Monday, March 26, 2012

A Weekend of Clarity

So I think certain days can be good and bad obviously. This weekend had some of those days. But besides the weather going crazy today, I'm feeling good!!!

Hunger Games night was awesome!! Went with the group and we seriously had a wonderful time. But I'm sorry, Tweens can be so annoying! We don't need to scream and kick seats every two seconds. I saw The Hunger Games again for the second time yesterday, and it was so calm and relaxing...not sure how many of these midnight premieres I can go to anymore! And I'm sorry, but I'm not excited for The Host. I couldn't stand that book...couldn't even get into the book, and believe me I tried. But I am excited about The Avengers :) So what did you all think about The Hunger Games? I LOVED IT. What made the movie so epic in my opinion? Katniss aka Jennifer Lawrence.
How beautiful is she?? Wow! 
 I could feel her emotions in every scene. She's an incredible actress. Yes, the movie changed some things from the book, oh well! Seriously, they stuck so close to the book even keeping a lot of the same lines. Suzanne Collins helped write the screenplay, so obviously the author was okay with how it went. People need to realize, in my opinion, a lot of the times they aren't going to be exactly like the book...that's how it is. I agree that they should never add stuff, but sometimes they need to take things out. Like I know people were mad how Katniss got her Mockingjay pin, but it wouldn't wasted so much time adding some character who is in it for about 5 minutes. It actually seemed better that way in my opinion. Peeta, aka Josh, is a very good actor too, loved Effie, Haymitch, and Cinna (Lenny mmm). Overall, wonderful, and yes I did cry when Rue died.
Loved their "fire" costumes!
We can talk more about that later though, or I might go in-depth on my writing blog about the book. I'm sorry if you disagree, please do! I like hearing others opinions!! Makes life interesting.

Saturday my step-mom had a "Trunk Show" at her interior design cottage Ins and Outs Design. She's selling these bracelets called the Lily and Laura Bracelets! I absolutely love them!
 I have about four of them, and every time she gets a shipment, I'm going to get more! They're perfect for spring and summer too; great colors!! And women make them in Nepal and money actually goes to the children, which is awesome!

After that, I went to 'Bout Time, with my friend and boy, and we watched the Ohio State basketball game!! Great game!! And great appetizers if I do say so myself.
My dress is from Nordstroms and I absolutely love it! Hard to see though. 
Then the rest of the night there was drama, and blah. I really am over bars. Maybe it's because of my age, or what not, but I like to casually have a glass of wine, or a beer (when watching game). But sometimes the "bar atmosphere" is not the greatest place, in my opinion. So I am trying to think of something fun to do for my birthday that is May 12. I was thinking maybe a BBQ, or going to St. George. Stuff like that.

But when I say a weekend of clarity, I mean sometimes, and certain situations in life, you truly realize the people you want in your life. This doesn't always have to be friends, it can be family too, which can seriously shatter you. I've been through a lot these past years, and I've really realized, even now, who is a true friend, and a person that I want in my life. I realize the toxic people that add more harm than good to your life as well. It's hard to cut them out, but sometimes it's mandatory to live a healthy and happy life. I am beyond grateful for the people who have always been there, always been supportive. We all make mistakes, but it's nice to see who will be by your side, and who won't. Who will accept you for what you are, and who will judge you and turn their back on you when you need them the most. Interesting. Hard. But it's life.
Least I can post this picture of my cat, Lucky, who's "meowing" for the picture...hilarious:
He's such a goof. 
When I was getting cake bites for the Trunk Show, my mom and I went past Petco and it was "adopt" day. So we went in, and ahh, just breaks my heart. The full grown cats, and big dogs...they just look so sad. My mom surprised me because she wanted to buy one, but I reminded her that she always says, we can't keep in the house, and we haven't done any research. But I wish I could give them all a home. Hopefully soon I can get one!!

