Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome October

Well September is gone...and the months keep flying by. Like seriously, flying by. I swear we just had October, and if you think about it, Christmas will be here in no time. I love Christmas don't get me wrong, but I am not looking forward to the snow. And living in get snowmaggedons!
Oh well, not going to be a negative nancy because we are still in autumn! Actually, we're just getting warmed up! The leaves are now changing so beautifully and the air is getting nice and crisp. I love the style of the clothes, everything pumpkin flavored, the spices, etc.
Love the scarf, sweater, and purse!
My friend Katie makes jewelry! How cute is this? Perfect for autumn.
And who could forget...HALLOWEEN! I think Halloween is so much fun. Mainly because I love dressing up. But I will say this, and I've said it before, I don't understand why only children can go to door-to-door to receive candy. I'm the biggest candy-junkie out there! Like hello DOTS and Hot Tamales mmm. I guess they figure that adults can just drive to the 7/11 and go get candy themselves. But I love free stuff :) Maybe I'll just put a sheet over my head. I'm sure I can pass for a 10 year old; I'm short enough!

I still love all the decorations and most of all like I said, the dressing up. There are always so many fun parties to go to and did I mention dressing up is awesome? ;) 
Love this!
How awesome is this?!
I love candy corn. I think it's cute too, so these cookies are adorable!
Now let's talk scary for a moment shall we? I love scary movies: What Lies Beneath, The Sixth Sense, oh and Hocus Pocus (even though that's not scary, I love watching it for Halloween), etc. etc.

But I'm a wuss when it comes to dun dun dun: Haunted Houses. I don't know what it is. I just don't. I love watching Paranormal stuff on TV (even though I don't like demonic things), and I'm a sucker for snuggling up to cute boys. But there's just something about people jumping out at you that I really feel uncomfortable with.

True confession for a second: I've never been to a haunted house. Yes, I know. Pathetic. I just really don't like them. I've been to cheesy ones, and a corn maze - but the real deal ones, nope not me. I swear I'm never dating anyone when Halloween comes either, so maybe if I was, I would go because I could just hide behind my boyfriend. Yet, I know that the people who work in haunted houses, can spot you out like a sore thumb if you're a wuss, so I'd probably be taunted the whole entire time.

Now honestly, I'd actually go to a "haunted" location. Like if you had all the ghost-detector machines and what not, I'm in! I like that stuff; it actually fascinates me. But to spend money have people grab you...yea, I'm good. I'll pass.

When we were in London, we went to the House of Wax, and there was a haunted house in there. Of course Kim and my little brothers are all for it, so they walk in and I go behind them. The next moment when I heard 10 people screaming, I turned around and got out there as swiftly as possible. Even the main guy who let people in started laughing and said, "Really? Are you that afraid?" Um, hello, obviously!

But hey. It's a new year. I'm 24 years old. Maybe I should stop being a wimp-o and just go this year! Do you think I should? Do you all love haunted houses? I would even rather work in one because I love dressing up (did I mention that already?) It would be so fun to scare other people.

So we'll see what happens. I'll let you know If I decide to be brave or not!
Lets see, what else do I like to do in October...I think it will be a fabulous month to read and write! I get inspired when I'm outside, and the different colors and the leaves falling down - inspiration right there baby! I talk about writing a lot; that's true, but you should look at my writing blog: The Written Word to see what's what! I'm always changing things and making my novels better. It's really exciting getting so into all of it. I even found a critique partner who is so awesome.
I honestly sometimes am speechless at the beauty of autumn. I think that it's the prettiest of all the seasons. Yes, winter is pretty with the white blanket of snow, but the colors of the leaves are so wonderful that fall takes first place!
Well today is gameday for the Utah Utes! And we haven't had a home game in a month! The last game was BYU and it was almost a joke...sorry BYU fans...can you say turnover? Whoops!
Definitely appropriate for game day!
It's going to be a great game and I cannot wait to go with my family. Usually I just go with friends, but I didn't have a ticket to the game, so my dad is taking the whole family. Of course I'll see my friends, but it will be fun sitting with them! And I think I'm going to sleep-over at my dads too :) I'll take some pictures of that house; it's beautiful and right in the mountains! That's actually a good idea for a post. I'll take pictures of both of my houses and my favorite places - including the mountains I live in with all the beautiful colors!

I hope you all have a wonderful first day of October and a great rest of the weekend! Enjoy it everyone!

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  1. October is my favorite month next to May. Its full of goodness just like this post:) Thanks for all the fun!
    :) Anna

  2. I love October, I love Fall, haunted houses, carving pumpkins, decorating, Halloween, tricker treaters, picking out costumes... the list goes on and on!

    I love that girls scarf and sweater!!!

    Great pictures and cute post! :)

    Happy Fall <3

  3. loving these pics and loving your blog... happy fall time!

  4. Beautiful photos! :))

  5. Haunted houses are all about who your with to make them fun. I scream and laugh constantly through them because I know its not real but i'm still scared. I am claustrophobic though so the ones with small spaces scare me the most, can't do those.
    Ps-that kitty in the witch costume is beyond cute.

  6. I LOVE fall/autumn.. the nature is so beautiful :)

  7. i can't believe it's october either, although it doesn't quite feel like fall yet in california!!! i love all the stuff associated with the season too. you should totally try a haunted house this year! even though they're scary, they're fun! go with a friend or boyfriend!

  8. Thanks for the comment pretty girl :) It really was so encouraging...I am new to blogging and comments like that remind me why I want to share my heart and faith with all of you wonderful ladies! I love fall too! However I live in Arizona and it is darn hot and the trees...correction... cacti...just don't have leaves! :)

  9. The further is gets into fall, the happier I am :)

  10. oh girl, definitely hit up a haunted house! They are SO fun!!! And I'm sure you can find some dull ones by you that aren't toooo scary :) I love Fall too and I agree that this year is flying by! Nice compilation of pictures!

  11. I am looking forward to October cause that means Christmas is coming!

    xo L.

  12. October is my favorite month of the year! Love it. Thanks for the awesome pics.

  13. If this post doesn't get you in the mood for fall, I don't know what would!

  14. Ohh, I love this post - all of the amazing images! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!!

  15. that scarf/sweater/purse combo is perfectly fall! we don't get much fall here in socal, but i do my best with the pumpkin spice ghirardelli squares. lethal!


  16. BEAUTIFUL blog!

    And thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos. Fall is my favorite season, but we just moved to Phoenix in June, so I will be without :( Makes me so sad. Needless to say, I loved all the photos, and I felt like I got to experience it a little.

    I don't like haunted houses either, well, I don't like anything that attempts to freak me out. :)

    Happy October to you!

  17. Wow! Amazing photos. Love, love, love fall. Thanks for getting me so excited about it!