Wednesday, March 14, 2012

National Pi(e) Day

March 14 is National Pi Day, a day to celebrate the number that is beloved by math geeks and wizards the world over: 3.14.

BUT, I like to celebrate: pie! Me-oh-my, do I love PIE!!!
Scary but funny - inside joke!
So here is a "sweet" post today! Enjoy, and caution, this will prevent hunger :)
 Now I know it's technically pi(e) day, but because I'm on a roll with some desserts, I've been pinning a lot of other types of desserts, mainly from this blog: Cooking Classy. You should all check this girl out! She has amazing recipes, for pretty much everything!! And she's constantly adding. Not all of these pictures will be from her blog, but in you check out my Pinterest under Sweet Tooth, and click on those pictures, they'll take you right to the recipe! So enjoy my friends:
Love this Lorax cake! Still need to see the movie!
Homemade Samoas..mmmm!
Speaking of Samoas, do you know what time it is???
Yes, It's Girl Scout Cookie time! I'm obsessed, and not just because I used to be a Girl Scout, because the cookies are amazing. 
Awesome old-school pictures! 
I'm sad that the girls don't go to door to door anymore, but I understand it's a safety issue (I used to go to some pretty sketchy houses), it's just sometimes so hard to find them. I did get a Girl Scout Cookie Locator App though (yes, I really did), and found out their right by my house at Smiths! Wahoo!

I pretty much love all the cookies! There are so many different types now! It's nuts!!

But in my heart, I'll always LOVE Thin Mints (frozen) and Samoas. Mmm...Samoas! 
Well I hope you all enjoyed that tasty treat of a dessert post, even though you're probably stuck and work and hungry now...whoops, sorry!! 

But the good news? I'm feeling better!! Yay!! Finally. I'll never take being healthy for granted again, because when you lose it, all you want in the entire world, is to have it back!

BE GRATEFUL. And eat Desserts :)


  1. this is the best. and the worst. post. ever.
    i am so hungry and yet i cannot look away!!!!
    xx jes

  2. Oh my goodness I need pie now! I think that's what I'll be eating for dinner! I just have to figure out either what kind to make or where to buy a delicious pie! :]

  3. I gained 10 pounds just looking at it. Now I have to go do 25 more jumping jacks!

  4. oh my gosh all of those sweets look amazing, I'm drooling!

  5. I think my blood sugar just spiked LOOKING at all this heaven! I'll take them all- sugar free please ;) Did you see the picture on Pinterest where they turned 3.14 upside down and it spells pie? It was tripping everyone out lol. Thanks for visiting my bloggy!! xo

  6. Those look delectable! I'm going to get me some pi now!