Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November

Today is officially November! And I'm officially mad that it's a blizzard outside. Geesh...didn't waste any time did you Mother Nature? But hey, least Halloween was a beautiful day. 

I was on candy duty last night, but it was weird, we didn't have a lot of children! Usually we have almost 50...but last night it was barely 30. It was fun though, me and my mom watched Disturbia, Casper, and Hocus Pocus. It was just relaxing and nice to spend some quality time with her because I've been gone so darn much!

Already I felt as though October has taken away the stress and now I can breathe fully and most efficiently once again. 

But I probably stressed myself out again. I decided to do NaNoWriMo which is: National Novel Writing Month. You have 30 days to write 50,000 words!! You don't really do anything with the novel, but I think it's a goal you set for yourself and see if you can actually finish it. It's more about quantity not quality. I want to see that if under some source of stress, I can accomplish writing that many words in a certain amount of time. That way when I'm seriously going to write my "real" novel, I know I can do it. When I met author Ally Condie, she told me it's a great way to start out when you are an aspiring author. And King's English Bookstore, which I'm obsessed with, told me to do it as well. So here I am, going to write a novel. It's hard though because you start from scratch, so last night I was trying to come up with some new and creative ideas. I need to get going and write at least 1,678 words a day (approx.) or I'm not sure I'll finish. Have any of you heard about this? Better yet, are any of you doing the contest?? Let me know and we can be writing buddies on the site! I'm writing under a weird pen name because it gets personal sometimes and I want to be able to write freely. 

So tonight I'm being a complete and utter dork going on...dun dun dun, a ghost tour. We couldn't last night so tonight we are going to places around Utah and seeing if they are "haunted" or not. I'm not exactly sure where we are going, but I'm really excited!! Just the historic places alone fascinates me. I'm going with my cousins and first we are going to Sunset Boulevard Cafe for some amazing grilled cheese sandwiches (they have up to 10 different kinds). So get ready for pictures, unless they don't let me take any on the tour. I'm just wondering how this is going to work so well in the snow...it better stop!!! 

Now for some random pictures for the beginning of November. They are all from my Pinterest. Mind you, I pin a lot...a lot, a lot. 

First of all, look at these cute crafts that I so desperately want to make:
 This is like my dream bedroom. I just love the attic feel of it. Brilliant really. 
 Something I'm really excited for? 
Have you seen these posters? There are more of all the characters, but these are my favorites. 
I love Rue!!!!
My boy Peeta :)
Now because it's snowing, I have to show the beauty of winter. I do love it, don't get me wrong, it just lasts forever in Utah. But just look how peaceful & wonderful it truly can be:
 And what would be a November post without giving thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving?
I definitely want to make a "Thankful Tree" - such a great idea!!
Well there is a lot of wonderful times to come, and more pictures where that came from!! I need to go get ready for work and have some cinnamon apple muffins my mommy just made though! Hope November 1st is going lovely for you.



  1. Yayy! I can't wait for the Hunger Games :) I am beyond excited.

    I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog, come stop by if you'd like :)


  2. Good luck with NaNo, I'm doing it this year as well. Also, I can't wait for the Hunger Games!

  3. WOW!! A novel in a month?! EXCITING! Good for you!! Keep us posted on how that goes for you. :) Awesome pins, by the way- I love your taste.

  4. OBSESSED with hunger games. Cannot wait for the movie! Hope your well love :)

  5. Helloo dear! Long time no chat! :) I have 3 things to say:
    1. I'm not following you on pinterest!
    2. I WISSSH I still lived where it snows. I miss that winter feeling so much!
    3. You are just dang gorgeous in your halloween pictures!

    Hope all has been well!

  6. woops.. that #1 should be i am NOW*** following you on pinterest. hehe.