Monday, October 24, 2011

MIA Bloggett

Wowza. I'm really not doing very well with blogging in October! I used to try and do posts weekly; numerous ones at that. But this month really has been crazy! I haven't even had time to write my novels :( sad days. But hopefully things will die down a bit when we move into November.

Oh my goodness, speaking of November, can you believe another month is almost over?? It's so crazy to me how fast time goes by. Yet, other things seem to drag out!

Here is a recap since I last posted:
  1. Been working hard on my Halloween costume. It's pretty darn awesome - especially when you see what my group is going as. It's been hard not telling anyone though!! Yikes. Soon enough though.
  2. The Utah Utes are making me cringe. What in the world is going on? I know high school teams that are playing more efficiently. The Pac 12 is probably laughing at us right now :( They need to pick it up. 
  3. I'm still obsessed with Vampire Diaries. Okay, no. That's an understatement! People, if you haven't watched the show...start ASAP. Season 3 is so amazing so far and if I thought I loved Ian Somerhalder before, I'm truly in love with a fictional character. 
  4. I think when it comes to relationships and boys...I'm a little scrambled. I get so weird sometimes, and I think it's because of my past. It sucks, but we need to move forward in life. I guess I need to take it each step at a time. But I do like someone; I hope it will go somewhere...but as of now, I feel like I'm way more interested in him than he is in me. But I guess time will tell right? 
  5. It's coming down to the wire of doing something I really don't want to do. I'm trying to be positive about it and not worry too much...because worrying simply doesn't help, but I'm afraid. Keeping my fingers crossed. 
  6. I taught up in Park City two days last week and it was so much fun!! The leaves are even more beautiful up there. 
  7. The fall/autumn weather has been simply divine: I'm in heaven. Then again, I heard a snow storm is coming this comment. 
  8. Being positive all the time can be really challenging, but you feel better: mind, body, soul. 
  9. Pinterest has honest to God taken over me! Check out my page...because I simply cannot stop pinning. Jess Ruud
  10. Now what about all of you? Tell me something excited you did this weekend!!! 
Okay, that's all I can think about right now. So now I'll take it up with pictures. 
  • This weekend: 
  • Vampire Diaries: 
Seriously, Delena's love story is one for the books. This season has seriously had so many wonderful moments between the two. I'm just hoping they get together ASAP :) And stay together. End game.

Hottest scene ever! Actually reminded me of Chuck and Blair in season 2. I wanted them to kiss so freaking bad though ah!! The tension. And the other one is just sweet. I want a guy who loves me that much!!
  •  Ian Somerhalder:
  •  Song: 
  •  Quotes:

  •  Fashion:

  •  Cute picture of the day for Halloween:
That's all for now. But I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that this week is full of happy moments. Don't let it be a Manic Monday :)



  1. Oh my gosh.. I know exactly what you mean about pinterest! Totally on the same road.. It's pretty darn amazing isn't it!?

  2. I have missed you. So I still haven't watched vampire diaries... I heard that Ian summerwhatever (sorry) may be playing the love interest in one of my favorite books turned movies and I'm kind of nervous. But maybe if I watched vampire diaries I wouldn't feel that way??

  3. i absoultely love both of those quotes. and that second fashion picture is my favorite. so pretty.
    thanks for the comment! haha, proposals are quite the wild ride! ;)

  4. October has been super busy for me, too! Eeep! Here's hoping November slows down a bit!

    I love that rocking chair worry quote so much! I need to remember it!!!

  5. Love your post! October is always a crazy month. Adjusting to the change in season, getting ready for back to back holidays! Don't worry :)


  6. I wondered where you have been! Fall is always a crazy time! Don't stress out about blogging...especially if there are other things you want to be doing :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  7. I love me some Vampire Diaries too :)

  8. I love that rocking chair quote. I'm going to write that one down.