Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring Everyone!!
Today is Spring Equinox (the official day of spring). Of course I had to do a post on spring, because guess what? Springtime, is my FAVORITE SEASON! And it's not just because my birthday is in May okay? ;) 
What is it I love so much about spring?
This is when everything becomes alive again: the flowers, trees, baby animals are born, etc. The bare winter trees start to bloom again. 
What else?
Those are some other reasons. I love the colors, the rain, the flowers, sunshine, warmth, being outside, going to the park, Easter, my birthday *yup*, rainbows, rain boots, spring fashion, gardening, streams starting up, etc. 
I love waking up to chirping birds!! I always see baby birds outside my window too. It's so cute to see their little mouths waiting for their mom to come back with food. 

You know what, I'm just going to show you why I love spring so much. Look at these pictures, and you'll understand why. 
 I'll be having a lot of posts on spring - that's for sure :)

A little reminiscing before I end this post; this weekend was a great one! We had my little brother's birthday, celebrated St. Patty's Day, had a goodbye BBQ for my cousin Kelsey who is moving to Chicago, and yesterday I finally saw my boyfriend (because he got back from Cali). I missed him!! 

Here are some pictures from St. Patrick's Day:
German Chocolate Cake to DIE for!!
Loved Eleni's green pants! I need to get some colored jeans!
Also, I just wanted to share, that they put my step-dad Greg's headstone in finally. They were waiting for winter to be over. My mom and I went to go see it the other day. It was bittersweet of course, they did a beautiful job and the trees and water represent Bear Lake (our favorite place to go as a family), but bitter because it was like "the nail in the coffin," the process is done. Now we have to move forward. Just seeing this made it so much more real. So yes, it was hard. But there is beauty in this world. And I can find the good in things. And Greg was one of them. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day! And enjoy the first day of spring; I know I will...even though it snowed last night ;) I have a feeling that will be the last snow of the season (thank goodness) - now lets get this 70 degree weather here in Utah!!

PS: I hope you all like my new "springtime" layout :)


  1. GORGEOUS phots... gosh I love spring! I hope the snow is gone for good so that I can enjoy the beautiful outdoors! I feel like last year Utah completely jipped us out of spring! It went straight from snow to summer!

  2. LOVED these photos! especially the one with the chirping bird!
    xx jes

  3. Wonderful pictures!!!! Love the headstone.

  4. looks like you had fun!!


  5. okay. I love your blog! I feel like we need to be best friends.

    <3 Emily

  6. Happy Spring Jessica! Love the new layout, and all the spring-y pictures. That baby lamb made me say AWW out loud. ;)

  7. The spring pics are gorgeous!! I love your new background too...where did you get it?

    ♥ Shia

  8. Yay for spring! Looove the baby bird pic :)

  9. Aww this post just made me EXTRA excited for spring! So many pretty colors, pretty sayings, etc. And it looks like you had a BLAST on St. Patrick's Day!!