Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Different Light

Oh hey, I'm Jess...nice to meet you! Wow. Am I slacking!!

I get into a project, and then dive in so much that I forget about another love of mine: blogging. NaNoWriMo has taken over my life! I'm trying to get 50,000 words, and because of the long crazy weekend, I only have 11,000 words done. Um, it's definitely a lot harder than I imagined. Yet, I'm finally having the change I needed to really work on the story that is so close to my heart. Yay.

BUT, I'm not going to dedicated this post to that, instead, it's going to be about a lot of different things. And I'm going to try to not post one picture in this blog. Some of my posts consist of nothing but pictures, and that's what Pinterest is for. I forgot that sometimes a blog should be for writing down your feelings, etc. So that's exactly what I'm going to strive for in this post.

First of all, I got asked out on a date, who is it? One of my really good friends that I've only known since 2007. A few months ago, the end of summer, I saw him out and about and realized we hadn't seen each other in forever. But we got to talking, and he seemed differently interested in me. He has one of the greatest personalities in the world, and I never considered dating him. Not sure why? I guess when you are friends with someone for so long, you just don't think of them in that type of "light." But I have. It started really when we were at the tailgate lot a month ago, and I came to the game with my family. You know how people get at tailgating lots...right? Well my 16 year old brother was getting a little uncomfortable I could tell, and this guy comes up and introduces himself in a very confident matter, to my family and right away starts talking about football with my little brother. I never told my friend about my family until this point, and immediately he knew that my brother was a football player. They were talking forever, and when we walked away, both my brother and my step-mom really liked him. I thought that was so cool that he would take the time to get to know my sibling like that. Especially because he could tell he was uncomfortable.

Me and this guy have so much in common...like really, a lot. He even writes!! How did I never know about this? Because, I'm seeing things in a different light now. I finally actually flirted with him this weekend and even got a kiss in. Which honestly, wasn't awkward at all. The next night however there was some drama with an ex, but this guy stood up for me and even though I really hate when guys fight and overreact with jealousy, it was still flattering that he was defending "my honor" as his friend's lightly put it. That's another thing, his friends, are all my friends as well. Like I've said, I've known these guys forever! He gets along with everyone and that's his personality. It's a very attractive quality.

So we have a date on Friday. What is the date that day? 11/11/11...hmmm...can that mean good luck? Because I feel like it actually might! OH and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 comes out that day too! So we are going out for Mexican food (my favorite of course) and probably watching that movie, because he hasn't seen it yet and he's a big HP fan! Why do I get nervous for dates though when I can talk so easily to him and I've known him forever? I think dates just make me a little uncomfortable or something. They can be so awkward...I don't know. So I guess we'll see where the night takes us!


Vampire Diaries was absolutely amazing last week. Like OMG. It explained how vampires came to be, and I really like their analogy about it. Very intriguing to say the least. And I'm not even going to start on how much I loved the Delena scenes! WOW. They episode definitely made up for the previous one, that I really didn't like much. This Thursday is the "Homecoming" episode, and the last episode until January 5th, which I'm really bummed about. But I'll be back with my crew and hopefully we get that Damon and Elena kiss!!!

GLEE tonight, um did any of you watch it??? This season has really disappointed me. I feel like the plot line has shot down to the ground and isn't make its way back up; that being said, tonight it was back to the same epic-ness it once was. What did I love about it? I'm going to make a list:

  1. Blaine (Darren Criss) singing. I honestly die anytime a magical note leaves his beautiful mouth. I'm mesmerized by this man. And he acted so well in this episode tonight. It probably isn't easy playing a character with such diversity, but he does it with such grace. AH!! I want to marry him....and Ian somerhalder of course. 
  2. The Warblers were back!! I've missed them, and sometimes, I think I like them more than the New Directions!
  3. The musical: West Side Story!! Loved the songs from this great production :) 
  4. Finn actually trying to do something with his life and being so darn adorable with Rachel, even when she was being annoying as usual. 
  5. This new character who is making a go for Blaine. FIGHT FOR YOUR MAN KURT!
  6. Speaking of Kurt, any of the "Klaine" scenes. And them finally kissing again. It's been too darn long!
  7. Seeing Dave in the Gay bar. It was awesome and I like that he's finally coming into his own. 
  8. Football coaches loving one another...aww.
  9. Artie's speech *tear*
  10. The "First Time" if you know what I mean. 
All around, I loved this episode!! Best so far this season! And I cannot wait to buy the music from the episode tonight. 

Next, have any of you read the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini? He wrote Eragon when he was 15 years old; do you know how incredible that is? I loved Eragon, liked Eldest, and the rest mehh..but the last book, (which took him close to 5 years to write) finally came out, and I totally bought it an hour ago. Problem? I forgot what happens in the previous book, so I need to go back and re-read before I can start the book. They are really fantastic fantasy books about dragons, but sometimes his writing gets a little complex. But hopefully this book ends the series wonderfully. 

H&M is in Utah and I think it opens soon...I honestly cannot wait! I love this store and need some great new winter attire, because guess what? It keeps snowing like crazy. Yes, it makes me sad, but I do live in a state where it snows....a lot. So I need to get over it. Everyone else is upset that Christmas music is already playing on the radio, but guess what? I LOVE IT! Christmas is the greatest holiday in the world, and when I wake up and hear that, then open the shutters to see tons of snow outside, then yes, it's appropriate. 

Well that's all for today, and not one picture...it was actually hard to do. I like putting pictures up. So I'll probably post again tomorrow; do a What I Love Wednesday!! Yup. True story! 

Good night bloggers! I miss you all. xo.

PS: I don't just love my blog layout :( I kept fiddling with it the other day...and couldn't seem to get it just right. So don't be alarmed if I keep messing with it. Just wish I could make it more "personalized" and "accustomed" to me! 


  1. Jess that is soo awesome about the new boy. I really really hope that this turns into something for you. Dating a friend is a great thing in my opinion. I know there are others who think its a no-no.. but I married someone who started out as just that, a friend. I didn't see him in "that light" until after we'd been friends for a while and he noticeably started changing how he was around me. We are still best friends. Good luck with everything. Oh and H & M.... amazing! I always drive into the suburbs/Chicago to indulge since we don't have an H & M at our podunk malls lol

  2. I loved last night's episode of Glee too. Anything with Kurt and Blaine makes me happy. They are such a cute couple.

  3. aww hun!
    good luck
    i can't wait to hear about that date!
    i wish you nothing but the best
    you totally deserve it . i hope
    this is the one to make you happy :)

    XOXO ♥
    Melina ♥


  4. I do love your blog layout! Also, I'm about to watch Glee! Woot! Woot! {I skipped over that section so I didn't see anything before I watched it. Haha.} Also, I can't wait to hear about your date! So exciting! And it's the best when they get along with your family!

  5. OMG I am so excited for you! I can't wait to hear more about this boy. I think it is great to be friends first-because you know that they like you for the person that you are, and not just trying to hook up with you. I've dated friends in the past, and while the relationships didn't work out for whatever reasons, we have still remained friends years later. You deserve a wonderful guy and this one sounds like he may be it!

  6. I am so happy to hear about your date! As easy as it is to say...don't be nervous just have fun!