Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

This Friday has a lot going on; not only is it Friday the 13th...but it's Good Friday, my little brother's 19th birthday, and one of my best friend Lexi's 27th birthday! WOW.

Last night we celebrated Lexi's birthday at Maxwells! So amazing! The pizzas are as big as a table no joke. And so many people came. Such a good time. We also had amazing cupcakes and bunt cake.
Happy Birthday Lex!
Lemon and Red Velvet Bunt Cakes & Vanilla Cupcakes
Such a great time, but now it's also my little brother Landon's 19th Birthday! And then it's my dad's birthday next Tuesday, and my birthday May! The birthdays shoot out in the spring!! I cannot believe how old my brothers are getting though. Makes me feel old. They'll always be my little guys though!
He may be a 19 year old now, but he'll always be my little pal...even though he's much taller than me now :)
 I'm so blessed to have certain people in my life, they make life worth living. They truly do. Even when hard times come in your path, they're the ones that help get through it. For example, had a let down about a certain job I wanted, but that's life. And the funny thing is, it actually pushed me even more to go ahead with the Montessori training. Maybe this is a sign. But I won't let it get me down, if anything, it makes me feel stronger. I feel as though the purpose in my life is returning. Thanks again to those who always stay by my side. I'm very blessed.

It's also Holy Week, and today is Good Friday. We cannot remember what this day truly means. Today is the day that Jesus died on the cross (Crucifixion) for our sins.
We observe today with good prayer, feeling blessed, spending time with family, self-examination, confession, lent, and other good works. I'm kind of bad though...I didn't do lent this year. I try to do it, but I think protein is important to have. I'm even worse because tonight for my brother's birthday, we are going to Ruth's Chris, only the greatest steak place in Utah! Whoops. God understands though. I hope. Tomorrow night I'm going to the Midnight Service at my church (yes starts at midnight), and that's when Jesus is resurrected. We yell out, "Christos Anesti," which means, "Christ is Risen!" And we answer it with, "Alethos Anesti," which means, "Truly He is Risen!" It's wonderful and such a beautiful service with songs, and we light the church only by candles. Then we feast in celebration. That's why we have Greek Orthodox Easter! Tomorrow we are dying our Easter Eggs (custom to just dye them red, but I like to do all the colors) and then everyone is coming to my house for a wonderful meal on Sunday. I'll definitely take lots of pictures! I can't wait for my Yiayia to cook her wonderful Greek dishes. We also have Greek Sweet Bread, lamb, potatoes, Greek cookies, etc. Quite the event!
On another note, I'm obsessed with: Quakers Oatmeal Squares - Brown Sugar. I love oatmeal, that's no surprise, but lately, this has taken my everyday breakfast meal.
I even Instagram-ed a picture of my cereal...that's how "obsessed" I truly am. YIKES!
If you haven't tried it, I recommend it. Plus it's very healthy for you, especially for your heart! I've been working out so much lately, but I really need to up my muscle training. I've done so well with cardio...but my muscles still feel weak. So my boyfriend said he'd help me :) He has nice muscles so I know he'll lead me in the right direction.

I miss him, he's in Santa Barbara right now for his cousin's wedding!! But next Monday, it's our anniversary. Been dating now for 4, almost 5 months. Feels like a lot longer to me (but that's counting officially). We are going to go on a date to the new City Creek Mall in Utah, and to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. 

Lots of food lately...wowza. And then my dad's birthday BBQ on Tuesday!! Busy, busy still! But I love it. And I want to plan a trip to Vegas :) So we'll see how that goes! 

Have a wonderful weekend my friends, I'll post as soon as I can...but the rest of the weekend is going to be insanely busy! Take care. 

PS: I hope you've had better weather than we've had!! It snowed yesterday. And now been raining ever since. This April Showers (Snow) better bring May Flowers :) 


  1. Happy Birthday all around!
    Im going to have to try that ceral, it sounds good.

    Happy Friday!

    Shauna Wyrick

  2. haha instagramming cereal= obsessed. love it!

  3. that cake looks amazing!!! i just found your blog, its so adorable! love all your little side icons! new follower!

    xo Kelly


  4. Happy Birthday to ALL! :) So many fun celebrations...that cake and cupcakes have me DROOLING! ;)