Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Spirit

The countdown is continuing... and we only have 9 days left NINE!!! Yes, that's a little bit of panic in my voice that you can hopefully hear through text ;)

There are so many gifts I still need to get, so I guess that will be my to-do for next week ;)

I feel like I've been more busy baking than anything else!! Oh and looking for a new job. Don't you worry readers, I'll get to it all!

My house has currently turned into: Sprinkel's Bakery!! I always loved my mom's last name and thought she should own a real life bakery...she said no, and that she liked cooking only for family and friends. Fine.  Be that way! But really, her cooking is divine and we've made almost any type of cookie you can think of to hand out! We have regular Christmas cookies, Greek cookies, and crazy recipes that make the cookies look beautiful and taste...mmm..mmm..good!
I made these cute cookies. They are wonderful!! I have gotten so many recipes off of Pinterest this year - awesome.
This cookie's recipe can be found: here 
Lately I decided, I need an entire new wardrobe! I'm not the greatest shopper, but Pinterest has seriously opened my eyes a lot. It's a great helper! I love to accessorize, that much is certain.
I LOVE these tights!!
These longer socks are so cute, and would look adorable under boots! 
These hats are my favorite, I just wish I could pull them off better! I always look like a Smurf ;) 
So with Christmas right around the corner, you have to realize what is important to you. I think what I've done this month that has meant the most to me, was picking those 5 children off of the "Angel Giving Tree" and getting them gifts. To buy for others, means so much more I think. I saw this list of the 12 Christmas Prayers, and I think it should be said during this month.
It's almost time - and I can't wait to have children one day. Having Santa come...oh man, I love it!! I wish I still believed. Actually in a way I still do :) Believe in the spirit of Christmas of course. 
I LOVE this DIY ornament 
"Believing isn't seeing, seeing is believing." 
I am beyond excited: my mom and I are going to the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve Day!! I LOVE the Nutcracker; I've been so in the spirit this year and practically done everything. I still need to go see the lights down town, and go up to Park City main street (one of my favorite places in Utah). But I have watched every single Christmas movie, listened to Christmas music, went shopping, etc. I've done well. The only thing still on the list was to go see the Nutcracker. I love doing that every year, especially with my mom. Usually we go with the whole family, but it will be nice just the two of us! Also, when we get home, the whole family is coming over for bread-bowl soup, and other goodies. We are going to watch movies, light a fire, etc. Then it's my mom and my tradition...opening PJ's on X-mas Eve. Then waking up to lovely gifts, then going to my cousin's house to have our traditional, and delicious, brunch!! Then to my dad's house. I do this same routine every year, started when I was little!

There will be one vital part missing this year though...Greg. I miss him everyday, but I know he's with us. It's so hard because this year is all the "firsts" without him. Christmas is such a time of year, where family is who you need to be with. So when someone is missing, it's like half of your heart is missing too. I went to go visit his grave the other day, and took him a Christmas plant...
RIP Greg. 
I know we have to move forward, and I'm doing my ultimate best. I hung out with my best friend Mary last night and every time I hang out with her, it's a breath of fresh air. She knows me better than most people, and I told her whats been going on with me lately, and the boy I'm liking. We pulled these "cards" out, and it is like your horoscope. Mine told me to take a leap: Ready, Set, Go! Go after my heart's desire. It was crazy. It like told what I was thinking and feeling, to at T! It goes a lot with what I'm feeling for W. Things are really starting to get serious, and while I'm scared, I'm excited. I want this to work and I want to dive into it wholeheartedly. We need to take risks in our life; take chances. It's the only way we grow and move to the next stage of our life. We also decided to make this little box:
Best Friend 1 Year Box
Mary's mom gave us the idea. We wrote wishes, hopes, dreams, and where we want to be in 1 year. We wrote letters together, etc. We cannot open the box until December 14th 2012 at 11:11 (that's when we closed the box). If we keep that promise, we get a nice surprise ;) SECRET THOUGH. Shhh!!

Let's see what else was I going to talk about, oh right, the BIG job!! I decided to stop teaching with Bricks 4 Kidz, while it was a great learning opportunity, I'm ready to do what I was "born" to do: teach. I want my own classroom, my own roster of students, everything...the WHOLE package. Challenger school is looking for teachers, and this ad keeps coming up. I keep hearing about I think it's my calling. At least for now right? Maybe the universe is trying to push this opportunity towards me. Even if I don't stay there forever, I can teach there, and then at nights I can be working to get my official teaching license so I can teach in public schools (where I eventually want to end up). 

Enough rambling for today though!! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season...I know I am :) 

PS: I hope this UTAH FOG, will just go gross. It has been snowing, but we need a really good snow to get the smog out of here! It does look like Mystic Falls though with the fog (yes, that is a Vampire Diaries reference, I'm sorry!)


  1. Do you have the link to that awesome prayer list?! :)


    Here you go love :) You can actually buy the print on etsy!

  3. hey gorgeous!
    this post was amazing
    i really like the pins
    you found for the xmas spirit!

    i can't wait for xmas myself
    and posts like this remind
    me how close we are getting!

    i want to bake too :)
    ill soon be doing that myself

    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
    Happy Thursday!
    Melina ♥
    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

  4. Love this post! So much Christmas spirit! :)

  5. I am seeing the nutcracker on saturday and am so excited! My mom and I go every year :) I sent you an email to your smiley gurl address!