Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The World Will Be Watching"

Well it's finally time for The Hunger Games midnight premiere. I honestly can't even describe to you how excited I am. I haven't been this excited since Harry Potter (sorry Twilight...)!!!
 I don't know what I'm the most excited for: Katniss' character, the fighting, love story, Cinna, Rue (not looking forward to her death...), etc. I seriously think the whole thing. But I am definitely a fan of Peeta and Katniss (sorry Gale).
But I must say, I love that this book isn't all about "love" like some other books are. There is a bigger picture to this story, and that's fighting for your life. It made me grateful that I live in the society I do. Can you actually imagine if this was your life? And you were Katniss' shoes? I couldn't. Honestly, I don't think I could kill someone. I wouldn't want to give up in the arena, but taking another life for living, isn't something I could do. YIKES! Getting too deep here. 

I wonder how violent this movie is going to be. I honestly thought they were going to make it R rated, and I also read it's a Children's Series. Um what? The deaths are really brutal. So I know it's PG-13, just wonder how it's all going to play out!

Who's all going at midnight?? I'm going with a group of 8 people; so darn excited!! We are going to Crown Burger (best burgers in Utah), and then waiting for almost two hours (no assigned seating ahhh). It's okay. It's fun to see people dressed up! Sometimes that is... 

I'll do a review *VERY SPOILER POST* within the next few days, then we can all talk about it! I just pray to God they stick to the books!! This is one I really don't want them to mess it up. 

On another note, I applied to a school, thee school that I want to work at. It just so happens that they are looking for a kindergarten teacher as well. I want that so bad because that's what I'd love to teacher: kindergarten. I love the younger children!! I've also done a practicum at this school and fell in love with it. I love the hands-on approach, that the students were so much more advanced than other schools, and the parents and other teachers were wonderful. Creativity and imagination are keys in this school, so automatically I fell in love...obviously. I'm doing everything I can to get it!! I'm determined. So I'm not even going to say if not...there is no "if not..." This is it. I deserve this!!!

Anyways, Happy Hunger Games!! Have a good day! I'm about to go take advantage of this beautifully sunny day with a run at the park! xo. 


  1. I'm going to the midnight showing too!! I'm so excited! I loved the books- I hope the movie is just as good!

  2. so i couldn't get myself to go to the midnight showing but i fully intend to stalk blogs HARD tomorrow to find out all about it. enjoy!
    xx jes

  3. OMG i am SO excited!!!!!

  4. I know!! It better be good!! And that's okay Jes, come stalk mine :) But definitely go this weekend!! I just love these midnight showings, even though I'm exhausted in the morning!

  5. i like gale he seems like a man and peeta is a bread boy haha but i am so so excited for it!! love your blog! maybe we can follow each other?

  6. I haven't read The Hunger Games (GASP), because I am trying to avoid scary/tension building books and movies while the husband is deployed. Juuust to be safe ;) Good luck on the teaching position! That sounds so great!

  7. Hunger games was amazing!! Love going to midnight showings of these awesome movies. . . Good luck on the teaching position!! You deserve it.

  8. I've been reading the reviews - good and bad, but I see it.