Monday, November 21, 2011

Never Look Back

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was...hmm..bittersweet. There were some fun times, but drama that came with it. I think it was my own fault, but sometimes it's hard for me to open up as much as I'd like to. I think it's because of previous relationships, and the past two years watching my step-father die from ALS. It makes you stronger, yet, you don't want to let others in as easily because of the simple fact that you could break down in an instant! But I realized, you really truly cannot look back...for what is the point?
Anyways, here are some pictures from the weekend:
I'm not sure if anyone noticed from the pictures, but I did have my extensions in this night. I'm obsessed with them! Love how thick they make my hair, and the length is awfully nice as well! I didn't take any pictures Saturday night for some reason, but we watched the game and went to dinner. It was nice and relaxing, and that game was a close one! The Utes only have one more home game this Friday...Black Friday! Ah!

It's starting to get SO unbelievably cold in Utah, and I really need to go shopping for more winter clothes. I love the "capes," yet I don't have one. Loving this green one!
So, did everyone see Breaking Dawn yet? I decided I'm going to do a whole post about it to review it...and it will be extremely spoiler-y - so go see it if you haven't. I've already seen it twice. Oh boy! But I must say, I'm definitely not as big as a fanatic as I once was. So that's a good thing right?

The cover art for Lover Reborn (The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R Ward) just came out, and waiting till March is going to be so hard. That and The Hunger Games both come out then...the waiting people...the waiting!!
If you haven't read this adult novel series...I suggest you do so. Wow. Just wow. 
So I realized that the birthdays in my family, are seriously clustered together. October there were so many it was unreal, and not my step-mom Kim's birthday and my older cousin Alaina's birthday are both on Tuesday. But I'm going tonight to a delicious Chinese restaurant called the Mandarin. Mmm. And then tomorrow going out for Kim's birthday at Cafe' Madrid. I honestly cannot wait! But I've been eating so much lately, need to start working out a lot more. I was doing so good there for a while.

Also, Thanksgiving is already here; can you believe it? I feel like time is moving so swiftly lately, and if I close my eyes for one moment, it could pass me by! I must say though, I cannot, simply cannot, wait for Christmas though. Greatest holiday ever! Just make me happy :) But with these holidays, also comes sadness. This is the first year without Greg (my step-father) and these holidays remind me that he's not here to share it with us. It hurts my heart more than I can express, but I know he's with us. And I'm thankful for my family for sticking by our side so much. That doesn't mean that I'll miss him any less, especially during Christmas. My mom is getting so unbelievably sad, so I'm trying to think of a really special gift I can give her this year. And I'm not talking about a gift that you just by in stores. So if anyone has any special ideas, please let me know. I'd really appreciate it.
Saw this quote, and realized it's something I've always thought as well. 
Embarrassing I know, but I really really like this guy. I'll just use his first initial just incase people I know are reading this ;) "W" ha! He's going out of town for Thanksgiving with his family, and I really think I might miss him a lot. I'm trying to not get ahead of myself, but feelings are really coming out. He's really the nicest guy I've ever dated, and genuinely good guy. But with that, I'm somewhat afraid. When you are treated that wonderfully, sometimes you think something else is going on. And create problems inside you head. I started to do that this weekend, and like I said...I really need to stop it. It's okay to let people in..even at the risk of being hurt. Everyone deserves that clean slate. We say in an "open-relationship" because we go on dates and casually hang out (plus I don't want anything too serious right now; like taking it slow), but I did ask him if he goes on dates with a lot of other girls...his reply? He said he isn't interested in anyone besides me. Aw right?? I feel the same way about him. It's too hard for me to like someone, and then like five other guys as well. I commit to my feelings inside of myself, and let them take over.
Just had to post this. I'm obsessed with waterfalls. Is this not remind you of Avatar?? 
Anyways, moral of this post: Never look back. Only look forward. You don't want to miss a thing. I hope you all have a wonderful...Monday. Wow, totally forgot what day it was! Yikes.


  1. Where are your extensions from? I have been looking for some, I have very thick hair, but can never find any that don't look fake or too thin???!

  2. i definitely did notice the length
    i love it! well i love long hair
    period ..

    and i know how you feel
    i had to become a tough cookie too!
    i went trough so much when i moved
    to the USA and i was only 11. I
    grew up really fast .. and definitely
    never look back love! Keep your head
    up and look for the future!

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    are hosting a Secret Santa
    Blogger Style! I would love
    for you to be a part of it!

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  3. Great post, great lesson! I hope everything works out with the guy (W.) The pictures of the weekend look like you had fun.. I can't wait for the Hunger Games either!!! I was so happy to see the preview before Breaking Dawn :)

  4. I truly hope things work out for you and W... I know exactly how you feel about opening up.. I am the exact same way... <3

  5. Idea! You could make something with that quote on it?? frame...keepsake box?? hope that ya!

  6. That green cape is gorgeous! And it looks like your weekend was a lot of fun! Also, I totally need to get extensions because my hair is super thin! I'd love to make it thicker and longer! You look gorgeous!

  7. Ha ha...oh no! I better see Breaking Dawn before you post about it! :) Love your long hair! :)

  8. your hair looks really good! :)
    THe holidays are the hardest times to be without loved ones :/ Try to remember all the good memories and talk about them with your fam so it's like he's there with you.

  9. Boo for drama...but you look very happy and beautiful in these photos! & I love waterfalls, too...that totally reminds me of Avatar. ;)

    I hope that you have a SUPER HAPPY THANKSGIVING, friend, full of blessings and family and yummy food.