Monday, April 2, 2012

April Snow, Doesn't Bring May Flowers

Well, yesterday was a nice surprise on April Fools Day...I looked out my window and saw:
Wait what...
I laughed and shook my head; thanks Mother Nature, nice prank! Here we go. This is Utah weather for you. Saturday was sunny and 81 degrees, yesterday? Snowed ALL day and barely 40 degrees. Today? Sunny blue skies, snow is melting. I'm confused, but I hope that was the last snow, because I love seeing all the trees in bloom and the tulips popping up to say hello!! Spring truly is my favorite and I need the weather to be nice. I've really started to run outside more, especially at Sugar House Park, and I've got to say I love it. I may not be the best runner in town, but I still enjoy it a million times more than running on the treadmill. It's nice to see the surroundings! That is, on a nice day! But Zumba will always have my heart!! Unfortunately my instructor is in New York this whole week, so maybe I'll just dance around the house or something? Hey, why not?

Lets see, my weekend was actually really fun, despite my horrible sore throat. First of all, let me tell you what happened! LAST Saturday I made oatmeal, and I didn't realized I made it so hot...well I definitely realized the moment I stuck it in my mouth. It actually got stuck going down my throat and I couldn't spit it out and I couldn't swallow. I was almost in shock with how hot it was. Finally it went down and I drank a ton of water. Didn't help. Within an hour, I could barely swallow. It kept getting worse all week, to the point where I couldn't even drink wanter or swallow for that matter. Went to the doctor, but they couldn't really do anything...they said like all burns, it just will take time. And unfortunately it's down my throat, so it's not like I can put ointment on it or something. But I can swish/swallow this stuff that numbs it so I can eat. I'm actually seeing an improvement today which is a plus!!

Anyways, Friday I went to the Sugar House Pub for my friend Rachel's birthday, it was pretty fun, but I didn't stay too long. 
I am in desperate need of a tan! AH!
My cute Pi Phi (Greek) Family :)
Then Saturday, I went to a baby shower for my cousin Ben and his wife Helena who live in New York. So it was my first time meeting her! She's adorable!! They are having a boy. The house was seriously decorated so spring-like, and I swear it looked like something you would PIN on Pinterest. It was wonderful, food was fantastic, and it was nice seeing everyone! Then I went to the doctor, blah. Then I went on a date with my boy. We went to Asian Star (delicious), and saw 21 Jump Street, which I recommend because it was absolutely hilarious. Then Sunday, besides the snow, had a really relaxing day. Watched movies and just...yup relaxed. I told my mom to read The Hunger Games, and she finished it in a day! So I think we are going to go see it today! 

I do have an interview today at a really nice Montessori which has won Best in the State 3 years in a row!! I'm excited, but I hope it's working with the older kids, because I don't have a lot of training with..well 2 year olds. But we'll see! Anything would be nice for at least the summer. I haven't given up on my dream school, but I know they are going through the process of looking at their canidates. BOY. Job hunting is hard...especially finding a teaching job. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, and a wonderful week!! I get to house sit for my dad and family while they are in St. George enjoying the really warm weather! Least I get to hang out with my Beagle Sport :) xo. 


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. The grass is seriously always greener isn't it? We have approached full on summer mode down here in Texas and I wouldn't mind some snow. Sure wouldn't!

  2. haha! argh, isn't that too funny?!

    that happens to us here too quite more often than i would like!

    happy monday doll!

  3. So awesome! I love the snow and you are gorgeous!

  4. Haha. Weather is so weird! We had the biggest snowstorm of the year a couple of weeks ago but it melted in a few days because we had BEAUTIFUL weather right before and after the craziness! I love it!

  5. Thank you for your comment! I am an official follower of your blog.
    Love your background!!

  6. It's 88 and a sweat lodge in TN! I can't even imagine, but I would take the snow right now.

  7. We got a small snow storm here today lol i wasn't very happy with it but it cleared up pretty fast :)


  8. ahhhh seriously. Rudest April fools joke ever.. Saturday was soooo nice. I went to the new City Creek Mall and it was like summer to me,then Sunday was so so so cold. I definitely didn't pack for both extremes thats for sure. Congrats on your career plans. Sounds like you're way excited about it!