Monday, March 12, 2012

Under the Weather

Well it was bound to happen...I got sick, like really, really sick. If you read my Friday post, I was so excited to go to the park yesterday for a huge BBQ with tons of friends because the weather was so nice here in Utah. But unfortunately my body had other plans. At about 6 am, but really 5 if you aren't counting Daylight Savings which has thrown me all off, I woke up and had unbelievable pains in my stomach, chills, headache, and basically felt extremely horrible. I barely made it home and gross as it sounds, had my head in the porcelain bowl practically the rest of the night/morning. I looked up symptoms and yup, stomach flu. I had a fever, chills, headache, and everything...wasn't fun. I still don't feel that great today, but there is a small improvement thank goodness! Luckily I had that Nyquil last night and oh my gosh, I slept better than I had in weeks, I swear!! But then again, I woke up really groggy today. 
It's definitely going around, and my mom has been sick for two weeks. Finally she went to the doctor yesterday and has a bad sinus infection. UGH! But luckily she's now on antibiotics and will hopefully see an improvement. 
The ONE good thing about being sick, is the relaxing. You get a lot of it. Yesterday I basically laid on my couch all darn day watching movies, and drinking Gatorade and Vitamin C. I watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean and I really do love that one. That and the first Pirates are the best! The second and third were just weird. It sucks because I really want to go to Zumba tonight, but that's a definite no no! I also read a lot. I'm at the moment reading three books (yes I'm weird like that). But they're all extremely different. This is one that I'm really enjoying about writing: 
It talks about how practicing is key when writing and go on how you should do free-writing exercises daily. I think it's a great way to gain technique. How else can you learn if you don't practice everyday? It's just like any sport, or instrument! Why should writing be any different? 

Also, tonight is the season finale of this year's The Bachelor. I'm still upset with season because I loved Kasey B. and he just got rid of Nikki who I really liked. But Lyndsi (or however you spell her name) is so much better than Courtney. But I just have this feeling he's going to pick Courtney. UGH!!! He's so blind. Sure she's gotten "nicer" but I still believe it's all an act - "Winning!" It's just a game to her. So I guess we'll see tonight. And the man really needs to do something about that hair!
Anyways, hopefully I start feeling better, because the weather is so nice and I don't want to be "Under the Weather" any longer!! Springtime is here!! And even though "I'm Under the Weather" and gross, and sick...I am still on my path 28 Days of being grateful (as said in The Magic). She gives you a quest and things to do everyday, and already I'm feeling happier with life. I suggest the book! Be grateful. Look for the positives in life. Even if you're feeling down. I need to keep remembering that.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is NO fun!

    Also, I hope Ben shocks us all tonight and picks Lindzi (sp?)!!!

    Get well soon! xo

  2. yuck! hope you are feeling much, much better now (even though it is monday and monday's are yuck, too!)
    xx jes

  3. Sorry you are sick, but I'm a little jealous of your day on the couch watching Pirates!!

  4. feel better! ready for this season to be over and to start emilys!

  5. Feel better hon! Being sick is the worst! :-(

  6. Being sick is seriously the WORST! Especially when it includes throwing up! NO fun! I hope that you keep getting better! And I hope your mom gets better too. But, all the relaxing and sleeping is definitely a little bonus to being sick. :]