Well, this cloudy rainy/snowy day, makes me want to curl up and read a good book, but I think I'm going to get out of the house for a while. Have a great Monday everyone!! xo.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The World Will Be Watching"

Well it's finally time for The Hunger Games midnight premiere. I honestly can't even describe to you how excited I am. I haven't been this excited since Harry Potter (sorry Twilight...)!!!
 I don't know what I'm the most excited for: Katniss' character, the fighting, love story, Cinna, Rue (not looking forward to her death...), etc. I seriously think the whole thing. But I am definitely a fan of Peeta and Katniss (sorry Gale).
But I must say, I love that this book isn't all about "love" like some other books are. There is a bigger picture to this story, and that's fighting for your life. It made me grateful that I live in the society I do. Can you actually imagine if this was your life? And you were Katniss' shoes? I couldn't. Honestly, I don't think I could kill someone. I wouldn't want to give up in the arena, but taking another life for living, isn't something I could do. YIKES! Getting too deep here. 

I wonder how violent this movie is going to be. I honestly thought they were going to make it R rated, and I also read it's a Children's Series. Um what? The deaths are really brutal. So I know it's PG-13, just wonder how it's all going to play out!

Who's all going at midnight?? I'm going with a group of 8 people; so darn excited!! We are going to Crown Burger (best burgers in Utah), and then waiting for almost two hours (no assigned seating ahhh). It's okay. It's fun to see people dressed up! Sometimes that is... 

I'll do a review *VERY SPOILER POST* within the next few days, then we can all talk about it! I just pray to God they stick to the books!! This is one I really don't want them to mess it up. 

On another note, I applied to a school, thee school that I want to work at. It just so happens that they are looking for a kindergarten teacher as well. I want that so bad because that's what I'd love to teacher: kindergarten. I love the younger children!! I've also done a practicum at this school and fell in love with it. I love the hands-on approach, that the students were so much more advanced than other schools, and the parents and other teachers were wonderful. Creativity and imagination are keys in this school, so automatically I fell in love...obviously. I'm doing everything I can to get it!! I'm determined. So I'm not even going to say if not...there is no "if not..." This is it. I deserve this!!!

Anyways, Happy Hunger Games!! Have a good day! I'm about to go take advantage of this beautifully sunny day with a run at the park! xo. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring Everyone!!
Today is Spring Equinox (the official day of spring). Of course I had to do a post on spring, because guess what? Springtime, is my FAVORITE SEASON! And it's not just because my birthday is in May okay? ;) 
What is it I love so much about spring?
This is when everything becomes alive again: the flowers, trees, baby animals are born, etc. The bare winter trees start to bloom again. 
What else?
Those are some other reasons. I love the colors, the rain, the flowers, sunshine, warmth, being outside, going to the park, Easter, my birthday *yup*, rainbows, rain boots, spring fashion, gardening, streams starting up, etc. 
I love waking up to chirping birds!! I always see baby birds outside my window too. It's so cute to see their little mouths waiting for their mom to come back with food. 

You know what, I'm just going to show you why I love spring so much. Look at these pictures, and you'll understand why. 
 I'll be having a lot of posts on spring - that's for sure :)

A little reminiscing before I end this post; this weekend was a great one! We had my little brother's birthday, celebrated St. Patty's Day, had a goodbye BBQ for my cousin Kelsey who is moving to Chicago, and yesterday I finally saw my boyfriend (because he got back from Cali). I missed him!! 

Here are some pictures from St. Patrick's Day:
German Chocolate Cake to DIE for!!
Loved Eleni's green pants! I need to get some colored jeans!
Also, I just wanted to share, that they put my step-dad Greg's headstone in finally. They were waiting for winter to be over. My mom and I went to go see it the other day. It was bittersweet of course, they did a beautiful job and the trees and water represent Bear Lake (our favorite place to go as a family), but bitter because it was like "the nail in the coffin," the process is done. Now we have to move forward. Just seeing this made it so much more real. So yes, it was hard. But there is beauty in this world. And I can find the good in things. And Greg was one of them. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day! And enjoy the first day of spring; I know I will...even though it snowed last night ;) I have a feeling that will be the last snow of the season (thank goodness) - now lets get this 70 degree weather here in Utah!!

PS: I hope you all like my new "springtime" layout :)