Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Friday Friday

Once again, another Friday is here. Sometimes it's weird how fast the days go by, and you stop and realize, "wait, wasn't it just the weekend?" Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining by any means that it's the weekend, but it's crazy to me how fast time goes. What did Ferris Bueller say? Oh yes, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Ain't that the truth!! While I'm speaking of Ferris Bueller, I have to put a video of one of my favorite characters in the movie, Mr. Cameron Fyre:
Haha, that video always makes me laugh. Not going to lie, sometimes I feel like that on Friday nights; everyone, all your friends, want you to go out, and sometimes, you're just tired!! No law says, "You have to go out because it's Friday!" Plus I have a busy weekend ahead of me, so I most likely will take tonight easy! 

Lets go through the weekend, shall we? Tonight I actually have another Zumbathon for ALS. It's actually at my gym so it's convenient! Every time there is an event for ALS, I have to attend. It's just so hard to find a cure for this disease, but at least we can try! 

Saturday, I'm hanging with my boy, finally meeting the parents and then a double date with two good friends at Red Iguana (only the greatest Mexican food in Utah). After that we'll most likely go out. 

Sunday is going to be great and different, because we are getting a huge group together, and going to Sugar House park to have a BBQ, play games, people are bringing their dogs, and just relaxing. It's going to be 63 degrees that day, and I'm thrilled! That means that spring is around the corner, and spring (other than fall), is my absolute favorite! And not just because spring means my birthday, which it does...cough...May 12...cough. 

For the rest of the blog, I'm going to post my Sun Valley pictures, because I realized I never did! Whoops!! It was such a great time with Will and it was refreshing to go to my favorite place. Like I said, it inspired me once again to write, which really is important to me. 
Wonderful, wonderful trip! I cannot wait to go on a lot more with him :) But luckily, I am going to...COSTA RICA with the family in about 3 weeks, um, can you say awesome? We are going to ride horses, surf, hikes, ride bikes, go into the jungle, play with MONKEYS, etc. I seriously cannot wait. What an adventure that will be. I'm also going to write a lot there...I definitely have a feeling I'll be inspired on that trip. 

I'm going to do a post about St. Patty's Day next week. It's big to me because it's my little brother's birthday, so we always go all out for it. But for a little preview, don't you think these cupcakes are so cute?
Pinterest seriously has so many wonderful ideas! I have over 6,000 pins...whoops! But it's more for me than anyone. That way I can remember recipes, crafts, fashion, places I want to go, etc. I think the website is brilliant! 

Anyways, have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone. 

PS: I'm obsessed with the app: DrawSomething. I can't stop drawing!! Get it if you don't already have it!


  1. looks like fun....costa rica sounds way warmer!! happy weekend!


  2. those cupcakes look amazing!!!
    xx jes

  3. Really liked the pictures. Those cupcakes look great.

  4. Seriously, the days go by so fast! I love ferris bueller's day off. So funny :)