Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well I lied, not intentionally, but I wasn't able to post for "What I Love Wednesday" I'm sorry :( I'm sure you all survived just fine though!

Thanks so much for the nice comments on my last post. Fingers crossed the date goes well. But is it weird that part of me still wants to be single? I get in this mode, where I feel oh so strong, and I don't want to become vulnerable. And just barely, people keep asking me on dates (of course right when one guy does - where were they months ago?). I just don't want to "settle down" but I don't want to shut myself off either you know? I think I hold a lot inside sometimes, mainly because I had to become so strong after my step-father passed away from ALS, that now I'm afraid that someone will barge their way in to my "manageable" and "safe" life, and shatter me. NOT trying to be a Debby Downer in the slightest, I just maybe want to "play the field" and see what is out there. But I am really excited for the date. As a good guy friend told me yesterday, "Jess, it isn't as if you are marrying him - just have fun for right now. If it's meant to be, it will be." Thanks Tim! Great advice ha. Nice having guys telling you what's up everyone once and a while. Even though waiting sometimes to find "the right guy" is grueling, I found this quote and really think it's true:
So today is going to be a pretty busy day. I'm meeting my good friend Lex for lunch, and I've decided to look at hair extensions. The clip in ones. All my friends have them, and I want them mainly to make my hair thicker. I have really thin hair, and it wasn't an issue before, because it was shorter. But I did face this problem back in the day when it was sooo long. It just looks stringy and, well, not so pretty. I know I'll never have thick hair, but this way, I can clip these in and there we go! Have you all ever gotten the clip in extensions ever? What is your take on them?

I cannot wait for tomorrow, yes, mainly because of the date, and I'm sorry, but I think it's SO cool that tomorrow is: 11/11/11 - such good luck yea? I bet everyone will have a great day. Or a "lucky" day. At least I hope they will!! You know what would be funny? If I really started dating that guy, and then that was our anniversary. You'd never forget that date right? H&M is opening also and I'm going right when it opens with my girl Jenn to go spend some mula! But no, I'm also so excited that Harry Potter 7 Part 2 comes out on DVD. I'm definitely going to be there to get that! I found this picture about "identity" with the different houses at Hogwarts. I really liked it:
Every time I read the Harry Potter series, or watch the movie on J.K Rowling's life, it makes me more and more excited to become an author. I know writing is a process, and the waiting after is a process in itself...but look how worth it, it was for Jo. I just really look up to her and she definitely is an idol in my life. So happy that once again, the HP's are playing on TV :) Totally watched them last night. Never can get sick of the movies, or the books! Look at these cuties:
PS: Neville got so hot!! And Rupert is my boy :)
Ah! Back to my day...So after I get hair extensions and hang out with Lex (we always have deep conversations, which I love so much), then I'm going to go shopping for a bit. Then, I'm going to Redrock for some pizza and then to Pi Phi to watch the Mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries. I'm so sad that it wont be back on until January 5th. Ugh. Seriously? Why do they do that!? Now what am I supposed to do with my Thursdays? I guess I could always accomplish something rather than being obsessed with fictional characters......nah. All I know is, that DELENA better happen tonight!!! I want that kiss!
Also, everyone! Breaking Dawn is so soon! I cannot wait. I've been getting back into the Twilight series, even though I truly think Vampire Diaries is 10 times better. I still love Twilight and always will.
So excited for Bella to become a vamp!! 
Have a great day everyone!! I have to go get ready! Didn't look at the time! EEPS! xo.


  1. Good luck on your date! And I love that quote! It's so true. Also, your guy friend has good advice. :] Guys really do sometimes have the greatest advice. And Oh. My. Goodness. the pictures of the HP characters from the beginning to the end are so fun! I can't believe how young they looked! Crazy!

  2. not till January for the show's return!? Seriously? That is so stupid!

  3. ok so can i tag along
    for the H&M shopping?
    lol .. thats my ultimate
    favorite store!

    i hope you have a great weekend


  4. I have thin hair too, let me know how it works out! :)

  5. I've never had hair extensions, my hair is super thick. I'd like a red colored streak or something though to spice things up!
    I'm excited for HP to come out too! Um Hello Neville, he doesn't even look like the same kid! I actually talked about J K Rowling on my last job interview when asked who I'd like to meet if I could meet anyone. :)
    Good luck on your date, remember to have fun!

  6. AH! Love Harry Potter!! Rupert Grint forever- haha! Also, I've never had the clip in extensions, but I have had real extensions and they were absolutely worth it. I eventually got tired of the maintenance of them, though, so clip-ins would be PERFECT, I'd imagine- no maintenance at all. You'd look hot! And speaking of hot, have fun on your date- don't put pressure on it and just see where things go. No need to rush! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. I never realized you live in Denver until I saw the H&M comment and then the Redrocks comment lol

    I live in D_town also :)