Sunday, November 25, 2012

How Long Was I Gone...?

Whoa. Holy cow. This might've been the LONGEST I've gone without writing on my blog.

I cannot believe it. I almost don't know what to say.

I guess what I say has been BUSY. Not just like having a few busy days in a row...I'm talking about my life totally has changed.

I'm a full time teacher at a wonderful Montessori, and a Grad student working towards my Masters of Education Degree.

I barely have time for myself anymore. It's nuts really. I do miss blogging though - but I don't know if I can keep up with it like I used to. I'll never abandon it, but if I can't write much, don't judge me friends. I've missed you all though! I've missed the Blogger world.

I did get a tumblr. though to see what the big deal is. Not going to lie, I still don't get it. But hey, if you want to follow me, come here.

I've missed talking about Halloween (which was awesome), and Thanksgiving (which was delicious and full of thankfulness), and now moving on to my favorite of all holidays...CHRISTMAS!! Lets see what else, I've almost been with my boy for 1 whole year! WOW. On December 16th it will have been a year. That's so crazy to me. Seriously crazy. My kitty is doing awesome, love him so much. Missing my step dad still (been a year since his passing; think about him all the time). Hmm....

I'm going to try and do one of my Instagram Catchups in the next few days of ALL the pictures I've been taking. Because yes, Instagram is something I actually have been keeping up with. So then maybe I can help describe what's been going on in my life.

I have been writing also, a lot, for the NaNoWriMo. It ends next week! AH (time goes by so quickly). But today I reached 41, if I keep going, I'll be able to reach 50k by the end of the month!! It's helped progress my book so much more. I'm very pleased. Not even going to think about the editing process right now though...YIKES!

I hope you all have been so well. I hope you remember me. If not, I'll try to say hi and pop in when I can.

Thanks for sticking around; means the world.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Lucky Boy

Losing a pet is never easy...I've gone through it a few times now; losing Lucky was really hard.

I've had this cat since he and his brother (Buddy) were little furballs. Basically I've had him for 15 years...longest cat so far.

He's been getting old, there's no denying that...but he wasn't eating anymore (food is his favorite thing), wasn't drinking water, and this Friday my mom called me crying saying that he was lying on the grass, not responding and cold. He was still alive though.

She rushed him to the animal hospital and I met her there. My older bro and the fam were in town this weekend, so they met us there.

Lucky's temperature had dropped and they were trying to warm him up, but it wasn't working. The vet told us that he had a huge tumor on his spline. Hearing this dropped my heart completely. Lucky's brother, Buddy, we had to put to sleep two years ago because he had a rare cancer in his jaw. He was my buddy, my cat, and I couldn't be there when they put him to sleep. I was afraid we were repeating the past.

Why couldn't a pet just die because they were old...why did it have to be cancer...again? Just made me sick. She said he might've been diabetic too, so even if he made it through surgery, we would have to give him shots daily. We went back to look at him, and before that I was thinking "no way are we putting him to sleep...he'll make it," but when I saw him wrapped up in the blankets, I knew...he was almost gone. It would be cruel to make him go through that long painful process, so we decided, as a family, to end his suffering.

I'll say this, I don't know if I can ever be in the room again when they put one of my animals to sleep. It was so hard; still hurts my heart just writing about it.

They had a beautiful poem where animals go when they die "Over the Rainbow Bridge," and all I could think about was that Lucky would soon be sitting on Greg's lap and be reunited with his brother.

He passed away quickly and quietly, but it wrenched my heart. I realized this cat helped me so much when Greg passed away a year ago. He comforted me, made me smile, just helped me grieve the way I needed to. Losing him, yea, it was hard.
I made that Instagram collage in honor of my Luckster. I'll miss him so much, but even though this process was hard, it's worth having animals in our life. They become such a big part of the family and they truly do bring happiness with their little personalities.

I was fortunate to have Lucky in my life for 15 years, and I'll always remember his comfort and love.

Goodbye Lucky Boy.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My First Week as a Teacher

Yes. Last week was my first week as a co-teacher in my classroom with the lead teacher at Dancing Moose Montessori.

I can't even begin to describe how the week was. Some days were amazing, others I thought "what am I doing," then I just felt plain happy with where my life has gotten. Friday was by far the best day. I really bonded with the other teacher in our class, and the children were so great. Overall, it was a fantastic day.

