Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Day Worth Remembering

It's no surprise that I'm not that big with Valentine's Day. I think it's a holiday that is around just to make money, and I don't believe that you need one day to say "I Love and Appreciate You." I also think it makes people who are alone, feel crappy. HOWEVER, this year is a little different for me. Two years ago I was dating a guy who was awful and selfish...made me feel so horrible. Last year I had a wonderful dinner with my cousins (we were all single), and it was wonderful, however my step father was dying from ALS. So this year is a little different, I don't have Greg (my step-dad anymore) and it's still really hard for my mom...but I have a great guy.

The greatest Valentine of my life so far.

Will is such a great guy. He does things, sweet things, all the time. We don't need this special day. One time, when we had only gone on one date, I was sick and he got me chicken noodle soup, two movies, candy, and flowers to "get well" um yea, it was all over after that and I was hooked! He's constantly thinking of others and I think that's why I feel the way I do. When you show love for others, it makes you feel love.

Tonight we could do anything, just the two of us. BUT, he knew how hard today would be for my mom because it's the first year without Greg. Also, my step-father proposed to my mom on this day 20 years ago...um, can you say bittersweet?? Or more like a dagger to the heart :( But Will suggested, that the 3 of us hang out. So me and my mom are going to see a movie, then the three of us are going to get chinese food and watch a movie after. I think it's the sweetest thing a guy could do. And that's why this day is worth remembering.

He also sent me a dozen red roses today:
Beautiful aren't they?
And my wonderful, wonderful mother gave me these and a beautiful card:
Pink Rose Plant that will keep blooming!! (Pink is my favorite)
I realized that you don't need to be bitter on this day if you don't have someone...because love is all around you. I sometimes actually think this holiday is a good thing because it makes you stop your busy day, to take a moment and realize everything you appreciate and love in your life. I think it needs to happen a lot more, but still ;) 

So with that being said, I hope you have a day full of love, with your spouse, bf, gf, friends, parents, pets, yourself, and other family. Be thankful. Feel love. Show love. And appreciate all that you have. 



  1. He sounds like an amazing guy!

  2. You've got yourself a keeper! ;] Glad you had a good valentines day girl!

  3. Your day sounds absolutely lovely, friend! I am so glad you enjoyed it and had the chance to spend some sweet, sweet time with your mister AND your mom (so fun!) :)

  4. you are one lucky girl :)
    i am so happy for you .. seriously!
    it was about time you get someone
    that knows how to take care of you
    and treat you how you deserve to
    be treated! :) happy valentines day

    mucho love

    MELINA ♥

  5. I'm glad you had an awesome Valentine's Day :)