Friday, September 30, 2011

When September Ends

Well September is ending, and we are welcoming October...It's crazy how fast the months go by sometimes. You have to stop and look at the beauty around you before you miss it.

I'd like to think of September 2012 as my "freebie." It was right after I graduated college (summer semester), and I was kind of all over the place. It definitely was weird not returning back to school. It was the first September since I was in Kindergarten, that I hadn't returned. Strange. I had a lot of time for myself; something that was definitely needed! I got resumes ready for the future, looking at states to move to, hung out with old friends, and most of the time...I wrote.

It was weird how much time I spent writing during this month - well, not weird, productive actually. I was really inspired by everything. And now as I look out my window at the mountains, I see the beautiful leaves changing colors and it makes me smile.

I also got a sense of style I'd like to say. No, I didn't dress poorly before, but I got more into fashion! I just love the fall style - the clothes are so cute, especially when you know how to put outfits together!
I'm obsessed with my new outfit from Nordstrom & Urban (even though in the picture I didn't pull the blouse out as much as I later on). I love this skirt though; it's so comfortable and the color is perfect.
Can't believe how long my hair is getting again. Everyone loves the "melt-blond" look. But sadly, I'm getting bored with it. I have ADD when it comes to hair. I've had it blond for so long, that I'm ready to add some more dark in my hair. Not all dark, just weaving in some...what do you all think? Yes?! 
Love my boots! And these fall colors :) Thanks Jenna!
September is also the time for beginnings: starting school, start the changes in the seasons, TV shows returning, and starting new adventures.

Yes, I know I mentioned TV shows, but it's true. Especially when you're a TV fanatic like me :) I'm sorry but last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries was brilliant! My head is still spinning from the episode. Ah!

For college, it's also when you get more girls in your sorority...and to be honest, fall semester was always my favorite time. I loved something called Songfest! I went last night to support my girls. They did an awesome job. We didn't win, but it was all in good fun. But we did win house decorations for Homecoming! We have our Homecoming football game tomorrow too. Go Utes!!
Me & Maddy :)
Good job Kelly!! The house looked amazing. 
It's time to welcome October...which I'll do in another post! But I am excited for October...I love it! Especially Halloween :) (even though I think adults should be able to go door-to-door to get candy as well).

I'm also going to go on a drive and take pictures in the canyons behind my house. Truly, the leaves are breathtaking in color already.

Do you have different seasons where you live? I know some states don't have distinct 4 seasons. That's why I'm lucky living in Utah I guess. Even though winter lasts way too long!

To kick it off here is a song by Green Day: Wake Me Up When September Ends (felt it was appropriate).
Have a wonderful weekend bloggers!! I'll be reporting soon with:

  • Fall pictures
  • October post
  • Information about my novels as promised


  1. This was the first fall I didn't go back to school either. That first week of September was hard for me because I actually missed going to pick out school supplies and the excitment that came with a new year. However, I have pulled through and am sad to see September go, it was a great month!

    I never used to be into fashion and dressing for the seasons but it is something that has really sparked my interest lately. I only wish I was better at putting outfits together. Sure I can pick out cute separates but putting them together gets me all freaked out! You look presh in your photos and I really like your skirt!

    I hope you have a wonderful October!

  2. hi love :)

    you look gorgeous in the outfit pic!
    army green looks really good on you!

    I cant believe we are done with
    September .. October here we go
    cant wait for Halloween

    are you going to dress up :D?

    i hope you have a great weekend
    enjoy and relax love


  3. thank you for stopping by my blog! i am your newest follower!! I love that skirt! is it nordstrom or urban! super cute!! have an awesome day!

  4. love the color of that skirt, specially the contrast with the army green... very cute!

  5. I can't believe it's October already. When did that happen?! Seriously... :/ You look GORGEOUS! What a cute outfit! I especially love that blouse!

  6. I didn't even realize that it was October already until I read this post. Where the heck did September go?!

  7. Thank you so much for you sweet comments :)

    Very nice blog. like the outfit!