I love teaching, I know I'll be able to teach more when I'm a lead teacher someday, but for now, I'm still learning.

I have some pictures of my week last week:
My cute lesson plan book :)
Stonebridge Golf Course; my new favorite place I found to have lunch!
My school and my class! I LOVE IT.
It's always weird being the "new" girl, but I'm trying to make friends! The children keep me smiling though; that's why I love working with children. 

This weekend has been so fun and nice: Friday I just had a relaxing night and got pizza and watched movies with my boy, then Saturday went to dinner with a big group of old friends, then out for a friend's birthday, and today I swam and just relaxed. It's been so nice. 

Here is a picture of my cat Lucky, drinking pool water:
Silly old cat :) 
I'm going to bed early, so that's a short post. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Take care. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I start Co-teaching on Monday! I cannot wait; finally I get to do what I love. No, I'm not a lead in the Montessori classroom just yet, but that's okay, I enjoy gaining more experience and knowledge on my journey. Dancing Moose Montessori is a part of my path, and I'm so thankful to this school. They helped me find out about the Montessori Program that was so new to Westminster College. It's so exciting. Plus, it's a beautiful school located next to a country club! WOW.

Here are some pictures of my new school:

We get a chef at our school :)
Huge community garden! Isn't this part cute? Giant Moose :)
 I love what Dr. Joyce Sibbitt writes about the school: "Montessori education focuses on the whole child. It involves sound educational practices that build upon a child's knowledge with activities that are interesting and engaging. Children learn to approach learning creatively, observing their surroundings in ways that challenge what others may see as mundane and commonplace. The Dancing Moose Montessori classroom is filled with beautiful materials designed to teach concrete lessons that precede abstract conceptualization. The environment is conducive to freedom and spontaneity because ethics of peace, order, and respect are upheld in the classroom community."

Some people might think that the name is odd, but listen to why it's called Dancing Moose Montessori: "The name Dancing Moose Montessori School is connected to the founders' philosophical beliefs about curriculum. It emphasizes the creative lens that might be applied to nature. A moose, indigenous to Utah, may be seen simply as a long-legged rather awkward animal. For others, though, this magnificent animal moving swiftly through the wooded mountains might indeed be perceived as a dancing moose. DMMS encourages the creative, free-flowing ideas that individuals bring to the curriculum. Creative expression is applied to every aspect of the DMMS curriculum." 

 I'm so excited to start this journey!! I hope I'm taking the right path, I've worked so hard, and Grad school is just it's going to be a long year :) I can't wait to make the most of it.

My Montessori Program really was the best. Here are some pictures:
What I love about Montessori's, are the materials; honestly, they're beautiful. Classrooms of Montessori's always are really.

OH, and today is my 8 month anniversary with my sweetie!! We're celebrating tomorrow though. He's the best.
This was a wedding, my friend Nicole's wedding, pictures I never posted (just a few):
All dressed up
My mom and cousin - mismatched twins!
Oh and other exciting news: WriteOnCon was a blast! I'm going to have a post about it on my writing blog in the next few days. But that's not the exciting part, I finally reached 30k on my novel. THAT'S A LOT, well for me. I'm on the path! Woo.

Now I'm off to a big fat Greek family dinner at Rio Grande Mexican food HA! :) Have a great night.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend of Fun & a Week of Freedom

Well, how are we doing on this Monday morning? I'm very well, even though I didn't sleep 100%. This weekend though was one of a kind, and I had SO much fun.

First I went to Gracie's 1st Birthday. Here are some pictures:
Birthday Girl :)
Puppy Cedar and a gigantic bone!
I gave Gracie the card on the left :)
Total, there were 9 one point, there were more dogs than humans! That's a lot of dogs...
Gracie's Birthday Pizza ha!
 It was such a fun party! The dogs were so cute together and my boyfriend brought his two dogs: Shane and Lucy. Adorable.

That wasn't the only birthday this weekend though. It was my Nana's 89th Birthday! BIG ONE. It was fun though, because my Uncle from California, flew in to surprise my grandma. It was sweet. We had a huge BBQ with steak, twice baked potatoes, garlic cheese bread, salad, and a German Chocolate Cake.
Will met my Nana and Uncle for the first time! AH. It's big that he's meeting so many of my family members. This Thursday it will be 8 months officially and not official-9 months. That's a long time! I'm so excited for fall and to decorate his cute little cottage for X-mas (yes, I'm already thinking that far ahead). We really want to go to Harry Potter Land (he wants to see The Walking Dead exhibit) at Orlando Studies in October, so we'll see if it actually happens. 

