Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Colie!

Lately I'm definitely slacking when it comes to blogging! I swear though, this month has been nuts!! Whether it's work, a birthday, going to an event, etc. this month is full of "busy bee" moments. Yes, I've enjoyed them all, but I miss writing; especially my novels which I've nonchalantly put on hold sadly. I miss it. Hopefully things will die down a little.

But not yet obviously.

Today is my cousin Nicole's 25th birthday and I'm super close with her. We've grown up together and are practically the same age (she's older by a few months). She is my best friend. She is my sister. And she was there when a lot of people weren't when my step-father was dying. I can't explain our friendship; but it means everything to me. She will always have a really special place in my heart that not a lot of others will.

So this post is dedicated to her :)

Here are some pictures of our friendship over our life:
Last night we went to a Greek restaurant called Aristos! So delicious. Here was a picture of my cutie cousin.
I made her a "pumpkin-goodie" basket. She loved it!
 Today is officially her birthday though. So tonight we are going out to dinner and then back to our friend Steve's house to watch scary movies and play with Gracie. Who's Gracie you ask? Um, look:
Yea um, I'm obsessed. I have always wanted a Golden Retriever! So I'm quite jealous. Nicole and Steve even filmed a little video of Gracie to the Lion's so darn cute!!
The birthdays are almost over, except for my aunt who's birthday is in a week. Jenna, my other best friend, had hers yesterday, but we went out the night before. It was a good time, but I'm sick of going out to the bars...that's why I'm so happy that Nicole isn't going to a bar!
Singing Happy Birthday to Jenna at midnight
Jenn & Garren: cutest little couple
Well that's all for today. I probably will do another post with pictures from Nicole's birthday! I just can't believe that Halloween is almost here. Where does the time go? Because it sure goes fast.

By the way, if anyone watches The Vampire Diaries, how epic was last night's episode. And if I thought I already loved Damon and Elena...well think again, I love them even more and now truly think they'll get together (well they better). Such great actors in this show! Ah.

What have you all been doing for fall so far? For Halloween? Oh and I want to know what everyone is dressing up as!! I think I'm going to Wendover this weekend on the "Fun Bus" oh boy. Wish me luck if I do haha. Bet a lot of weirdo-s go. Yikes.

Have a fantastic weekend :)



  1. What a sweet dedication post! What a beautiful friendship!

  2. happy birthday to the cousin!
    i hope she has a wonderful time
    and celebrates all the way :D

    cute pictures of you and her
    over the years :D

    i hope you have a wonderful weekend love!


  3. Beautiful post. Happy Birthday to her.

  4. Aww I love forever friends :) and what a cute puppy!

  5. awh this is sweet! Happy birthday to yo cuzzy! Cousin love is the besttttt lind :)

    Lovely Little Rants

  6. What cute family photos! :) I went to a haunted house this weekend - one of my fave things to do for fall!

  7. Me and James are going to get either a lab puppy or golden retriever puppy when we move out of our tiny little apartment. I can't wait!