Monday, April 16, 2012

Snap A Picture, Save the Memory

What. A. Weekend.

No joke, it was a busy one. Actually, all of last week was a busy one!! But I loved it. I took a lot of pictures over the course of the few maybe instead of just writing in this post, I'll show you my weekend.

But I'll go over it slightly:
  • Brother's 19th Birthday
  • Greek Easter
Only two things, you ask? Oh boy. These two things consumed this weekend!!! I didn't even go to the church service Saturday night because I was already so exhausted. But here we go:
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. The best of the best. 
Best chocolate cake I've ever had! 
Just a boy and his dog ;)
My new favorite pants!!
Me and my cute mommy!
Some of my favorite Greek cookies: Koulourakia 
Our eggs turned out nicely :) Love the pink one! 
Delicious Greek wine! 
Me and Colie! 
Look at those shoes!!! 
My Aunt, my mom, and my Yiayia. 3 wonderful and inspiring women. 
Covering to "hide" from Lamb juice ha! 
We're were a little bit obsessed with the pants and shoes! 
The Golden Trio 
So much Frog Eye Salad that this didn't even make a dent!!! Delicious. 
I totally got into comfy clothes half-way through. Whoops. 
Cousins! I'm obviously the "runty" of the group. 
 Such a wonderful couple of days. It's so wonderful having family around. It was hard without Greg...our first Easter and Greek Easter without him, but he was definitely with us in spirit.

Now here are some Instagram pictures I took:
Actually Emma, Landon's gf, took this one. But I thought it was cute :) 
Sums up Landon's 19th Birthday! 
Finally dyed our Easter eggs for Greek Easter! 
Koulourakia my mom made! 
Just smile :)
And today, it's officially mine and Will's 4 month anniversary! We've been dating for 5, but yea, officially 4! I've had such a wonderful time with him. It keeps getting better and better. 
 I'm excited to go to City Creek and Cheesecake Factory with him tonight :) Look how cute he is. He took this at the Santa Barbara wedding (cousin's wedding):
So adorable :)
After all this food the past weekend...and this week, I really need to workout hard! YIKES.

Anyways, Happy Monday!! I hope you all start the week just right. I know I will. It's a beautiful day! FINALLY, some good weather. Better stay that way. xo


  1. what a fun week! Love those pants, great choice!

    Happy Monday.

  2. so many great pictures! love the color of your pants.

  3. What a lovely {BUSY!} weekend! :] I am in love with your colored skinnies! And the lace top you're wearing with them! Also, Happy Birthday to your brother! And Happy Four Months to you and Will! I can't wait to hear about your date tonight!!

  4. Happy 4 months- and I LOVEEE the skinnies!!!! I'm thinking about getting some colored jeans :)

  5. your brother is only 19?!! he's a baby!!

    of course, i say that, but i got married at that age. it's amazing how we change our opinions each passing year on when we officially become adults.

    wow. i sound like i'm 83.

  6. Such cute photos, love the bright pants!

    Be Frassy