Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghostly Encounters

So here is a question for you: Do you believe in ghosts?

Way back when I had a whole post about this topic, but then dropped it. But I'm bringing it back up. Do you want to know why? Because I saw a ghost the other night.

I didn't mention it in my last post because I wanted to talk about other things *cough cough Ian Somerhalder cough*, but in reality, I did in fact see something that I probably shouldn't.

This stuff fascinates me, it always has. But at the same time...it scares the crapola out of me!! I am the girl that always watches ghost movies, paranormal investigations, etc. Even though I have yet to see any of the Paranormal Activity movies. There is a limit of what I like to see. Ghosts are one thing, but demonic stuff...well, it scares me a little too much. You aren't supposed to mess with this stuff, that's why it's against my beliefs to play with Ouija Boards or any of those types of games.

Anyways, back to what I saw. So my cousin was bringing me home over the weekend, and he was telling me how books scare him more than scary movies. I asked if he had read a book that is called Jay's Journal. Yes, it does have to do with demonic stuff; I've never read it, but my mom says she has...it was actually banned because it was that scary! He was saying he doesn't believe in any of it, I was like yea yea...I do, but whatever. Next thing we know, we are driving down my lane, and this heavy mist about 3ft is just floating and then it swiftly moves into the bumper of his car. He immediately stopped the car and was like, "Jess...did you see that?" I nodded in a puzzled state, trying to contemplate what I had just seen. He looked over at me and replied, "That wasn't fog was it?" I then preceded to shake my head no.

Whatever it was, it was nothing like I'd ever seen before. It almost took shape too, but it happened so fast that I couldn't decipher what in fact it truly was. All I know is...it wasn't fog.

I then tell my mom and she frowns. I asked what the matter was and she said that the male nurse that took care of my step-father before he died, would tell her that he'd be waiting in his car and he'd see this mist come over the hill...of our lane. Um. Yea. I freaked out when she told me that. There is something there. What? I don't know.

People ask me from time to time if my house is haunted because my step-father died here. I will say this, right after he died I definitely heard stuff and lights were turn on and off. The room he slept and died in is right next to my bedroom, and I could definitely hear footsteps going back and forth. Then one time I was washing my face in the bathroom that separates our two rooms, and I could hear him moaning like he did when he was dying. Yes, it would scare me, but I know he wouldn't intentionally try to frighten me.

Then all the noise ceased to exist...or so we thought. Then my mom went downstairs and in our bar area, a bar stool was pulled out and turned and the light was turned on. My mom asked me when I woke up if I had done that, I said no. What could that be? All I know was that the basement was my step-dad's area when he was alive.

With the good friendly spirits, you can get the darker ones. I haven't told a lot of people this before, but this is an area where we share right? Before my step-father was dying, I woke up one night and saw a dark figure standing at the side of my bed...of course I freaked out and pulled the covers over my face. I started praying, and when I felt comforted, I moved the blanket. The figure was no longer by the side of my bed, but by my door. Let's just say I slept with the covers over my face the rest of the night. If that's not creepy enough, that same night my step-father had a dream that he was about to die :( but there was a dark spirit lurking within his dreams. Then my mom said she heard something crawling back and forth in her room. We had a priest come bless our house after that and it was fine, but I still sometimes wonder what that was.

Doesn't help that last night we watched a movie that freaks me out every single time I watch it:
I forget what happens, or when she will see the ghost's face, blah blah blah! So all my friends left my house last night...and I literally darted up the stairs and tripped. Ha, smooth move Jess ;) But still...what would you do? I get scared way too easily. But a lot of it is in my head I think.

When I would go see scary movies and come home, I was always afraid that I would be washing my face and put my head back up and there would be someone standing in the mirror behind me. So what do I do? Keep my eyes open and get soap in my eyes. Real clever... NOT. But I can't help it!! And after the movie Psycho - I had a hard time taking showers for a while. I still have to pull open the shower curtain from time to time.

Anyways, I'm freaking myself out just writing this...but lets keep it going. Do any of you have any stories to share? Or seen anything out of the ordinary? If so, please do tell!!
This mist kind of looks like what I saw...but the one I saw was a lot more detailed and thicker. 
This looks like the figure by my bed, but like the other one, it was more detailed. Ah, I shouldn't have put this picture up...I just freaked out a little bit. 
Well hope I didn't freak you all out too much. But hey, it is October and these stories are sometimes fun to tell...even though they're true! Yikes. Happy Tuesday :)


  1. Sometimes I belive in it all, but then I Freak myself out so I say that I don't believe in it.

    Also, I've never had anything truly odd like that happen to me thank goodness.

  2. yikes... I never know what to think, so I just don't. haha! BUT I do know someone who has a picture that is VERY convincing... I'll have to share it on my blog! :D

  3. Dang! You have had some crazy experiences! I have never witnessed anything like this but that doesn't mean that things like this don't happen. I would freak out if anything like that ever happened to me! And then I would email you for comfort! Haha. Hopefully nothing scary like that happens again

  4. Ah! I don't know what to think of this all, but I definitely believe in evil spirits! I just try really REALLY hard not to think about it or else I'd go crazy from freaking out too much!

  5. You're in love with Ian Somerhalder...you see ghosts...and you stay FAR away from ouji boards. Do we lead parallel lives?

    lol...I most deff believe in ghosts. I grew up in a home that was haunted by a small Native American boy. He used to like playing tricks on us. I could write a whole post on this. You would enjoy that story. I'll work it into my blog b/c it's way too much to comment about! lol

  6. ahhhh! You did make me freak out a little. I tell myself I don't believe in this kinda stuff, but when I hear personal stories about it and from people who have had family members die, I can't help but be intrigued. I agree that we aren't supposed to mess with the "other world" and demons and all that. Satan exists, so I know that demons are real too. So many movies exist because people are curious and no one has the real answers.
    I'm sure your stepdad is an angel watching over you though.