Monday, December 5, 2011


So today is a beautiful sunny day, it's also pretty much 20 degrees outside. It almost hurts it's so cold. Just another typical day in Utah during winter. I also live in the mountains so, with that comes tons of snow. It doesn't help that my driveway is practically the steepest hill ever! My aunt dropped off these boxes to us last night, and her Land Cruiser started sliding and got stuck in the weirdest position. It took us almost a half-an-hour to get her out of that weird angle! I just really think we need to get a heated driveway...oh wait, too bad their so expensive!! I almost think it's worth the money though, especially if my mom wants to stay in this house as she becomes elderly!!

Yesterday was such a fun Sunday. It was like the North Pole at my house! My mom and I decorated our tree, made Christmas cookies, watched Christmas movies, and went to Olive Garden with my Yiayia too. It was just a relaxing festive day which was needed!! We also saw an Angel Giving Tree, and decided to pick off 5 children from the tree. How can you not when you see a child is asking for socks and underwear? It was enough to break my heart. So today we went and got a doll, two board games, tons of socks and underwear. After buying those things, it made me feel SO unbelievably good and I realized I wish I could get a hundred more of these "wish lists" on the trees! I think one Christmas, my whole family should only give gifts to families that don't have anything. We are all so fortunate, and when someone asks for underwear it truly opens your eyes. It also shows you what an impact GIVING truly makes and what Christmas is really about. It's not about receiving, it's about the giving. And let me tell you, it means a lot when you do. You just feel good down to your core! Definitely will probably go get more before Christmas time is here!!
Picture of our beautiful Christmas tree
(I'm going to do a whole post on my house at Christmas time - STAY TUNED!!)
Rudolph - My favorite Christmas movie!! 
On my Pinterest page, I recently made a BUCKET LIST and it's actually really cool because you seen the pictures of things that you want to accomplish in life. I just think a Bucket List is such a great idea, especially after the movie with Morgan & Jack!! Really opens your eyes and makes you truly want to live, and live as if it's your last day on earth. For who knows, it very well could be. Along with that Bucket List, there are a lot of Christmas ones to do for the holidays. I'm going to do it all - I seriously just love Christmas oh so much. I decided I'm going to post the most blog entries as well for the holidays.
So I must say that liking someone during the holidays is really fun. Usually I'm single around this time, well I guess I have liked boys during the holidays before, but this is different. I can see myself in a relationship with my boy and it makes things a lot more exciting. It would be cool to have an anniversary right around Christmas, or like New Years Day or something (excited for that New Years kiss this year).
Just doing activities, especially Christmas ones, with someone you care about it so much fun.
How cute is that picture?? I love it. Tangled in the lights. 
The boy I'm crushing on is leaving for New York Wednesday till Monday :( I feel like that's a long time, and I can tell I like him a lot because I'm already missing him. I'm quite jealous he's going to New York during this time though. I've always wanted to see it during the holidays. 
When do you honestly think it's good to become "official" with a guy, if I may be a little forward for a moment? We've had the talk, but I still want to take it slow - not sure if he wants to too. I think he wants to start that relationship, but it's been so long for me since I've had a "boyfriend" that I get really nervous. I'm just not sure I'm ready. I guess when you know, you know like anything right? Or maybe I should just take the leap. I don't want other experiences to really influence anything (like being hurt), but you cant help but keep your guard up...especially after watching my step-father die for two years, it made me a lot stronger, but at the same time, I feel like I could shatter quite easily. I'm trying not to be lame, but I just want this to be right. And right for both of us. I think relationships are a huge commitment and you need to be prepared for it. Thoughts friends??

Change of subject: I wrote earlier that me and my mom baked yesterday, and when I say we "bake" during the holiday season, I'm not talking about some sugar cookies and calling it no see we give cookies, Greek pastries, and other desserts away as gifts for the we make a lot, a lot. It's quite the process and I'm surprised I don't gain a million pounds as we cook (cookie dough come on). I love baking though; it's so much fun and so delicious. Plus giving away what you make and having others enjoy it is what it's all about is it not? 
These "Let it Snow" cupcakes are adorable! I may have to make these as well. 
Have you all read books by Cassandra Clare? Well I love her Mortal Instruments series, and she has a newer one called: The Infernal Devices. The first book in the series is called Clockwork Angel and was actually really good. Her next one in the series, Clockwork Prince comes out tomorrow! I've very excited. If you haven't already read her books, you really should. It's refreshing to say the least. 
First in the series: Will on the cover :)
Comes out tomorrow!! Jem is on the cover. 
Besides baking, shopping and doing other Christmas activities this month, I really need to focus on my writing. I want to write at least 5 pages a day (or more, hopefully more). I miss writing daily, and sometimes you just need to make the time to do it. So I'll probably talk about it, but more on my "writing blog" The Written Word. 

Well there's my post for today, I'm exhausted for some reason. I might have to go take a nap before work and Zumba tonight!! Happy Monday folks. xo. 


  1. Your Christmas tree looks beautiful! :)

    As for the boy...I say take the leap and do it! Great things can come from something unknown! :)

  2. Yay! I love Christmastime! And having a boy around Christmastime is THE. BEST!! :] Also, you Christmas tree is gorgeous! I can't wait to hear more about all of your holiday traditions! Also, I'm super jealous that your boy is in New York! I wish I could be there! I bet he'd take you someday!! ;)

  3. hmmm as for this boy (and all your christmas stuff sounds excellent) i'd say being official doesn't matter. a label shouldn't change anything. if its convenient for toehr people to explain what the two of you are, then you can use it. but you spend time with him because you want to not because he's your boyfriend. he becomes your boyfriend when you aren't/ dont want to be dating anyone else. dont' let the label scare you - it shouldn't speed upor slow down a relationship. my theory is in all relationshisp you just take lots of little steps, sometimes the steps just have big names on them.

    and thanks for your comment!
    i'm your newest folllower :)

  4. I LOVE christmastime! This post is awesome. Makes me want to watch Rudolph right this second.