Sunday, October 9, 2011

Maddy's 23rd Birthday Weekend!

There are those boring weekends, that uneventful...but rather relaxing. This was not one of them.

I felt like I was a 21 year old back in college this weekend - so much fun! It was one of my best friend's Maddy's birthday (officially today), but we celebrated all weekend long. Then we had a Ute football game, so we celebrated there as well. It was so fun hanging out with everyone, and when I say everyone...I mean everyone. It's just such an adventure when you get all of us together; you never know how the night will end. I even met a really really cute boy at the bar. He's from out of state too, so that's refreshing and he's good friends with a lot of people I know. They were talking him up a lot to me we'll see what happens ;)

I'm also pleased to announce that I fixed my hair (thank goodness). My good friend Lex did it, so I'm going to start going to her from now on. I love my other girl I do, but she charges way too much, and it was just fun going to Lex; she knew exactly what I wanted/didn't want. And I wasn't going crazy: she didn't even like my hair before! But I am now brunette again, and it feels good. Been blond for so long now; I'll have to truly see if the statement "blondes have more fun" is true - because I'm not so sure, especially after this weekend with my new hair.

I'm sad to say though, that because of my friend's celebration on Friday, I wasn't able to meet the lovely Utah bloggers this weekend :( I was so excited for it, but ultimately there was nothing I could do. Wish I could be in two places at once. But I'm not magical. Hopefully they'll do another one, because I'd love to meet them all!

Anyways, here is a picture blowout of this weekend.
Here. We. Go.
Well that was my lovely/crazy weekend for you! It was a fantastic time and I honestly cannot wait for Halloween eek! It better be warm weather this week though, because this weekend was so cold outside. Today is a beautiful sunny day though; needs to stay that way! 

Hope you all had such a great weekend as well! I want to hear all about it. And Utah bloggers, lets please plan another event so I can come this time!!



  1. Looks like fun. I love your dress!

  2. Yeah, football!!! You guys look like you had a great time. Your dress is so pretty.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. So fun to read your post; I feel like I have a similar memory of celebrating my sister's 21st birthday! Nights/days that amazing are awesome! Love all the pictures.

  4. ahhh i love your blog! I love your layout too... owls are one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things in life! love your hair, also! i think everyone is making the switch from blonde to something darker,.. i recently went from being blonde to being a redhead again.. but you looked good either way! followin' you now, hun!


  5. What a fun weekend! EVEN though it wasn't spent with me. Boo. haha! I'm still glad you had fun. :)

  6. I love all your funny face pictures! :) And your hair looks great!

  7. Fantastic photos, looks like a fun time!! xx

  8. awwww, looks so fun! my bday is coming soon

  9. you and your friends are very attractive people.

  10. you and your girlies look
    so beautiful!

    :D love your skirt
    electric blue and black
    ara my fav combo right now <3

    happy monday hun!


  11. Aaaah! You are so tiny and cute! I love your party outfit!!!!!!

  12. Love love love you brown hair. Beautiful!!!! I went to a Roller Derby on Sunday, I am in love they are so fun.

  13. looks like fun!

    Keys on Main and the Muss? it's kind of a wonder we haven't bumped in to each other... except I do admit I haven't been to Keys on Main for a while, and the Muss is huge!

  14. looks like so much fun!
    you're gorgeous, girlie! xo

  15. Seems like you had a great time! You have some great photos :)