be ideal
  • This pink Kitchen Aid mixer. I love pink. 
  • Writing at my new favorite spot: Sugar House Park in Utah. It's so large that there are so many secret places to go. I love going by the little creek and writing for hours. 
  • Also in Sugar House, they have a bookstore that I think is adorable. Haven't even gone inside yet, but it's on my to-do list. It's called King's English Bookstore. Love it! They always help local writers, so I want to make a good first impression. 
  • Just writing in general so much lately; I'm obsessed and that's a good thing if I want to finish my novels. You can check out my writing blog here: TheWrittenWord It's so exciting, because I'm writing one novel and then all the sudden that novel sparked another idea. So now where am I? I'm writing two novels. I'm actually focusing on the new one, but don't fear, the first one is a brilliant idea that has never been done...well at least to this point, so I won't be forgetting about it. No way. No how. 
  • Old school Super Nintendo! I just love Nintendo. Always have. Always will. I love Mario games. They are just so exciting, and Mario is just so cute. But I have to share...embarrassing...but I used to love Pokemon. I don't know what it was, but I loved it. I loved the games most (beat it many times) and then sadly got into the TV show. Hmm...sorry, but Pikachu is just so cute!
Told you I was a nerd

Ha! So cute. Pika-kitty
  • Road trips!! I'm going with my mom tomorrow to Idaho to visit my bro, sister-in-law, and cute nephews. It's my nephew Isaac's birthday, and the cutie is turning 6! He's so excited for us to come. It will be a long 6 hours though. Thank God for ipods. 
Coolest tree ever!!
  • My new fall clothes!!! I went shopping with my good friend Jenna, and I bought tons of clothes. This is just one outfit. New gray/purple shirt, with a beautiful gold necklace. I'm in heaven. I just love fall clothes so much!! Bring on the scarves! 
Don't mind the bad angle ;)
  • This song: You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship. Yes, it's about to be overplayed, but I love dancing around to it! And the song Without You by David Guetta and Usher!!

  •  Last but not least, these cupcakes! How cute is this? You could have an "enchanted" birthday party. I just love creative ideas like this. And birthday parties are the greatest to share it with. 
This actually goes along with the "Nintendo" post: Mario...toadstool...yup, make the connection yet folks?
So that's my "What I'm Loving Wednesday!" What are you loving today? Please do share! I love hearing from all of you.
I'm actually quite proud I've posted pretty much everyday lately. But I won't be able to when I go to Idaho tomorrow. So when I get back, I'll share pictures-galoore and see what you've all been up to!

By the way, I take most of my pictures that I share on the blog. But when I don't I use pictures from Pinterest & WeHeartIt. I love how random they both are, and you can find the picture that you want to use so easily. Also, I just got Pinterest: Jess Ruud follow me :)

Just got a page on goodreads: Jess so come see what I'm reading and how I review it. Mind you, I read a lot. Oh and why I'm sharing information, you should also come follow my Twitter: J_Ruud
So how is that for a mindful of random tid-bits!!?

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Oh my gosh- what an incredible blog!! I'm just getting around to catching up with new visitors to my blog and I am so glad you stopped by mine so that I could find yours. I love WILW- did you really just say old school Nintendo?? CLEARLY we were meant to be blog friends. ;) Did you get your pics from Pinterest? If so, I must follow you! Have fun on your trip tomorrow! Can't wait to read more as a new follower!

    <3 P! at Life's Little Lessons

  2. Oh.My.God.
    I actually love all these pictures. I can't even say which one I like best, because frankly, they are all amazing.
    We have quite alot in common :)
    Saffie xx

  3. i love those elephant photos! and your outfit photo you definitely rock those boots girl very pretty!

  4. hey thanks for stopping by my blog :) love those pictures up above <3 mario oldschool and mushroom cupcakes?? more please!!!

  5. Dang it, I missed glee last night! Thank goodness for hulu :)
    And that pink kitchenaid NEEEEEEDS to be mine! It is so perfect!

  6. Those Cake bites & Cup cakes look amazing, I want some now lol.
    And the house decorations are so cute specially the one out in the water, that'd be crazy but cool.

  7. So fun! I love your What I Love Wednedays! {Is this your thing or from another blog that you link up to??} I LOVE LOVE your boots in your new fall outfit picture. Also, you are gorgeous!!

  8. I love Darren Criss too. He and Kurt make such a cute couple :)

  9. hi loveee <3

    cute pictures!
    the elephant ones ..just made
    my night .. they r too cute!

    you look really pretty in the
    outfit picture :)

    i love silk shirts
    i just bought one today for
    eight bucks ... ill post
    it up tomorrow or day after :)

    hope you have a great Thursday!


  10. New follower here.

    I LOVE Nintendo. My husband and I set up my old school Nintendo a few weeks ago and had a Mario, Paperboy and Techmo Bowl game night. Sure, it took forever to get a game to work right, but Mario is so worth it.

  11. I'm lovin' all of it :)
    so many lovely things!
    I especially love the "Klaine" photos, they're my favorite too.

  12. Wow! I love everything! And I totally agree about Glee. Blaine's song was my favorite.!/MandyCrandell

  13. So many cute pics! I can't believe that elevator had a scary basement button HAHAHA! And you know what? I love Mario games, too! :D When I was in college, I took my original Nintendo with me...aaaah! It was so old but I loved playing Mario 3!!!! :D

  14. i love this post! and that oversized hammock looks amazing!

  15. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the "Blogs I Dig" award in my post going up tomorrow morning! You should go check it out!

  16. waow a lot of things going on:) the food lollipops thingy's look yummy!

  17. Hello lovely! Before I even looked at your caption of the Nintendo cupcakes I thought to myself, "ohmygosh those look like Nintendo cupcakes!"

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog this week! You're adorable!

  18. hi Jess,

    thanks a bunch for visiting me, blog love boomerang right back 'atcha! this post is packed with wonderful punch, tremendous content to feast my eyes upon. you and the girls are too cute and all your varied interests are totally on my tip. rad share! ♥

  19. haha that "scary basement" button is awesome. And k that sugarhouse bookstore looks SO sweet. I'm definitely remembering to stop by there next time I go up to Salt Lake. I love that it's just an old house. ha, so cute.
    Old School Super Nintendo! Yes, nothing gets better than that. I used to love to play Sonic.
    Oh my gosh how funny, I was totally singing that Cobra Starship song in my head even before I saw it on this post. ha that's so weird, it must have been playing on the radio or something.
    Hope you had a fun time in potato land. :)