Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Daily D

Well, welcome to another Daily D (Daily Development). Haven't done one of these in some time! But I like to do it when something great happens in the day, or when something is stirring in my mind ;)
 Today was a really exciting morning for me. I went to observe in a real Montessori, and not just any Montessori, the best in the state of Utah for 3 years in a row now!
I've interviewed with them, but it was such an honor to observe a classroom and how the teachers teach for a couple hours. Plus I got to talk with the director, and the owner who is so nice and she actually is a professor at Westminster College (where I'm going to be trained). 

It really opened my eyes today and it was wonderful to see how different it is than a public school. These four year olds were so advanced, that they completely pass other preschoolers I've seen. I can only imagine how wonderful and advanced the kindergarteners are (my favorite)! Everything was so hands on and so interesting to see how they approach activities, and skills to grow. Some students showed me how they used beads to count in groups of tens. I can only wish that I had that growing up. I think it really would've proved useful. 

I just really felt as though I fit in, not only at this school, but this type of teaching method. I've always thought outside the box, and I don't want to fit the norm. I want to expand and have my children really think and use their own knowledge to help them through the natural learning cycle. So now more than ever, do I think I made the right decision. I just cannot wait to begin my Montessori training this summer!! 

Meeting with the admissions director and Dean of Education at Westminster last week, really helped me on this journey. I also decided to get my Master's of Education when I'm there. Yes, it will take a year, but to's worth it. It's a Master's Degree. That's such an accomplishment, and I'd love to someday teach other students in my position, the Montessori/teaching way! 

So on Monday, my boyfriend and I had our official 4 month anniversary (I love celebrating monthly), and have been dating for 5 months, and friends for 5 years! Something to celebrate! But we went to the new City Creek Mall downtown SLC, Utah. We went to Cheesecake Factory and it was delicious. I liked City Creek, Will didn't. He said that it was the same stores as the other malls...and he expected more for the amount of money they put in. I agree and disagree with him, respectively. I agree they could've put in new stores, spiced it up a bit. But I love the architecture of this mall. I think it's beautiful and will make tourists excited to visit this state even more (besides skiing). 
Loved this fountain!
My dad's birthday was yesterday, and we ate BBQ and it was delicious! But I'm ready for Zumba tonight! I've been working out so hard, but my eating habits as of late, haven't been as good! Need to get back in my healthy habit! We have bathing suit season coming up!! This weekend will be great though; warm, warm weather! Probably going to a Bees baseball game, and hikes, BBQ at park, etc. Very excited!!

Final note, I've realized these last few weeks, and maybe that's what this whole "Daily D" is about, is that you have got to be who you are and you've got to do what you were made to do. Your purpose in life, as Hugo talked about. So who are you?
I'm a Creator. 

I like to make stuff, think outside the box, write, invent, use colors, turn something boring into something amazing, make board games, and other games, etc. I use what is in my mind, and make it into reality. That's who I am. So let me ask you again, who are you? This song is actually one of my favorites (I've Gotta Be Me - Ryan Tedder), and I love this Dr. Pepper commercial:
Be unique. Stand out!

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends! 

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