Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Bit of This & That

Guess what day it is my blogging friends: FRIDAY!!!


What are everyone's big plans for President's Weekend? I'm actually going to be a bum for most of the weekend. I just really don't want to go out much to be honest with you. I think going to my dad's house tonight for a cookout, Zumba in the am, and hanging with the boy all day Saturday. Sunday maybe movie day?? And yea!

All I can tell you though, is that I'm super bummed about something. Ian Somerhalder is going to Sun Valley. Do you know who he is. Here let me help:
That sexy boy with the beautiful blue eyes! Well he's going to Sun Valley Idaho this weekend. I thought for some reason that President's weekend was NEXT weekend. And I'm going to Sun Valley next weekend. I thought finally I'd meet my Hollywood crush! Sun Valley is small enough...I definitely would've run into him. Oh but wait...what? PRESIDENT'S DAY WEEKEND IS THIS WEEKEND.

There went my chance. Ha! So close. Someday!! Still, Vampire Diaries are heating up the screen! Love that show so much.

You know what else I LOVE?


I know I've talked about them a lot, but still...I'm re-reading the series, on Mockingjay right now, and seriously I love the way that Suzanne Collins writes. It's so good that it sucks the reader in completely, yet it's simple, not a lot of big words, etc. I hate when I'm reading a book, and it just goes on and on and so many words that I am like whoa wait, what did I just read? Don't like that. I want to write like she does!! It just flows really nicely. I think Suzanne is an expert storyteller to be honest!!

And, I cannot wait for the movie. Is it going to be rated R though? That's a lot of brutal killing!!
Opening Night!
Last night was my 2nd month anniversary. And I'm a weirdo, I like to celebrate them all!! I don't want gifts and things like that, I just like to hang with my boy. So we went to the most amazing grilled cheese place (12 different types), and saw Chronicle. Have you all seen that movie? What did you think. It was interesting I suppose?? I'm seeing the movie with Reese Witherspoon this weekend!! Pretty excited. She's one of my favorites, and Chris Pine is sexy!!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Thanks for listening to my rant and raving!!
Flower delivery service was late! But beautiful flowers from my daddy for V-Day!


  1. i had a relaxing weekend too!

    i been doing zumba during the week
    and i love it!

    such a good workout!


  2. It was my birthday weekend so I had a blast!!

    I loooove hunger games and absolutly can not wait for the movie. I like that its rated R it'll make it more real like how the book felt while i was reading it. The book gave so much detail to the games and had such great details that make it perfect for a movie.

    Glad you weekend was calm but fun!!

  3. love the flowers ") very pweettty!!