Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Part 2 & 3

Honestly this weekend has felt like a movie; a cartoon movie to be exact. Last night definitely wasn't real couldn't be! But I had so much fun the last two days. Friday I went to my friend Mary's Halloween party and then yesterday I went to the Ute football game (against Oregon state) and then to a bar called Lumpys for the huge Greek Knights Halloween shin-dig. I can't explain it, so I'm just going to explain in pictures which I love doing if you haven't already caught on to.

Here is the first night at Mary's House & costume change #2 - 1920's Flapper:

It was a great time, especially seeing my old friend Kristi who I haven't seen in about a year!! Love her. 

Round two of pictures...wait till you see my costume; I'm obsessed and my group won for having the best costumes!! Woot woot! We can a $200 gift certificate to Lumpys....I kind of wish they would just give us the money ;) 
Here we go:
What a fun weekend!! So random and exciting. Now I'm watching Practical Magic with my mommy and eating pie. Then we're going to carve our pumpkins!! Exciting!! Can't wait to hand out candy tomorrow as well. Love seeing the cute kids!

October has been so much fun; so crazy as well though so I'm really ready for things to start dying down in November. Maybe more of a relaxing month?? I hope.

Have a good night everyone! And tell me what you dressed up as :)


Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween 2011 Part 1

It's no surprise that Halloween is one of my favorites for two reasons: I love to dress up & I love candy. This weekend is full of dressing up and I'm rather excited :)

Last night I pulled a Super Duper Old Senior moment and went to one of my favorite fraternities Sigma Nu with my Pi Phis. Yes, I was probably a little too old to be there...but it was still fun. And I dressed up as a vampire...big shock anyone? No not at all. The cool thing about it is when I went to the first Nu Halloween Party in 07 I wore the same outfit. So it's like I made a full circle, because that was definitely the last frat party I'll ever attend!

Here are some pictures from last night:
Look at this fake blood. It's "stage blood" so it was really legit! Looked so realistic.
 What a fun night!! Cannot wait for it to continue tonight and for outfit change #2!!!