Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Day in the Life of JLR

Good morning my wonderful bloggers!!

Well I had to write a post about my day yesterday, because it was really something.

Started out having a peaceful morning with coffee (peppermint mocha coffee mate always), and oatmeal cereal which is always delicious. I could tell it was going to be a beautiful day! The sun was shining through the trees, not a cloud in the sky. A very peaceful day indeed.

I was sitting at the computer and my cat Sammy ran under the table. I was typing away...when I heard a crunch. I frowned, puzzled by the noise, and looked under the table: A BIRD WAS IN HIS MOUTH.

Of course I freak out and jump up. He then bats the bird as a "play toy" and gets feathers...everywhere. I scream and run away. I didn't know if the bird was alive or not. And lets get something straight, I'm a person who cannot even kill a spider unless I have a large shoe to smack it off. So what did I do in this situation? I called my mommy. She told me not to be a baby and scoop it in a bag if it was dead. So I waited for the next 30 minutes looking at it from around the corner making sure it was...dead. It was. Thank goodness...then it took even longer to get it in the bag. It was actually really sad, Freddie's poor lifeless body (yes I named it Freddie). He was so small, so cute looking. I put him in the bag and cleaned up all the feathers, mind you while I'm going through this...Sam is just in his bed, licking his paws *typical* geese!

It was quite the experience!!

Then I don't know why so much yesterday, but deer kept coming in my backyard! At one point, there were 6! Of course my beagle Sport went crazy. He is a hunting dog, and he's usually really well behaved, but he wouldn't stop howling! He loves chasing the deer. But he does have one of those "electric invisible fences" and the deer so happened to be on the other side. They wouldn't move, just sat there. Like I said...long day with the pets yesterday.
Afterwards I realized, from another blogger, that Android now could have Instagram. Of course I was jumping for joy! I have always wanted Instagram because I'm big with pictures. But it was only for iPhones and even though I want one sooo badly, it just isn't possible with T-Mobile right now (need to switch services). So I quickly downloaded it and snapped some great pictures, which I'll show you in a bit. But follow me: J_Ruud :)

I went to Sugar House Park because it was so nice outside, and ran around a few times. I decided I really truly am not a good runner. I just feel like I can't breathe. I know it's something I need to work on...but I feel like I really have. But I still enjoy it, and I love working out and getting healthy. I like getting healthy so much, that I went directly after to Maggie Moos Ice-cream and got "Better Batter" mixed with brownies. Healthy huh? Whatever, sometimes you have to have a cheat day. Especially after scooping up a bird. Which reminds are some of my Instagram pictures.
RIP Freddie
Sugar House Park
I just love that park! Last summer, I spent most of my time writing there last summer, so I went back to my "special writing spot." Here, I'll share it with you:
It's right next to the creek, with tons of trees and green. It's so peaceful, but yesterday there were tons of dogs playing in I may have to find a different spot...nah! Never mind. 

Titanic came out yesterday, who saw it?? I need to go. I was going to go yesterday with my girls "Jaussolexina," but some of them couldn't go. So next Monday we are going to see it and dinner. I cannot wait to see Jack Dawson again. Come on, heartthrob!! It's like a blast from the past. I cannot believe I was in 6th grade when this movie came out. Wow, time really flies by doesn't it?
So after a long day of cleaning up gifts from my cat, listening to howling dog, running, eating ice-cream, Barnes and Noble, contemplating my future, watching the Utah Jazz Game (sad loss), I took it easy with Sporty and started Game of Thrones. At my house, I don't have HBO, but at my dad's house, they do. So I watched 6 episodes because everyone, including my boyfriend, is obsessed with it and I wanted to see what the big deal was. I do like it a lot, but it took me a minute to get into. Plus, it's very graphic, but I'm not really surprised...HBO always shows TV shows like that! Um hello, True Blood!! So I'll have to see if it's a show I'll continue watching a lot!
Well that was a day in my life...quite the Wednesday. So far today it hasn't seem as nuts, but is starting out like yesterday. Beautiful sunny coffee...I'm just hoping no "gifts" from Sam today! I have to go to the library and get every book I can on Montessori's. It's something I really want to research before I get certified. I also saw Praxis books at Barnes and Noble yesterday...I'm still contemplating going down traditional route and getting teaching license. I would love to mind you, I'm just SO bad at taking I love how hands on Montessori's are. It's the way I teach. So I'm not so sure what to do. Sometimes I wish I had a "life coach." 

But hey, least Easter is coming up!! I'll do a post about that. It is quite a big holiday, I even have two: American Easter, and Greek Easter!! Very holy, very wonderful, delicious food. Mmmhmm. 

Have a great day!


  1. awww i feel sad for the bird!

    hope your day gets less hectic! haha


  2. I love peppermint mochas too =) I feel so bad for the freddie bird!

    - Sarah
    A Girl In Transit