Monday, November 14, 2011

The Daily D for Another Monday

Well hello friends. How was everyone's weekend?? Compared to the previous two, mine was just alright.

So I'm guessing, well I think, that everyone wants to know how the "date" went. Well I can sum it up in one word: rescheduled. Ha, not the biggest deal in the world, but he didn't get paid till today instead. And at first I was, I'm not going to order the whole menu! But his friends were talking him up to me on Friday and said that he wants to make sure he has enough, so he can go all out. Which is sweet. Not going to lie though, I was disappointed. Especially because it was the infamous 11/11/11. But it was still a good night, and I did get to see him for a bit at least. But Wednesday is now our official date and we are going to watch Harry Potter after (which was so sweet, I didn't know it, but he went and bought it for me...aww..too bad I already bought it the moment it came out. Whoops!).
Jenna's fat cat Simba
 Saturday was good, but freezing. I was supposed to go to the football game, but with snow like that...well yes, I'm a wimp. So I went to my friend Nicole's house. We drank a little, made a fire, bundled up and it was beyond glorious. Then we went to the greatest grilled cheese place: Sunset Boulevard Cafe! They gave us not only wonderful grilled cheeses, but free malts, and turned the U game on for us. It was very nice :) I love it there! But hey, me and my cousin had "smurf" hats, which I must say, I love haha!
Yesterday was a pure relax day and it was definitely needed. I enjoyed it to be honest!! I wrote a lot, and Elf was on TV so I couldn't resist that!!

But the main thing I'm excited to talk about is...have you all seen the official trailer for The Hunger Games? OMG. Okay, I love Twilight and Harry Potter, and after these two, especially HP, I didn't think a trailer could give me chills...well HG not only gave me chills, but I don't think I was breathing for half of it...which isn't a good thing. If you haven't seen it, don't worry, because I'm about to post it right now:
It looks even more amazing then I thought it would, and I thought it was going to be epic!! It's crazy! And everyone looks so good ahh! I like got tears in my eyes, when Katniss volunteers for the games in place of Prim. Well this will definitely be an opening night show and it's about to blow Twilight out of the water I feel like.
So writing has been hard lately, and I looked at a story that I used to fiddle with back in the day, and I had almost 70,000 words in it. Yet, on the one I'm writing right now, I only have 12,000. Yea that's alright, but squeezing out the words feels a lot harder than I'd like for it to. But you got to do what you love, and sometimes that isn't easy. I think I've lost sight of myself partially. I used to never be afraid to think outside the box, and ideas were swarming around in my mind; now I don't feel that as much. I worry about my writing, the idea being too weird, not getting published, what people will think, etc. etc. Just sad concepts that never used to matter. Then I found this quote and I realized, I need to get back to this.
It's no surprise how obsessed I am with Pinterest. Easily, I can spend close to 3 hours pinning. It's become a problem. But that's okay; you gain so many great ideas...with everything!!

Here are some new pins I really liked:
Made from an old sweater
I'm in love with this kitchen
Happy Feet!!
How cute of an idea is this??
Remember those who cannot be with you this special day. I'll definitely be doing this.
Of course there are a million other pictures on my Pinterest, you'll just have to go take a peek!!

So I did get extensions, and I absolutely love them. Like, I wish I never had to take them out! But after a while they start hurting your head. But for once, I have thick hair, and I like the length they add. For some reason, I didn't get any pictures when I had them in over the weekend, but next time I have them in, I'll take some! Anyone who wants them, should get them. Amazing. And now four other friends of mine want the same brand...ha oh boy. 

Few other notes: Vampire Diaries mid-season finale was awesome, except I'm so mad Delena didn't kiss...then again, they seem on that path so it's okay, I now really like The Secret Circle mainly because the character Jake...he's so beautiful:
Now I think he'd be the PERFECT Jace Wayland for The Mortal Instruments series. Too bad they already got Jamie Campbell Bower (no I'm not a fan). 
And I must say, it's most likely my own fault because I don't have a lot of free time to go visit as many blogs as I'd like, but I'm losing followers :( I hope it's not anything I'm saying! And I love all of your blogs. So promise I'll do better :) Just need to set time for writing and reading blogs!

A final note, just found out that a mother and her two smallest children got in a car accident in Utah. None of them survived. Now a husband only has one child left. It's almost the holidays, and my heart is breaking for him. It shows us that we are fragile creatures. That we all think that we are going to die all nice and warm in our bed when we are 98. It isn't so. That's what makes it beautiful, is that we don't know when our last breath will be; all I know is, I need to start enjoying every single day on this earth. To just get to one moment to the next is wasting it. Even if you are sitting home, like I did yesterday, you are still enjoying your house, movies you love, food that's delicious, etc. Enjoy it. I was nervous for this date and wasn't sure I was still interested, but why not? Just go on the date and enjoy THAT MOMENT. I'm looking too far into the future. We need to stop and look at THIS MOMENT. That's what my step-father tried to tell me as he was dying. Seize the chances and the opportunities. You might not get that second chance. LIVE IT UP. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day! 


  1. Ooo- can't WAIT to see your extensions!! Sorry about the semi-writer's block... I know how that goes. I can barely come up with things to say on my blog, much less, things to write for a novel! And I don't blame you for being disappointed in the date being rescheduled, BUT a little anticipation never hurt anyone. ;) I hope it's awesome... then again, anything involving Harry Potter is bound to be. And speaking of awesome, I keep repinning all your pins on Pinterest- haha! You just have SO many awesome finds! Anyway, I'm glad you had fun this weekend and are remembering to cherish every moment in this life. It's sad to think you never know when it may end. Much love! <3

  2. I hope the date turns out well, when it happens :) glad i got to see you drive by when i was at nordstrom haha, love the quote! I can totally relate because i want to start a new blog but im kinda nervous-guess i just need to go for it! oh, and hunger games is to die for, i got chills watching it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG THAT KITCHEN! lovvvvveee it!!!!
    I need to follow you on pinterest!

  4. haha awh! well I'm glad you got the date rescheduled. and he bought you HP? Marry that boy RIGHT NOW! :) smart kid
    Lovely Little Rants

  5. So excited for Hunger Games! And that really does stink that your date got rescheduled but I'm still so excited to hear about it! And your disappointed face is the best!

  6. Sorry about the big date night girlie...but yay for Wednesday! :)

  7. aww love i am sorry to hear
    that your date got reschedules!

    but oh well .. you know things
    always happen for a reason..
    that day was not meant to be for
    your first date :)

    :) i am loving the pictures you

    the penguin picture i melted!
    and the one right under it
    its such a cute picture for
    an engagement photoshoot :)