Okay these next pictures aren't a big deal, so lets not make it one. I'm NOT thinking of marriage anytime soon, but I realized I really want to have a "forest" wedding. And how cool would it be to have a Smore Station? Yea. Awesome!
 I just love that stuff the woods and forests. The trees just add a different element to it. That's why I love Oregon so much. But it would also be amazing to get married on a beach, but I would want to by a Oregon :) I want to go back there so bad. Bummed I couldnt' this summer. I think I am going to go to Bear Lake in a week or so though, thankfully!

I did say this is a week of freedom, and I meant it. This is it. I start teaching NEXT Monday and then school back up in September for a year...and then another year. This week I'm going to enjoy every moment. Today I'm getting my hair trimmed (not real exciting I know) and then going out with the girls to a place called Melty Way. ALL GRILLED CHEESES. Yup, I'm excited. It's going to be fun to have that girl time.

Anyways, enough rambling, I'm going to go do some writing :) xo. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My 2 Week Summer

It was almost a week ago that I finished summer school...too bad I start back up again September 11th through the whole year. Okay, no, that was negative...I'm really excited, but it's just a ton of work, plus adding on teaching. I cannot wait to start my first day as an Early Childhood Teacher! Yesterday I bought my Lesson Plan book and little pencils and erasers for my students. They can take them home, I am just the new teacher, so I wanted to say HELLO in a cute way :) 

I start the 20th, so that doesn't leave me a lot of time to enjoy summer. I have to get so much done in these two weeks (which I've been doing all this week), and it makes me a little sad I can't just lay out and swim everyday *sigh* oh well right? 
Least I had time to make cookies! SNICKERDOODLES yum :)
And I've been in a writing FLOW lately. I have up to 72 pages of my novel now. Go check out my writing blog for more details!
Me and my mom definitely had a summer BBQ the other night with cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, and THIS juicy red watermelon that was so pretty, I had to Instagram it of course. 
Tonight I'm going to go help my cousin teach Greek Dance practice to the middle schoolers. I'm excited, just hope I remember the steps...that was so long ago! But it'll be fun to give back. Between running errands, writing a ton, there are so many goodbye parties, birthdays, and well...Gracie's 1 year old birthday. Am I speaking of a child do you ask? Nope. Not even human. Gracie is my friend Steve's adorable Golden Retriever who I love!
She's already one years old and this party is going to be awesome. Dogs are all invited, so Will is so excited to bring his cute Shane and Lucy. My cousin Nicole was trying to make a dog cake or something; I think I'll stick to cooking for the humans ha!

As I said, I've been writing like crazy and just in time for WriteOnCon. Well...somewhat in time. Usually you can find an agent or send a query at this time, but I'm not too close to being done. Haven't even finished my first draft of my novel yet - so I might have to just sit back and listen to interviews and meet other writers.
 However, for NaNoWriMo which in writing a novel in a month, is my new deadline. I'm going to have my first draft done by that's my ultimate goal :) It ends at the end of November. So if I keep going the pace I'm going - well, I'll have no problem finishing it. You can follow this information more on The Written Word, my writing blog.

After all this 2 week summer talk, I must add that I simply cannot wait for fall to come (Autumn) as some people like to say. I love the weather, the changing of the leaves, the fashion, the holidays...ah everything! SO EXCITED. Well that's all for now; have a wonderful Thursday everyone. xo

Thursday, August 2, 2012

8 Weeks Done!

Tomorrow will officially be my last day of summer school at the Montessori Innovation at Westminster College. It has seriously been so amazingly wonderful, yet so time consuming. I haven't had much of a summer, but I met so many wonderful people who I know I'll stay in touch with forever, and met so many amazing and talented professors from around the USA! The Montessori materials are breathtaking and you can see why children in Montessori schools have such high success rate when it comes to education. This program at Westminster is just getting started, and it's so great for the state of Utah!

It's been a long 8 weeks...but we did it! It doesn't end here for me though. I did get a job at Dancing Moose Montessori as an Early Childhood Co-teacher! I can't wait to finally teach what I've been learning all these weeks. I know I'll grow from here and hopefully be a lead teacher by next fall 2013! I still have more classes and meetings throughout the year with this program, and then next summer I take a few more classes for my Master's Degree in Education.

