Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Oh it's that time again: What I'm Loving Wednesday!! Oh yea :)

Wow the weeks go by fast. And we're almost into October - eep!
  • First and foremost, I'm obsessed with Pinterest. Here is the LINK to my Pinterest. I've realized that I seriously cannot stop that a problem?? There are just so many great ideas and you can put all the random things that you love up on this site. Brilliant really! So follow me :)
I've decided that I'm going to post all my pictures today from my Pinterest...I have enough of them! I'm also going to do it in the form of my "categories." Enjoy peeps. 
  • Places & Spaces {Favorites}
Perfect little cottage
Oregon Coast: Breathtaking. I love lighthouses!!
  • Let's Dress - Fashion
I love stripes!
  • Fictional World of Characters
The Hunger Games of course!! Ahh. 
Anything Delena. Best scene ever :) Aww.
  • Quotes & Sayings
Lately I've really been wanting to move again. I need to travel the world more often. Being stuck in one spot, is finally becoming too much. 
Love this one. It reminds me of my step-father and some of his last words to me: "Never settle need to realize what you're worth." Thank Greg. Miss you. 
  • Yummy in my Tummy
BLT - Roasted Tomatoes!
Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread. Little bit of heaven if you ask me!

  •  People I Want To Meet
The Sexy Alex Pettyfer
(still sad he isn't going to play Jace in the Mortal Instruments Movie though.)
Megan Fox looks stunning in this picture!
Lily Collins I think she's so beautiful!!
Can't wait for her to be Clary in The Mortal Instruments Movie.
  • Holidays: I love Halloween and that's the next holiday coming up so yup yup:
Great Halloween Table Setting

  •  Reading is my Passion
Can I go there? PLEASE!
  • A Far Off Place
Castle on a cliff
The Dark Hedges - Ireland 
Oregon Multnomah Falls
Chile: Torres del Paine

  • Get Crafty & Creative
  • Hair Hair Hair
  • Home is Where the Heart is
Awesome for dipping :)
Definitely would put my cereals in this!
  • Art~Drawings~Photos
Jem, Will, and Tessa from Cassandra Clare's series: The Infernal Devices 
  • Photography *snap*
  • s e a s o n s
A Bucket List for fall!! Awesome. 
  • Let's Get Physical
  • Cute Furry Creatures
I love Beagles!! I want this one. 
This picture makes me smile 
  •  Listen 
Already shared this in last post, but I'm sharing it again because I'm OBSESSED!
Great song that I heard on The Secret Circle (Have any of you watched this? Not half bad!)

Well that's all for "What I'm Loving Wednesday!" You should all seriously check out Pinterest though; it's so awesome...and I think it's time to go pin even more things ;)

I must say though, I finally went to King's English Bookstore yesterday in Sugar House (Utah): OMG, I fell in love with this place. So quaint and the people are so friendly. I might work there for Christmas. Eek! Also, I'm going to Zumba with my step-mom Kim tonight and then we're spending the night in her "cottage' where she does interior design. She isn't getting enough business but doesn't want to sell the "Cambridge Cottage" so we are going to brainstorm tonight into what to turn it into. My opinion? I say a coffee/cafe/bookstore where writers can write, people can sell jewelry or other handmade crafts (kind of like etsy), and a place where we can have mic nights! Um yes please! That would be hopefully she'll go for it! I'm going to take pictures of this adorable cottage tonight and share in another post. If I could, I'd live in it. That's how wonderful it is.

PS: RANDOM NOTE: I'm almost to 200 followers yay!! When I do get 200 followers, I'll tell you all more about the 2 novels I'm writing. Well maybe I'll just go into detail about the one that I'm really focusing on. I will give quotes and excerpt as well :) Sound good?!



  1. CUTE blog girl! I love it and I am obsessed with pinterest :) you're so pretty!

  2. Oooh I'm loving your loves too! Starting right on off with pinterest. I'm a major addict myself :) Off to check yours out now.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. You have a fabulous blog!

  3. I'm obessed with Pinterest as well..I find myself spending hours over there between hairstyles, interior designs decoration and lovely quote!visit my blog and if you like it we can follow each other :)

  4. Adorable pins! I will definitely follow you on Pinterest too! Can't wait to hear more on these novels!

  5. oh my!
    this post is filled with cute

    the outfit i love it ..stripped
    shirts are so cute

    quotes are fantastic
    and the food omg YUMMMMMMMMMMMM

    and the oreo bowl
    oh cammon you know you
    thought about me on that one!

    me and my oreos <3

    happy hump day friend!


  6. uhh Alex Pettyfer I die!

  7. Nice post!

  8. Yes love I'm Greek, studying for a phd in the UK. I wouldnt think that you were Greek though! haha
    How many years have you been staying abroad? and in which state ?
    following you

  9. Love it!! I like that and tumblr, am addicted to finding pretty pics and quotes!! Love these quotes by the way!! Hope you have a sweet day doll! xx

  10. I'll have to go check out your pinterest!! I am scared too though...I don't want to become addicted :) Much love deary!

  11. I don't get on Pinterest nearly enough! Haha. I need to repin about a billion of these things!

  12. thanks for visiting my blog!!! you put up a great entry!

  13. What a lovely collection offavourite things! :D

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    following you now.please follow back if you like my beauty and fashion blog. :)

  15. i love the cottage house idea! and that picture of the cinnamon pull apart bread makes my mouth water! i WANT some! :)