Thursday, November 17, 2011

Start Of Something New

Why when you always begin new things, is it so exciting? It's like a breath of fresh air! And I love that. Sometimes I wish that feeling never faded away...but that's life right? What am I talking about right now? I'm talking about the butterflies flying around in my stomach! That's right, I went on my date last night and it was so much fun!! Definitely worth the wait. I really am starting to like this guy, but I definitely want to take things slow; which he agrees with as well. We went to Red Iguana which has got to be the best Mexican food in all of SLC. I'm the biggest Mexican food fan, yet I've never been there? WTF?! Well, new favorite restaurant that's for sure! Then we went back to my house and watched the last Harry Potter. Even got a kiss in there. I felt as though I was 16 again and it was just really romantic the entire date. Definitely a change from how I usually meet guys. He's so polite and knowing him forever definitely helps with nerves. I like that we have that base of friendship. I feel comfortable and know I can trust him, and trust is HUGE in my book!! So we're going on another date soon, and hanging out this weekend. THRILLED. I'm not thinking of the future; I'm living in the now. And let me tell you, I'm enjoying the ride so far.
The fun continues tonight though, I'm going to dinner with all my girls and then going back to my friend Lexi's house to watch Eclipse, then we are going to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 1. I really am curious how they're going to do things, and I think I know exactly where they're going to cut the movie. I'm just praying to God they don't show how graphic/gory the birth is. I might faint haha. Don't do well with "hospital" type stuff. I'll probably write a review on it tomorrow or something, so don't read it if you haven't seen it!!

So I'm really excited for Titanic to come back to theaters. I was obsessed with this movie back in the day (still am), or should I say, obsessed with Leo. I swear I had pictures of him all over my walls. Miss those days ;)
 Well everyone enjoy your Thursday! It's almost the weekend again. Yay! xo.


  1. Titanic in 3D!! I remember when I saw it when it first came's just a great movie!!!

    ♥ Shia

  2. oh my god
    i want to hug you right now!
    i am so exited everything went
    perfect! you even got a kiss WOOT WOOT!

    how cute! i am glad you like
    this guy and that you planning
    to take it slow =)

    i hope you have a blast tonight!

    [♥]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[♥]

  3. Yay!! I'm so excited your date was good! :] I can't wait to hear more about this boy! And I didn't even know Titanic was coming back! That's exciting! It's crazy how many remakes they're doing lately! Anyway, I can't wait to hear what you think of Breaking Dawn!!

  4. Dito your sentiments about Titantic! I get giddy every time I watch it (leo helps!). Ah, to be young and in a never can be romance. Sigh.

  5. You went to the midnight showing?! You lucky girl. I just realized it was released an hour ago, a hour and 40 minutes late. Hope it was good :D

    Maybe I'll go see it tomorrow!

    Congrats on your new relationship / dating. Saver every moment... not that you need me telling you this ;)

    Happy weekend!

  6. Bonus points for finding a guy who wants to watch Harry Potter on a date :)

  7. I cant wait for Titanic in theaters. How great that is going to be!