Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweet Tooth

Well hello Bloggers! It's a little late: 10:07 pm. Okay, I lied; it's not that late. Well perhaps it is for some of you, but I'm a night owl, regardless if I have to be up early or not. I cannot help it! You know what I like to do when it's late at night? Look up desserts...or better yet, eat them! 

Last night I went to The Sweet Tooth Fairy with my girls (we were Halloween costume shopping and it didn't work out too well, even though we know exactly what we are being), and I couldn't help but get something, even though I said moments before entering, "I'm good. Nothing for me." HA! Yea. Right. 
Just look at these pictures and tell me if you could possibly fathom out a "no thanks." 
Hands down favorite cake bites there: :FairyFetti"
 I also had something last night called a "cup-shake," where they take any cup cake in the store you want, and mix it with ice-cream...which turns out like a shake...ergo: cup-shake. Clever? I thought so too. So I couldn't resist. These aren't pictures of what I got, but I did get one called the Apple Caramel Spice cupcake that is only in stock in October. Well they made this for me, and it was literally to die for. TO. DIE. FOR!
Here is the process:
Amazing? I thought so too! And if you haven't tried cakebites before, do so ASAP. They are amazing. And the most ridiculous part is that I don't like cake, unless it's ice-cream cake. So yea... give it a try! Amazing.

Another place I love in Utah is: Maggie Moo's. Obsessed people. I know how fattening it is; I get it. But they have my favorite ice-cream in the world: better batter. Which like I already said, is crazy because it's "cake batter..." yea, well it's amazing. Try mixing some brownies in there...*fall on the floor.* It's like the greatest thing that goes in my mouth.

Here is the cake - it's better batter, but they mix cookies (oreos in it) to make it the Dream Cake Cookies n' Cream.
There's a picture of me a few years ago with the cake and my nickname of course: J-Ruud

 I got this cake again this past year for my birthday, and was literally going downstairs at 2 am to eat it. No good. 
Well because I keep talking about sweets...I'm going to push it even further and post more delicious pictures to torture us all:
Smores Panini people!
Pumpkin Pie Bites that I need to make!
All these pictures as more can be found on my Pinterest
 I'm over a 1,000 pins in...and not about to stop! So come check out my page :) 

 And even staring at all those sweets, I need to do this now:
 October is definitely the month for birthdays! I had my good friend Maddy last week. Two other friends, now my two best friends: Jenna & cousin Nicole's birthday Thursday & Friday. But I'm going out tomorrow for Jenna's. Really excited.
Jenna, Me, & Colie (Nicole)
It's going to be a great time! I even made Jenna: Pasta Flora - a Greek Pastry that she loves for her birthday. She's going to die in happiness, I already know it!
Yes, me and my mom made ^ this one. Took a while. It's so yummy!
Scary Proof. YIKES! Don't judge. It was late.

Then again...it's even later now. It's officially 11:06. I was doing other stuff besides writing this post. AH! Okay...night folks. xo.

PS: I'm mad that Glee wasn't on tonight. Grr!


  1. Haha. I love that you added in a little workout routine. SMART! I want all of these delicious treats! And that little shop is ADORABLE!

  2. OMG! This post has me literally drooling! That is a lot of yumminess!

  3. haaaaa ok
    i just gained like 20 pounds
    reading your post!

    between the cupcakes
    the ice cream the churros
    and etc etc i am craving sweets
    like you have no idea!

    need an oreo fix ASAP haha<3

    how are you love?
    happy hump day btw


  4. Oh no! Now I am craving anything with SUGAR! :)

  5. yummm yummm yummm..
    hate you.

  6. Why would you do this to me? Now I'm legit drooling and craving almost EVERYTHING that you posted a picture of. I'll have to go home and bake something real good now. lol

    P.S. I was mad that Glee and New Girl wasn't on either. Who actually cares about baseball?? lol jk :)

  7. i am a sweet tooth girl myself!! and i need to go to that sweet tooth fairy bake shop to satisfy my cravings, they all look yummy. and definitely trying pumpkin dump cake, yum!

  8. Oooh I love cakes and things..all of that looked amazing!! xx

  9. Cup shakes??? Oh my gosh, that is genius! I was so mad about Glee too...I was looking forward to it all day! Boo baseball. Haha.

  10. oh.my.goodness. i want to go to the sweet tooth fairy right now! i might have or might have not just drooled on my laptop a little hehe.

  11. Considering how badly my week as been thus far, I wish I could simply clone all of that right to my kitchen were I could curl up and eat them while reading. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I used to work at Maggie Moos! I love Cake Batter Brownies and Rainbow sprinkles, it gets me every time. And the milkshakes are good too! And that store in your area looks so cute. What a great idea "Cupshakes".

    What are you being for Halloween?

  13. Everything about this post is wonderful. I don't think I could have said, no thanks... I probably would have said, one of everything please! Love your blog.


  14. It all looks so yummy but I don't think I have ever seen anything cuter than pumpkin pie bites...super cute idea!

    ♥ Shia

  15. What?! This is such an evil post!! and it makes me miss Utah big time!! cute blog!! :)

  16. You were able to sum of all my favorite things in this post. Everything looks delish.
    Would love for you to check out my blog and follow-let me know & Ill follow back!



  17. omg, that food!!! I am obsessed with sweets and chocolate!!! absolutely love it! really nice blog!!


  18. You're killing me! I want all this haha cake and ice cream? score! i missed Glee too :(