Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Messages of Today

I'm posting a little later; usually I post in the mornings, but if you love writing as much as I do, then it doesn't matter does it?

So I'm sure you've all heard of KONY 2012 by now. Well this morning I woke up and found Kony this and Kony that EVERYWHERE. I felt dumb because I had no idea what that meant, so I researched it, watched the movie, and read all about Joseph Kony. Besides being utterly disgusted by this horrific man, I'm mad at myself that I didn't know this was happening. It's been going on for more than 20 years!! I know that people argue and say we have our own people of the USA to look after, but these are innocent children being abducted and made into heartless killers and sex slaves. I'm not okay with that. I was furious this morning reading all of this at 8 am...and wish there was more I could do. But hopefully people will become more aware and we, the people of the world, can do something to stop this man. We don't want a repeat of the Holocaust, or any other destruction of human kind to take place again right under our noses. Maybe if we can all come together in this, we can find real peace and be united as one. That is my hope. I want to bring my children into a world that is safe, and that we can all be friends, brothers, and sisters without the killing and pain. That is my prayers. That is my dream. But for now: STOP KONY.
Pass this on. Lets gain justice for the children and people of this world.
Well besides that story, I just bought the new book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, who also wrote The Secret and The Power. Two very inspirational books that I hold dear to my heart. 
This book has to do with the "magic" that surrounds us, in another word: GRATITUDE. It's one of the strongest words and feelings in the world, in life. When you say "thank you" for your blessings, you magnitude that feeling, and open your life to even more blessings. Also, doing things for others is so big in bringing more abundance in your life. I haven't gotten very far in the book yet (bought it at midnight), but Rhonda goes through a 28 day process of Gratitude through little activities of being thankful every morning and every night. It honestly only takes a moment of your time, but the results she says, are transforming. I'm one for trying to see the positive aspects in life, even when I've been faced with true trials in my life. 

My step-dad dying, opened my eyes to what we truly need to be thankful for. How often do you take for granted that you can walk, talk, speak, eat, etc? I watched those things disappear from my step-dad so quickly that it made me aware of the possibility of losing them too. We take for granted something as simple as itching our face; Greg would have to yell to me or my mom (when he could still speak), to come itch his face. He'd sit in agony for 20 minutes because he wouldn't want to bother us, but in each on of those seconds, the pain would increase. I would lift his arms for him, and the smile of relief on his face broke my heart. 

I said after seeing him suffer in that way, I'd never take my life and what I have for granted again. But life moves on and you sometimes forget these important messages. Greg never gave up, but in the end, his body couldn't handle anymore. As of right now, I'm healthy and strong, and I'm THANKFUL I found The Magic, because it once again reminds me of that message Greg was teaching me by example. 

Show gratitude, feel it, say thank you for it. Do this DAILY! Before you get up, and before you close your eyes at night. I've done it today, and already I feel as though I'm breathing a bit of fresh air. I'm interested in seeing how the next 28 days go, but you better believe I'll be reporting about it :) 

Besides learning about world news, and being grateful for my blessings, I've been really getting back into writing. I think every writer hits a wall and they don't know where to turn next. I hit that wall for about 3 months, and I don't like it. I even took a Creative Writing class, and I just wasn't feeling it. I was afraid I lost a piece of who I am. But as I was in Sun Valley, I was inspired to write again. I've also decided that teaching children and writing are my put it together and besides being a school-teacher (which I will be), I want to write books for children. I'm not saying picture books, even though I love picture books, I'm talking about regular chapter books for about 12 years old and up. It could fall in "children's books," or "Young Adult" which is technically 12-18. It also depends on what you're writing about. I was writing something for a 18 and up before, and I love that project and know I'll finish it, but as for now, I want to focus on writing for the youngsters. 

I just remember being a child and the love for reading overtook anything, even playing with my toys. I disappeared just for a while in those pages, and I fell in love. I knew someday I would write a book. I was inspired, and I've once again been inspired. Instead of reading adult novels, I've gone back in time and am focusing on reading what I plan on writing. I want to go back and read all those books I loved, such as: Ella Enchanted, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweet Valley Twins, Nancy Drew, Little House on the Prairie, Wayside Sideways School, Goosebumps, James and the Giant Peach, The Secret Garden, Mandy, Wait Till Helen Comes, Harry Potter (of course), etc. That is only just a few of what I used to read. Seriously I would read everything! I'm also reading the new books out for children/young adults nowadays. Right now I'm finally reading Percy Jackson & the Olympians. I heard so many great things about these novels, and I don't know if it's because I love Greek Mythology or what, but I'm absolutely loving these books by Rick Riordan. 
I absolutely adore the writing techniques, yet there are still big words for learning, but not complicated. Instead of the typical love story taking over the main plot, there is adventure, and intriguing villains; there are weird creatures that twist your imagination like Dr. Seuss always accomplished. I love the books that are series, and I don't mean just fantasy fiction books. I like where the characters grow physically and mentally in life. Finally their best friend who was a girl, they start noticing in a different light, they change friends, they try to find their place in the world, etc. The theme's of these books can really help children learn their own identity and I love that because these books growing up, did that for me! 

I'm getting my writing blog up and running again (still was running, but I hardly ever write on there anymore), that's where I'll talk about this stuff and my writing journey (besides blogging), if you're interested, please follow me; I could always use insight, critiquing, and suggestions from my wonderful readers. My blog is: The Written Word (link).

I also had a funny thought when concerning writing: ever since I was little, I always, always, made cards for family and friends. Whether it was birthday cards, v-day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Christmas, etc. I always wanted to personalize these cards to whom I was giving them to. I've done that always, yes, on occasion I buy a card here or there, but even to this day...and I'm what, 24 years old, I still take the time to make cards. I went to go buy my little brother Justin a birthday card for his big 17th birthday (on St. Patty's day nonetheless), and I actually got irritated. I feel like none of the cards are really that special anymore. Sure you find one that will make you cry, but I didn't see any of those yesterday. So I decided I'm making another card for him this year. I hope they don't get sick of my cards, but it's a way to really express how I feel about them, and what they mean to me. Plus I design them pretty cute if I do say so myself. I made my boyfriend a huge Valentine with pictures of us and cute lovey-dovey quotes! He loved it. But the point of my rambling, is that I was thinking of making cards, and selling them. Obviously Hallmark is huge, but I could start my own smaller company. If they don't like them, so be it, but it would be amazing to see my very own cards on the rack! Don't you agree? Just an idea, one my mom so happened to love and adore. So we'll see people...we'll see. 

Well that's enough for one post! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your night!! Good night readers! 


  1. Thanks for your comment about KONY on the blog. I didn't think everyone would get so offended ha I mean everyone is talking about it and I think it should be put out there for everyone to know about. ALSO I want to get The Magic so badly! I watched The Secret movie a couple weeks ago and my life is completely changing! I even have the app on my phone :D Let me know how it is!

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog! so glad you came across mine so that i can follow yours now :)

    great post, btw. so glad to see everyone is taking part in something with such a strong message.

    xx jes

  3. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on the Mort story. I'm glad you did, as it led me here. Gratitude is a good idea, and saying thank you at either end of the day also is wise. I might start doing that. I have so much to be grateful for, and I tend to forget that fact.

    Good luck with your writing! Among books for children that are also relevant for adults, I strongly recommend "Momo" by Michael Ende. If you haven't read it, get a copy!

  4. Thanks for your cute comment- and I LOVE that green dress u are wearing in one of your pix.

    I am now following you..XO'