Everything is falling into place and it's been wonderful. Here is a picture of me and the Early Childhood students. There are a lot of students in the Elementary classes that I've spent weeks with as well, but these are my girls. The ones that have been by my side through this entire process:
This was my favorite week: Sensorial, with the greatest teacher from Florida! Loved her. Such great energy. 
Here is a glimpse of my EC classroom that we spent most of our time watching presentations and practicing with the materials. This room, with all the materials, most likely cost $10,000! Everything was brand new. Amazing. 
I can't believe it's ending, but I'm thankful to have two weeks of summer at least, and to say I did it. I went an entire year feeling lost after graduating college, and now I found my path. Everything fell into place for me and I'm so thankful and blessed.

I'm proud of myself and my Crew. Good job girls! We did it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Goodness gracious!! I've been missing for practically a month. But I have a good excuse, I do! School. Seriously. Wow. It's taken up any free time I might have. I wish I could sit here and blog as much as I'd like...but unfortunately, I can't do that. Like I mentioned, my free time is non-existant. For example, I started the Harry Potter series again. Before school started, I finished the first book in a few days. I started the second book right when school started...where am I now...? Oh the third chapter. YEA. That is pathetic. I started it a month ago. And mind you, I read books extremely quickly. Well, apparently not anymore. I have been trying to manage everything, but it's still hard to balance. I'm trying though. I only have 3 more weeks left of summer school though, then I start teaching at a Montessori! I cannot wait.

On this subject, I must say I love everything about school. This Montessori program is beyond amazing and I'm so fortunate to have met such great girls in my classes, and to have the faculty I do. My professors are from all over the United States. They are so educated and have been teaching the Montessori Method for years upon years. The main director of the program actually took lessons back in the day from one of Maria Montessori's pupils. That's first generation if you haven't realized it yet. This method is where I belong. I love that it focuses on the whole child and the presentations are amazing. I wish I could explain it more, but it's kind of difficult to. It would take a lot longer than one post.

Today is my mom's birthday, and if I haven't already mentioned, she's my hero and my best friend. I know it's hard on her having it be the second birthday without Greg, but I've tried to make it special for her! We went to Market Street Grill for brunch (her favorite) and we were going to go to a movie, but we loved relaxing. Here are some pics from today (with Ollie of course - growing so fast):
 Such a great day, and my french toast was absolutely delicious as always. But our day took a weird turn. We saw a skunk in our backyard the other day and thought it was peculiar, but not that peculiar because we live in the mountains and see EVERYTHING. But then after watching TV, we came upstairs and smelled...yea, skunk smell. Well it was SO strong and we realized it got in our garage (we leave back door open). Well it definitely got it. And it definitely sprayed our cat Lucky in the face :( I had to Google and search what to do. We wiped his face and used a little mixture. He seems to be fine, but it REAKS in there and I don't know how to get rid of the smell. You think it's bad when you smell it in the car driving down the road, well lets just say I've never smelled anything in my life as bad as this. It even smells like chemicals. I can see why it's such a protective mechanism they use against predators.

Anyways, besides that it's been a great day. As always to catch up, I can post Instagram pictures. It's the quickest way to explain...well everything. And there are a lot.
My pool!
Brewfest, old friends, 6 month anniversary 
Summer Solstice 2012
Pink Cupcake/Ice-Cream truck :)
Will's 24th Birthday Luau Party!! Yes, I planned it, and yes, it was awesome!
Blue Plate's French Toast (Sorry Market beat you)
Steph's wedding and chocolate fountain inside joke ;) mmm!
My Monday nights - Bachelorette 
My 4th of July cake I make every single year!
Camping with Will
He loves arcades...
15 Weeks
Finally a break from the 100 degree weather...rainy days! 
Last night went to Deer Valley outdoor concert of the Music of Michael Jackson. SO COOL!
Well how was that for summing up a month in pics? Not too shabby eh? It's weird that tomorrow already is my 7 month anniversary with Will, and last time I posted it was our 6 month. Shows you how time flies.

I hope you all haven't forgotten me! So share love and tell me what you all have been doing this summer, because my summer truly does consist of school, except for these exceptions (pics).