Monday, November 28, 2011

Picture Explosion

Well hello dear Blogger world!! How are we doing on this Manic Monday after the holidays?? I know that I'm still full from Thanksgiving...but that's okay. I only gained what, 10 lbs. Ha...oh boy. Need to start getting my jiggly butt to the stinking gym!! But the greatest thing is, Christmas is right around the corner! It's by far my favorite holiday. And I honestly cannot wait to do so many Christmas activities!! But I'll talk about that in time.

I have so many pictures from last week, it's not even funny. So I may just post all the pictures, and leaving the typing to my story I'm writing. I'm sad to report, that I don't think I was able to accomplish my NaNoWriMo goal this month :( Too much crazy stuff going on, and I didn't have as much free time as I would've liked. But hey, it did it's just in inspiring me to write, write, write! That is the ultimate goal is it not?

Anyway, PICTURE TIME. These are some of the events that you will see:
  • Alaina's Birthday (cousin)
  • Kim's Birthday (Step-mom)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Utes game (horrible, horrible game)
  • Friend celebration for Alaina's birthday
  • Party at my friend Natalie & Danielle's house
  • Lumpys 
My brother's poor broken hand. Has to get surgery tomorrow :(
 What a long week/weekend right?? But it was great times! The only thing that was missing, was the guy I like...he was in Cali with his family for Thanksgiving. So, I got a little lonely. But I was with all of our friends so that was good, and we spoke every single day. Think we might hang out tonight too :) Either watch movies, go to a movie, and eat out or order in. Need to decide!!

I'm also playing "mommy" this week. If you saw the picture of my little brother Landon's hand, you'll know that he broke it playing football and has to get surgery tomorrow. My step-mom and dad's anniversary is tomorrow, so they're staying up in Deer Valley. Landon wanted them to go still, so I'll be staying at the house with my two brothers and watching Landon after surgery. He should be just fine, just maybe a little drugged up. It just sucks it's his writing hand...but I'll definitely help him with his homework.

So how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was really nice, I made a toast for Greg though and got all emotional. But that's okay; it needed to be said. He was with us though...I know it!

I still need to do a Breaking Dawn review and I want to do a whole post on Christmas time :) (the best time!!). I also need to change up my blog decor for Christmas/wintertime as well. I love the fall theme, but it's time, once again, to switch it up!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. xo.


  1. I can't wait to hear your Breaking Dawn review now that I've actually seen it! :] And it looks like your weekend was just perfect! I LOVE your outfit for I think Thanksgiving day. So cute!

  2. Hello jam-packed weekend! Glad you had fun girlie!!

  3. I love picture explosions and it looks like you had quite the adventures! I am loving your Thanksgiving pretty on you!

    Liesl :)