Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Week. Another Day.

Well another week and weekend is as good as gone, and we are once again back at Monday. Sometimes I feel like life is getting somewhat repetitive. Especially if you're going through a hard time and it keeps coming back to haunt you over...and over again. I just want to move forward, but I feel like I'm not moving at all. Just sitting here. I'm not going to be negative (don't want to start the week off that way), but I'm worried about stuff that I feel like won't ever fix. Just want things to be done and over with. We take lessons learned after barriers and mistakes, but when they just keep coming back to poke you, it's like, "Hello! I understand. Now...moving forward please." Not sure I'm saying that loud enough.

Question to you all: How do you manage stressful situations in life? How do you keep yourself from worrying? Any tips? Any suggestions?

Anyways, this weekend was fun, but definitely ready for some quiet time. Went to Wendover. Yes it's fun, no I didn't win any money. Oh well. But I was with someone who won 300 dollars! Woot woot! Good work. I just am not a big fan of gambling. Yes, I do like blackjack. But I hate betting money. I am the "saver" who likes to save my money, not spend it recklessly. But hey, if you have the gift and the luck of winning, all the power to you!

But first, here are some pictures of Nicole's birthday the other night. We went to a really great German Brewery and had some amazing food, then just went back to go play with the puppy. It was truly relaxing and perfect with great friends!
Gracie's adorable "Hot Dog" Halloween costume. We all loved it. She didn't. 
Cutest and most fluffy puppy in the world!!!
 Here are some lovely pictures of Wendover haha...oh boy.
Fun Bus!

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, because while all the boys we were with gambled, we danced and it was fabulous!!

So random, but after I got the "sealer" put on my hair, it definitely went darker. I like it a lot, but I just hope it's not too dark. I'm not sure a lot of my family members like it (they love me blond), but sometimes you truly need a change. And hair color is a fantastic and easy (sometimes pricy) change.
So my obsession with Ian Somerhalder has honestly taken a stalker-ish turn. The man might be one of the best looking guys in my opinion. I want him to be mine hahaha. But true story, his family owns a Pizzeria in Sun Valley Idaho. Are you serious?? Yes, I am! I love Sun Valley, and well me and the other Pi Beta Phis are absolutely obsessed with Ian and the Vampire Diaries, so I think we are going. I doubt he'll be there, but maybe we could meet his family or something.

But really, just look at the man. His eyes...oh his eyes!
My heavens. I died and went to heaven!! He and Nina are so cute too, and the "Delena" scenes in Vampire Diaries are my absolute favorites, especially after the last episode. You can tell their dating in real life. The chemistry between the two of them is electrifying! WOW.

So is anyone watching The Vampire Diaries? Because you should. This season is INSANE. Like, bravo to the writers. Wow.

Speaking of writing, I haven't done so well with writing lately. October has been so busy that I never have a free minute to stop and write. I miss it though, a lot! I'm going to get back on track and I'm sure all writers go through this. But I haven't given up on my novels. No way. They are in my clarity and the hidden words in life that need to get out. But life doesn't take that pause for you, so we need to learn to just keep up.

Well, Halloween is almost here and we have the decorations up, which I'll take pictures of, and the leaves are absolutely amazing on the mountain right behind me, which I'll take as well today after I get done teaching and doing Zumba! I do need to figure out the rest of my costume though and well watch this:
Pretty much my favorite Halloween movie of all time!
Have a great Monday folks and tell me all about your lovely weekends; well I hope they were lovely. 


  1. This looks like so much fun and what great pictures! Love the Hot Dog Halloween costume! Lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

  2. What's a sealer? A coating to protect your hair i'm guessing? It looks nice ! I hate gambling too and never want to spend my money that way. I feel like it's a waste and would much rather shop haha. I try to (emphasis on 'try') destress by reading, listening to music and praying. Although lately I've really been stressing about finding a good job!

  3. I love the dark hair on you! and it looks so shiny and healthy. Ian is such a hottay-let's be real you guys should get married and have incredibly hot babies. I am horrible at managing stress so I don't have much advice there. Exercising is one of the things that really helps me, but other than that, I just tough things out I guess. Once you are a grown up the days do seem pretty repetitive and the holidays aren't as exciting either :(


  4. I totally here you on the not being able to move past something. It's VERY frustrating. I think the best way to get something off of your mind is to conquer the problem head on and then completely erase it from your life. Whether that means blocking phone numbers or taking a weekend away from life...w/e works for you :)

    and, hey now, I saw Ian Somerhalder first from when he was on lost! He's sooo mineee :P I love those pictures u posted of I post a pic of him EVERY friday on my blog lol

  5. Aww that puppy is SO cute! I love it when they're fluffy like that.

    And I really like your hair dark! Keep it. Everybody needs a little change once in awhile!

  6. I definitely know the feeling of having a major stressor or two sitting on your shoulder making you feel queezy and consuming your thoughts. And I say this, knowing full an well that I am a confrontation-phobe..but I always always feel 110% better once I face/tackle the worry head on. This is not easy, I know this first hand. To get my mind off of the situation I usually immerse myself in a good book that is exciting and not related at all to my stressor. Hang in there doll. You are strong and I know you can get past whatever it is that is stressing you out